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ChannelVision: What are the main pain points that SD-WAN solves for enterprises? Silver Peak’s David Hughes : The primary catalyst for SD-WAN is the migration of applications and workloads to the cloud. The tradi- tional MPLS WAN, developed in the late 1990s, focused on branch- to-data-center traffic flows. Today, the majority of enterprise WAN traffic is traveling between branch offices and the cloud. Backhauling this cloud-destined traffic across MPLS and through the traditional data center drives up costs, im- pairs application performance and negatively impacts business pro- ductivity. SD-WAN also enables an en- terprise to embrace high-speed broadband internet connectivity and provide a more reliable and consistent experience for end us- ers in the branch, regardless of whether the appli- cations are hosted in the cloud or in the data center. And finally, SD- WAN addresses the decades of technical debt that the legacy branch router has accu- mulated. While revolutionary when it was introduced in the 1980s, the device-by-device, command-line interface (CLI)-driven paradigm of the traditional branch router is incurring ongoing operational bur- dens and hampering business agil- ity in an automated, cloud-driven world. An SD-WAN can replace painstaking and error-prone de- vice-by-device configurations with automated, central orchestration. By focusing on users and appli- cations, an application-driven SD- WAN can translate high-level busi- ness intent into action, delivering a more consistent and superior end user experience, all while simplify- ing IT operations and dramatically lowering WAN costs. Viptela’s Ramesh Prabagaran: Enterprises have two acute pain points: they need higher bandwidth at lower cost, and they’re looking for ease of WAN operations. Also, with changing traf- fic patterns and applications mov- ing to the cloud, internet and cloud access are criti- cally important for the enterprise. The traditional means of con- necting branches to data centers and exiting to the internet/cloud from there is horrible for application and user experience. virtual reality Silver Peak’s David Hughes Viptela’s Ramesh Prabagaran Your fiber construction project is complete… now what? Consider KADENCE Circuit Management Fiber networks represent a substantial asset and once construction is complete the essential task of managing that network and generating an ROI ensues. KADENCE Circuit Management (KCM) has been enhanced with functionality specific to the management of optical equipment, mapping of fiber assets and the tracking of outside plant (OSP). 866-877-4373 Customizable Workflows Maintenance Notifications Manage SLAs via NMS Power + Space Management Contract Management Network Discovery SLA MSA Channel Vision | January - February, 2018 26