CVx Show Daily Day 2

Take a different route. Wave, RCN, and access under one Stop by Booth 916 to learn more about our nation-wide,100% fiber network. WWW. CVXEXPO.TMCNET .COM 1 DAY 2 I TEXPO kicked off Thursday with two keynote presentations from RingCentral senior vice president of cloud operations Curtis Peterson and 8x8 CEO Vik Verma. The message throughout both presentations was clear: seamless communication and collaboration (C&C) across all touchpoints is now a basic expectation for customers and employees alike. Executives and resellers that choose to ignore this trend will miss out on critical opportunities for not only driving revenue but for attracting and retaining employees and customers. “We all have a responsibility and opportu- nity to make technology ubiquitous and make sure [product] weaknesses get looked at and addressed,” explained Verma during his chat with TMC CEO Rich Tehrani. Peterson spoke about the changing role of the CIO. According to Peterson, 49 percent of CIOs are now on the hook for bottom line revenue. Fifty-five percent are on the hook for the customer experience (CX). And 58 percent are responsible for ensuring a positive employee experience (EX), which is the latest trending positivity buzzword. According to Peterson, the proliferation of technology has made CIOs equally responsible for HR as they are for information management. He pointed to a study by Gartner which shows how by 2021 CIOs will be as responsible for culture as HR. C&C Takes Center Stage During Thursday Morning Keynotes PART OF # TECHSUPERSHOW at DAY 2 (Continued on page 4) RingCentral’s Curtis Peterson