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An evolving threat landscape, increasingly so- phisticated attacks and more cunning attackers mean buyers and sellers of security solutions must be ever-aware and vigilant or face the well-publi- cized and widely reported ramifications. “The existing tools and resources that organiza- tions used in the past may no longer be applicable to the modern threat and regulatory landscape,” said Tony Rock, vice president at Lockpath, a pro- vider of corporate governance, risk management, regulatory compliance and information security software. “In light of this challenge, many organi- zations will find that they have to change the way they’re doing business.” With that in mind, ChannelVision questioned Rock and a panel of security experts about the current security challenges and emerging threats facing business networks and employees, and the Threats and Opportunities U nlike a phone line, storage space, contact center suite or even private data line, all of which a company can set-up and assume will work properly for some time, security services must be continually reconsidered and possibly re-deployed. A panel of cybersecurity experts discuss the current challenges facing business networks and the opportunities they provide to channel partners By Martin Vilaboy Cyber Patrol Channel Vision | July - August, 2018 16