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haven’t worked with BCM One in the past are realizing more and more about the flex- ibility they can bring to the table by putting opportunities through BCM One. “Our numbers are double what they were last year, with all of the opportuni- ties that are coming in,” Cunningham said. “Creating a multi-carrier environment puts a lot of stress on IT departments that are being compressed. [By working with BCM One], customers can allocate their resourc- es toward revenue-generating opportuni- ties as opposed to keeping the lights on.” BCM One is also proving to be a flex- ible and reliable ally for channel partners. “We are very open to having conversa- tions with partners and doing a workshare model, where if partners want to take on certain aspects of planning, designing, engineering or project management, we can set up compensation so that they can make more money,” Cunningham said. “Or, they can do as little as they’d like.” BCM One often works with partners on an engagement-by-engagement basis, al- lowing them to take a hands-on or hands-off approach as their bandwidth allows. So a partner can choose to be heavily involved in a project, or they have the option to hand off a lead to BCM One and receive competitive compensation. BCM One can provide scal- ability for its partners, allowing them to take on opportunities even when they lack the resources to complete them in-house. “We can even co-brand invoicing if a partner would like to have more name rec- ognition and ownership,” Cunningham said. At the end of the day, it’s all about sim- plicity with BCM One. “We take a very complicated technol- ogy environment and provide a single point of contact to take responsibility and make sure that entire ecosystem is drawn out and implemented properly. If there is an issue with it, we take responsibility for getting it fixed regardless of whether the service is our paper or not.” o Channel Vision | September - October, 2018 76 Core Communications Managed IT services provider BCM One was recently approached by a multinational business machinery company facing significant, back-to- back challenges. This opportunity was brought to BCM One by one of its key channel partners, Cloudlinx. First, the customer was deeply dis- satisfied with its voice service provider. The organization was juggling daily phone system upkeep, billing resolu- tion, trouble ticketing, security and cir- cuit management. Telecommunications costs had spiraled out of control, and its thin IT team was in over its head. BCM One quickly solved the prob- lem by integrating custom hosted VoIP and MPLS into the customer’s envi- ronment. The fully managed, cloud- based voice solution reduced man- agement time, increased uptime and allowed the company to re-allocate its IT staff — at the same time, improving security and consolidating all invoices into a single communications bill. The company immediately shaved about $10,000 from its monthly bill while be- coming more operationally sound. Shortly after, the customer was blind- sided when its hosted call center dis- continued its service. The company was again in a bind, as the team had never handled a call center transition involving complex network architecture. Again, the company turned to BCM One for support. BCM One conducted a rapid as- sessment to understand the customer’s unique business and technical require- ments. A customized RFP was quickly developed and shipped out to eight different providers, and the customer opted to use Five9 over a dual-carrier MPLS network. The end result was a contact center that was more secure, cost-effective and flexible, and one that could support a remote workforce. Most importantly, the company was able to continue providing strong cus- tomer service. Altogether, the customer saved $400,000 annually by working with BCM One, while upgrading to a state-of-the- art, cloud-based contact center. It was a painless process for the customer, as BCM One seamlessly integrated three different data centers and oversaw 12 months of logs at the carrier level. “What’s unique about this solution is, years ago, if you were a reseller you were competing against other carriers,” explained BCM One CEO John Cun- ningham. “We are a managed service provider, so we just bundled the best carrier services together into a simpli- fied solution on the client’s behalf, as opposed to making it a price play.” In most instances, BCM One will include proactive monitoring and man- agement of a client’s heterogeneous network within the same price point that a client would pay if they pro- cured the services on their own. Clients and partners that work with BCM One also have the ability to choose how they want to engage with their ser- vice providers. They can contract directly with the carrier and receive support and billing from the provider or utilize BCM One to manage the solution on their be- half, including design, deployment, cen- tralized billing and day two support. BCM One specializes in helping customers build close relationships with a variety of vendors, enabling them to create well-rounded, multi-location technology environments with simpli- fied billing and reduced complexity. As a result, channel partners and agents that BCMOne Comes to the Rescue B CM One streamlines voice communication, reorganizes contact center for multinational organization