Not to brag, but we’re kind of a big deal. Because billing is kind of a big deal. Improve your billing, improve your business. And the way to improve your billing software is to choose a provider who is flexible, responsive, and there for you all the way. Better billing. Better business. Because BillMax. Learn what better means at BillMax.com . You deserve better. Just because. WISPA BOOTH 514 Header... A lthough it’s more than a year later than most of us originally planned to be in Texas, WISPAMERICA is officially back in the Lone Star State, and once again WISPs are showing their resolute and pioneering spirit by being among the first major industry verticals to return to real-life, in-person events. And WISPAMERICA is back in full, with more than 50 panels jam-packed with WISP experts updating your knowledge on the state of technology, operational best practices, human resources, international markets, and the regula - tory landscape; more than 80 exhibiting brands showing off their wares and services; and loads of collocated events and networking opportuni - ties. Welcome to Grapevine! Despite the cancellations of the 2020 WISPA - MERICA and WISPAPALOOZA events, the Wireless Internet Service Provider Associations (WISPA) has been very busy developing new programs and championing the causes of its WISP membership. Recently, for instance, WISPA unveiled is 2021 Policy Priorities, driven largely by the association’s overriding goal to work for ubiquitous availability of fixed broadband service to all Americans. The policy objectives required to achieve this critical goal include a multi-faceted approach involving “smart and balanced spectrum policy, fast and fair access to infrastructure, data- driven broadband subsidy programs, and regula - tions that do not impose disproportionate burdens on small providers of broadband and telecommu - nications services,” said WISPA. “The FCC stands at an exciting juncture in the history of U.S. communications policy,” said Claude Aiken, president and CEO of WISPA, upon announcing WISPA’s policy goals back in February. “With the advance of technology, the proliferation of competitive markets, and the help of smart government policies and programs, it could be that very soon all Americans, no matter where they live or their means of support, will have access to the Internet – a dream first given voice in the Communications Act of 1934.” Added Aiken, “The policy priorities we present today comport with that lofty vision – of bridging the communications divide – and we look forward to (Continued on page 6) Welcome Back to WISPAMERICA! DAY 1