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virtual reality Involta announced the launch of Involta Hybrid Cloud, a platform that connects a company’s multi-cloud envi- ronment enabling a single, easy-to-use cloud provisioning and management system. The platform reportedly allows a company’s IT department to optimize its cloud service experience over a blend of cloud infrastructure locations and vendors by delivering automated control and deployment of resources. “Today’s business lives in multi-cloud environments that combine solutions across the public cloud, private clouds and hybrid clouds, but companies struggle deciding what belongs where and optimizing the use of their environ- ments to meet changing organizational needs,” said Bruce Lehrman, Involta founder and CEO. “Involta Hybrid Cloud allows companies the ability to manage all of their cloud infrastructure in one convenient place and respond rapidly to organizational changes.” Involta Hybrid Cloud allows IT departments to centrally control varying workloads, instantly expand or decrease compute and storage needs, automate patching, monitor- ing and backup schedules and stan- dardize functions such as security measures and billing. “One of the biggest problems our clients experience is around their ability to scale management of cloud workloads,” Lehrman said. “IT staffs are being asked to fill infrastructure requests quicker, coordinate resources and security and move more work- loads to the cloud without the tools needed to optimize tracking, usage and costs in a multi-cloud world. With Involta Hybrid Cloud, the size of an or- ganization’s IT department is no longer a limitation when it comes to managing a multi-cloud environment.” Involta will be offering this new ser- vice in all of its markets nationwide. When 451 Research asked IT managers what are the easiest on- premises environments to migrate, a resounding 75 percent said virtualized environments to other virtualized envi- ronments, making this the hands-down winner. In sharp contrast, non-virtu- alized environment migrating to other non-virtualized environments pose the biggest challenge according to 39% of respondents. “However, the hope is that this will change in the near term, as 80 percent of these same organizations expect to be automated with some manual exception handling (49%) or even fully automated (31%) over the next two years,” said 451 analyst Tracy Corbo. Maintaining end-to-end visibility into the cloud’s impact on user experience is vital but very difficult, suggests a CIO survey by Dynatrace. Each major provider comes with its own monitor- ing system, so IT teams are forced to spend time instrumenting monitoring processes on every new cloud they add to the mix. Even some of the solutions, such as containerized infra- structure, can add to the problem by obscuring visibility. Dynatrace argues that AI eventually must be deployed to handle the complexities of the cloud- native world. BCM One Enhances SD-WAN with Versa Network-aaS BCM One has added the VergX Ver- sa’s Network-as-a-Service (VNaaS) of- fering to its select SD-WAN ecosystem, offering its agent channel and enterprise clients another reliable SD-WAN choice to support their underlying communica- tions infrastructures. The VNaaS offering, which is built on the Versa cloud-native, multi-tenant software platform and com- prehensive suite of networking and se- curity services, provides fully managed SD-WAN and SD-security services. The BCM One engineering team recommends and relies on the VNaaS solution especially for its advanced SD- WAN, next-generation firewall and uni- fied threat management, as well as for its ease of deployments with real-time access to application routing, network performance, next-gen firewall settings and advanced network analytics, said the company. “The combination of the feature-rich Versa software, coupled with sales- enablement tools and operational efficiencies from VergX, empowered us to make a very valuable decision to partner with VergX and the VNaaS offering,” stated John Cunningham, founder and co-CEO of BCM One.  “This partnership allows us to offer our partners and clients a multi-tenant platform-based approach which really rounds out our select SD-WAN offer- ings to our client base.” Involta Announces Hybrid Cloud Management Platform Virtualization Eases Workload Migration Monitoring the Multi-Cloud Channel Vision | July - August, 2018 48