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is a lack of expertise for solutions design and deployment, but signifi- cant percentages also cited a lack of resources for sales and post-project support among current offerings and fear of the risk of losing a customer in the case of poor performance. Currently, the vast majority of agents distribute some type of cloud service, with about 80 percent sell- ing UCaaS/CCaaS. Among those providers, major concerns are tied to a lack of confidence among partners in delivering a good experience in terms of deployment and post-proj- ect support at a time when customer still have a very general understand- ing, if at all, of the cloud and cloud services, suggest the findings. “Partners are losing themselves in the big pool of solutions being unable to clearly differentiate one from another without a reliable (in- dependent) source of expertise,” said the report. The most commonly named reason among agents for not going cloud in full for voice services lays in too many choices with too little confidence in their reliability, while for non-voice services the primary challenge is not enough information or lack of education about those ser- vices, show the findings. “For both voice and non-voice cloud services, agents express the concern of finding a reliable and ex- perienced partner to ensure a good deployment and ongoing management for the solution,” LANtelligence and Corlea Group executives summed up. In turn, anything providers can do to build confidence in deploy- ment processes and post-project customer support will be key to helping partners grow their cloud channels. Non-competing partner- ships would also appear to make partners more comfortable with of- fering new solutions to customers, suggests the study. o For a copy of the full survey, please send an email, subject “LANtelligence survey,” to martin@ Core Communications What Keeps MSPs from Selling UCaaS Solutions Source: Corlea Group survey for LANtelligence Source: Corlea Group survey for LANtelligence USA CANADA Too much competition Hard to differentiate Other Carriers always undercut my price Source: Corlea Group survey for LANtelligence 34% 20% 18% 18% 5% 5% Lack of expertise for designing and deploying voice solutions Other Not enough resources for sales and post-project support Poor performance can create a risk of losing customer for other services Process Support Payouts Design 41 January - February, 2018 | Channel Vision