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EMERGENT AT&T has teamed with Airstream to bring 4G LTE connectivity to the iconic Airstream Silver Bullet. Though targeting the recreational camping market, it’s easy to envision these connected RVs as mobile offices. The groundbreaking collaboration launches in 2019 model Airstream Classic travel trailers. AT&T data plans start at $25 per month for 5 giga- bytes of monthly data, or one-year of unlim- ited data for $360. With the connect- ed Airstream Classic, campers can connect a smartphone or tab- let to the Airstream’s Wi-Fi hotspot. The Smart Control allows campers to remotely monitor and control indoor temperature, propane tanks, bat- tery power, water levels, lighting, awnings, ventilation and more through the mobile app; connect 10 smartphones, tablets and smart TVs to the Air- stream’s Wi-Fi; or use the GPS locator to guide back to the Airstream from an outdoor adventure. Study Suggests Telcos Could Thrive with Blockchain Blockchain is a $1 billion opportunity for telecommunications companies, ac- cording to analysts at GlobalData, but that’s assuming telcos proactively make the significant commitments necessary to position themselves for that revenue. The good news is the research firm believes telco are gearing up for the challenge. Global Data, for instance, points to a trial by BT, Colt, HGC Global, Telefonica and Telstra that uses blockchain for whole- sale settlement. Verizon, meanwhile, is an investor in Filament, a blockchain firm that eventually could help the carrier handle payment for drone delivery and monitor- ing services. And in August, CBCcom, PCCW Global, Sparkle, Tata Communica- tions, Clear Blockchain Technologies and Cataworx announced a proof of concept (PoC) designed to show how telcos can introduce next-generation services such as IoT, virtual reality and cloud applications in record speed thanks to innovations in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and intent-based customer interfaces. The PoC, which will be demonstrated in October at the MEF18 global network- ing event in Los Angeles, Calif., will apply blockchain-based solutions to the chal- lenges of manually managing inter-carrier operations. The Bandwidth-on-Demand PoC, for example, will demonstrate the power and viability of a synchronized and decentralized global supply chain for inter-carrier bandwidth-on-demand services. As a result, carriers can au- tomatically discover, quote, deliver and settle multi-product, multi-party services, eliminating reliance on a centralized in- termediating party. Overall, blockchain, according to Ac- centure, could create a $1 trillion ecosys- tem. The firm – whose estimate is cited by GlobalData – defines blockchain as a tech- nique that “allows multiple stakeholders to confidently and securely access identical copies of distributed data. There is no need to run a costly and slow inter-organization data reconciliation process.” AT&T, Airstream Launch Smart RV  73 Percent of U.S. adults who think some companies will go too far with artificial intelligence, according to a survey by tech consultancy Elicit. More than half (64%) are concerned about how companies will use AI and the information they gather to engage with individuals. Connected Cameras Parks Associates estimates that 7.7 million standalone and all-in-one networked/IP cameras will be sold in the U.S. in 2018, representing $889 million in revenues. s for your Business applications IT personnel Networking End-user technology Data center 55% 50% 32% National or local retailer On-line only retailer Security dealer Broadband service provider Direct from manufacturer Other Channel Purchase Locations - Networked Camera Source: Parks Associates Apr ‘18 Apr ‘17 U.S. broadband households that own a networked camera The to Source: Three re Increa Find ste Reduc S and Ev Channel Vision | September - October, 2018 8