Convergia is a Pan-American, value-added distributor of connectivity solutions delivered through channel partners. Its foundation is a high-speed network backbone through Canada, Latin America, Mexico, and the United States (LATAM) with last-mile copper, fiber and cellular wireless along with voice, data, and IoT connectivity products and solutions. Founded in 1998, Convergia is a member of Future Electronics, a global multi-billion-dollar group that offers telecom voice, data, and IoT solutions to channel partners and customers, who benefit from its high-quality deliv - ery and around the clock service by people for people. “Convergia is unique in that it is family-owned, private and profitable,” said Jose Jouvin, director of commercial sales in North America. “The founders are in Montreal, Canada; Santiago Chile; and Lima Peru. They met in college and built Convergia for the continued evolu- tion of the convergence of business requirements and connectivity solutions.” Along with those three locations, the company has offices in the 10 largest LATAM cities with satellite offices throughout the region, making it a true Pan-American culture and team, Jouvin said. “The team is just that, a team,” he continued. “We all work together to assure we are delivering product, solution, and service market require- ments to our channel partners.” When you go to the Conver- gia website, the company proudly announces: “We’re not just channel friendly, we’re channel built.” Jouvin explained, Convergia cultivated a channel partner program that meets the requirements defined by its master agents, market partners, and channel partners. “When you partner with Convergia, you focus on growing your business and customer base with the unique ability to tap into the vast Pan-American market into Latin America,” Jouvin said. “Our channel partners will have larger customers with operations and locations throughout Pan-America. With this growth opportunity, LATAM can have challenges for channel partners that want to sell, deliver, support, bill, collect, and deal with taxes in the local jurisdictions, therefore Convergia is your partner; we solve these challenges.” Convergia offers its channel partners: • established presence in the Pan-American market – 12 countries throughout Central, North, and South America; • established operations in each country; • lucrative, no-debate commissions and incentives; • access to more than 700 worldwide connectivity providers; • tailored solutions – the entire connec- tivity solution, starting from the project design to project management and training, encompasses a compre- hensive and complete portfolio of solutions and services; • expertise in cellular connectivity solutions from low power wide area network to high speed, unlimited plans for primary internet access; • access to C-level management with a dedicated team to ensure the project is delivered on time and works effortlessly; • new products to offer with connectivity such as unified communication as a service, hosted PBX, SD-WAN, cloud infrastructure as a service, Office 365, and a growing list of vertical market connected products (IoT); and • around the clock people support provided in the local language, as well as local billing and currency. Jouvin calls Convergia a “market requirements-driven value-added distributor,” that accepts and respects its channel partners’ guidance and insights on what they need for their customers. “We are constantly innovating new product and solutions offerings with our channel partners,” Jouvin said. “For 2021, we will continue to evolve our connectivity offerings, making it much easier to order and provision. Along with software-defined broadband on copper fiber, we will be adding more high speed (4G and 5G) cellular plans with remarkably high usage caps for use as primary and backup direct internet access, ala carte as well as bundled with cloud-managed routers and SD-WAN edge appliances.” Jouvin also expects cloud-managed solutions will continue to dominate growth with more demand for unified communication with video conferencing from any device, anytime, anywhere.” “Along with Microsoft Office 365 Teams and Cisco Webex, we have launched a partnership with 3CX and their innovative hosted PBX with video conferencing,” he continued. “Our connectivity solutions support all the enterprise routers. For the services we offer on our already installed connec- tivity, we will continue to see market requirement growth for modern, secure unified communications.” Jouvin finished with a key message: “We are fully invested in our channel partners success by adding value where it is most needed for their success.” o Convergia’s Success Closely Tied to its Channel Partners PROFILE Convergia’s Jose Jouvin INTERNATIONAL AGENTS 40 CHANNEL V ISION | January - February, 2021