ChannelVision Sept-Oct 2017

Thrive in Asia, Thrive with Telstra Your route to success in China starts with Telstra Telstra is your world-class technology provider in China Through PBS, we partner with local service providers to offer the following services: 1) Colocation & Programmable Network - Available in key regional hubs – Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen and Chongqing. - Connected via Telstra’s Programmable Network platform between Tianjin and Beijing data centres. 2) IPVPN - 32 IPVPN PoPs in 27 key cities in China. - IPVPN licenses for 29 provinces. 3) Internet Access - Available across 9 provinces. Get in touch with us at to ˆnd out how you can power up your business in China with Telstra. PoPs DCs Telstra PBS Coverage Chongqing Beijing Tianjin Shanghai Shenzhen The FIRST foreign joint venture that has cross-provincial license for IPVPN/ ISP/ IDC in China. Operating since 2008 long-term relationships with Chinese government and carriers. Local delivery with international experience . Carrier-neutral approach – about 160 people across service, operations and account management.