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According to Dell’Oro Group, the wireless local area netork market revenue will reach $18.2 billion by 2022. Broadband premises equipment and mesh routers will fuel growth for SOHO class WLAN. “We estimate the enterprise and SOHO markets to maintain modest growth over the next five years,” said Ritesh Patel, business analyst at Dell’Oro Group. “Specifically in the SOHO market, the need for bet- ter Wi-Fi coverage and in-home management will be driven by the demand for improved net- work visibility and application mobility, i.e. having the ability from anywhere in the home to experience high bandwidth ap- plications such as FaceTime, Netflix and YouTube.” Broadband CPE and Wi-Fi router vendors will fulfill this need by integrating new wire- less technology, 802.11ax, and by improving visibility into analytics and management con- trols, added Patel. “Similarly, vendors will address the need for better coverage through mesh routers, which will contin- ue to see modest to high growth over the next five years.” According to the report, en- terprise cloud license revenue will surpass cloud managed AP revenue for the first time. Eth- ernet switch sales to aggregate WLANs are poised to eclipse switch sales lost to WLAN. Mobile & Wireless WLAN Market Revenue to Reach $18.2 Billion by 2022 I Solutions e of Cloud-Certified Professionals on Staff 1 Research Source: Chetan Sharma Consulting efined tworks Yes Yes, In 2019 Yes, In 2020 No 43% 19% 12% 26% ublic cloud als on staff ublic cloud als on staff ublic cloud als on staff o certified ublic cloud als on staff han 1,000 employeees More than 1,000 employees 3% 6% 18% 22% 20% 35% 59% 37% 2017 2018 2026 ~13,000 86,000 800,000 Installations of small-scale antennas and powering equipment that can be deployed on street lights, utility poles or the sides of buildings is expected to explode as the wireless industry looks to densify 4G networks and provide the bedrock for 5G networks. The number of small cells deployed is predicted to increase from about 13,000 small cells in 2017 to 86,000 this year and more than 800,000 by 2026, says CTIA. Small Cells, Big Numbers / 415-886-7900 / Learn more about KAZOO and start your free trial today! Easy implementation that won’t disrupt daily business activity Open RESTful APIs for seamless integration opportunities Uncapped revenue potential through adjustable margins Geo-redundant technology ensures peak uptime Finally! A scalable, flexible, and reliable cloud-based telephony platformwith the infrastructure to prove it. Skyrocket your ROI with KAZOO Channel Vision | September - October, 2018 22