WISPAPALOOZA Fall 2017 - Day 3 Show Daily

www. WISPA .org 1 www.bekabusinessmedia.com Lessons in Leadership: Christianson’s Keynote ShowDaily DAY 3 By Martin Vilaboy L Z OO 2 T hose who attended the WISPAPALOOZA Keynote session yesterday in a packed Amazon Ballroom were asked to put aside for a moment all the technology, spec sheets and smart boxes found on the expo floor to consider another important element to running their busi- nesses: people, or better yet, the importance of interpersonal relationships to effective leadership. Acclaimed speaker and author, college professor and coach, Jack R. Christianson discussed some of the elements of his latest book, Frogs Matter Most , a parable about a frog that teaches two businessmen how to take the personal and professional leadership leap, co-authored by inspirational speaker Ron M. Tracy. “Relationships are more important that issues,” said Christianson, “but issues still must be resolved.” And therein lies the dilemma for many busi- ness owners and managers. How do we deal with bottom-line issues, while at the same time effectively motivating, training and mentoring employees and future leaders. After all, “Happy employees are better for business,” Chris- tianson reminded us. Much of the matter comes down to a balance between being a manager and a mentor, he suggested. Managers, he said, who see them- selves only in that role, typically are good at getting bottom line things done, but without much regard for how happy employees are about coming to work every day. They often focus on the things employees do wrong rather than helping people, and often “snoop-pervise” rather than supervise. (See Keynote Story, page 4) “Putting people first is what makes great leaders,” said Christianson.