ChannelVision Sept-Oct 2017

EMERGENT Channel Vision | September - October, 2017 8 New wearable solutions integrate with Samsung smartwatches to acceler- ate wearables in the workplace, while a virtual reality solution provides new ways for fitness centers to enhance workouts through Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. Through integration with Samsung Gear S3, SoloProtect helps protect in- dividuals working alone – such as real estate agents and home healthcare workers, as well as utility and trans- portation professionals – who may visit strangers’ homes or work in high-risk fields. SoloProtect provides around the clock monitoring and communication via SoloProtect’s Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC), along with geo-location, emergency alerts and status-checks through GPS-enabled wearables. A Status Check can be activated by the lone worker, which provides key diagnostic information including GPS information, and a Red Alert can be initiated to instantly contact the EDC for emergency assistance. Reemo’s platform integrates with Gear S2/S3s to give senior and care facilities insights into key health aspects, such as activity level, heart rate and sleep quality. It also creates a safety net with a continuous link between seniors and their caregivers. Seniors can easily connect to get help through the smart- watch’s built in cellular communications, enhancing their safety and mobility. Caregivers also have access to Reemo’s dashboard to monitor trends and activity, so they can react proactively. Ability Wearables helps solve fatigue- related challenges that impact businesses where employees often face long work shifts or physically demanding environ- ments – ranging from trucking to construction to healthcare. Using Sam- sung Gear Fit2 and Gear S3 biometric and GPS data delivered through Sam- sung’s wearable API platform, GearUP, Ability Wearables delivers real-time health intelligence, enabling employers to reduce operational risk through pre- dicting and monitoring employee fatigue risk, and redeploying high fatigue work- ers to less strenuous work if necessary. Samsung also introduced the Vir- ZOOM VR Fitness platform, a B2B VR solution for fitness centers seeking to elevate the workout experience through virtual reality. Gym members mount a Life Fitness stationary exercise bike outfitted with the VirZOOM module and use Samsung Gear VR to immerse themselves in captivating games – in- cluding cycling experiences. A t the recent Mobile World Congress Americas, Samsung Electronics America announced several new partner solutions that offer innovative new ca- pabilities for businesses, including healthcare providers, companies relying on field service workers and fitness centers seeking to enhance user experiences. Samsung Debuts Wearable, VR Partner Solutions Overheard “ is a progressive and logical step for any network operator looking to deliver ultrafast speeds through incremental enhancements to existing infrastructure.” Matthew Howett, Practice Leader, Regulation & Policy, Ovum Opening the Smart Lock Market Annual unit sales of smart door locks is expected to reach 1.68 million by 2021, says Parks Associates, when annual sales revenue from smart door locks will exceed $357 million, up from $207 million in 2017. Parks notes a major barrier to the mass adoption of smart door locks remains the high upfront costs. “One- half of consumers view smart door locks and smart video door bells as unaffordable,” said Brad Russell, research analyst, Parks Associates. The average price of a smart door lock is $220 while traditional non-connected door locks can be purchased for $80 to $100. “Innovators and early adopters clearly recognize the value of smart home products, but the early majority of U.S. consumers sees only marginal value, which is insufficient to justify the premium price for smart products,” said Russell. line Financials lically available information ex Capex Tax Interest Dividend Unit Sales (#M) Cash flow 3 Percent of Total Mobile Data Traffic loaded ular Traffic from Mobile Devices ad Traffic from Mobile Device 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 37% 63% Source: VIAVI Source: Parks Associates U.S. Annual Sales Forecast Smart Door Locks N Chattan Atlanta Denver New York Nashville San Francisco San Jose Detroit Fresno Chattanooga 2 1 0 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021