By Gerald Baldino W hen COVID-19 hit, forcing remote work, many com- panies learned firsthand about the pitfalls of having a patchwork communications system comprised of mobile devices, free confer- encing platforms and personal landlines. As companies continue to sort out their remote and on-site strategies, they are looking at how to gain better control over their unified communications envi- ronments. This in turn is creating new opportunities for partners. One company that has been mak- ing headway in the IP communications space is Snom, a leading global phone manufacturer. Snom’s workplace mobil- ity solutions — based around the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard— are ideal solutions for both in the office and remote employ- ees, providing convenient, cost-effective and reliable communications. The Snom Workplace Mobility Series is comprised of several solutions, includ- ing the recently released C620 wireless conference phone, M100 Key Line mo- bility for SMB and the M900 Enterprise / Health Care multi-cell mobility solution. A noteworthy item is the launch in the U.S. of the M900 Multi-Cell Base Station, to expand and enhance the current M700. The M900 is an ideal DECT solution for companies that are making office up- grades in preparation for the end of COV- ID-19. The M900 can support up to 4,000 base stations and 16,000 handsets. It also features an integrated DECT manager, as well as DECT and LAN synchronization. “The M900 provides extreme scal- ability, making it perfect for all types of organizations — from rapidly grow- ing startups to large enterprises,” explained Brian Tompkins, Snom vice president of North American sales. “The M900’s integrated DECT manag- er can streamline call transfers across numerous individual base stations, ensuring optimal call transfers across floors and even campus buildings.” The M900 supports the existing M25 Office Handset, M65 Profes- sional Handset, M85 Rugged Industrial Handset and M5 Range Extending Re- peater, along with the new M70 Rug- gedized Mid-Range Handset, and M80 Rugged Industrial Handsets. The M900 provides the ideal work- place mobility solution for manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare professionals and facilities, particularly the high-perfor- mance M90 wireless handset featuring color display and antibacterial plastic. The ruggedized M90 has a special antibacteri- al casing (tested according to JIS Z 2801 [UA1]). The material is particularly easy to clean and prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses on the surface. We had the opportunity to catch up with Snom vice president of sales Matt Hickey to learn more about how the company is helping customers navigate the changing business communications landscape. ChannelVision: What are some of the challenges that companies are facing as they return staff members to offices? Matt Hickey: Snom is here to help companies as they struggle to adapt to what the new “business social distanc- ing” normal will be. Right now, compa- nies are trying to sort out how to effi- ciently merge their work-from-home and go-back-to-the-office strategies, while keeping their employees productive and safe. These are fluid times, and many companies are still adjusting. CV: Will conferencing be the same? Or will companies be able to social distance around the conference table? MH: Will anything be the same moving forward? The days of workers huddling around a conference phone and/or table will for sure look different, at least in the near term. Existing conference room and training room configurations will have to change to meet social distancing requirements. The C620 allows workers to communicate while maintaining a safe social distance from one another. CV: How is Snom in position to help companies right now, having recently launched the C620? MH: The C620 provides complete flexibility with DECT wireless con- ferencing deployment and is ideal to deploy as a retrofit or new install as businesses re-acclimate from the tradi- tional wired conference room or training rooms. We can help businesses social distance in any setting, from confer- ence rooms to training sessions. CV: What are partners and customers saying about the C620? MH: We’re getting a ton of positive feedback. Some customers are say- ing “it’s about time.” Others are telling us how easy it is to setup and utilize. Many also are raving about having a totally wireless conference phone solu- tion that comes with additional wire- less mics. And they love that we offer DECT and not Bluetooth. CV: Are there any new incentives or promotions for partners? MH: Currently we have the Snom Authorized Partner ‘Not-for-Resale’ Demo products and the M100 DECT Key Line Wireless special pricing through your authorized Snom distribu- tor. In addition, we will be launching a new and exciting incentive program. Stay tuned for more details on our website, snomamericas.com. o MOBILE & WIRELESS Snom Expands DECT Mobility Solutions in U.S. Market 28 CHANNEL VISION | July - August, 2020