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CloudJumper’s Cloud Workspace WaaS solution is now available in the Cen- turyLink Cloud Marketplace. Customers of the CenturyLink platform can take advantage of the advanced cloud-based workspace solution, which in- cludes all elements necessary to deploy a customized work- space as a service. The CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Pro- gram allows participating technology companies to in- tegrate with the CenturyLink Cloud delivery platform for rapid delivery. CloudJumper’s business-ready solution is available to CenturyLink’s cloud, hosting and network customers seeking to reduce IT infrastructure costs while improving business agility. CloudJumper’s work- space solution supports easy migration, scalability to any size environment, integrated business continuity and disaster recovery, said the company. It offers access to more than 2,200 business applications and user data within the cloud desktop in- terface. Partners also have the ability to select their preferred cloud infrastructure vendor and can customize the service to meet the wid- est range of business perfor- mance, security and compli- ance requirements. o 365 Data Centers is now a Silver Veeam Cloud and Service Provider (VCSP) partner offering data protec- tion services through Veeam. 365 Data Centers now offers enterprise backup-as-a-service (BaaS) across its high-speed, low latency U.S.-based network. The BaaS adheres to four data protection philosophies: Data Resiliency: All backup data is stored in checksum-based storage repositories, protecting it against silent bit error corruption and providing maximum fidelity and recoverability. Data Security: All backup data is encrypted in-flight and at-rest using strong industry standard encryption to comply with GDPR, HIPAA and other industry requirements. Data Redundancy: All backup data is stored in repositories that leverage N+2 redundancy with ultra- rapid recovery capabilities from component failures. Data Survivability: 365 Data Centers helps clients maintain the 3-2-1 rule: three copies of their data on two different types of media with one backup at an offsite location. CloudJumper Now Available on CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace 365 Data Centers Offers Enterprise BaaS Through Veeam at your service: Xaas CREATE A NEVER DOWN ™ NETWORK WITH ECESSA SD-WAN Ecessa provides every customer full sales support and technical support before, during and after deployment. Contact us today to learn more about our line of SD-WAN Solutions. What Makes Ecessa Different? • Premises Based Solutions • Perfect for Regulated Industries (PCI, HIPAA) • No Need to Change IP Addresses • Supports Bandwidth up to 20Gbps • ISP Monitoring & Ticketing Service (Optional) · (800) 669-6242 September - October, 2018 | Channel Vision 51