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system also implemented a single moni- toring platform. “We are taking ownership of the re- lationships with those seven disparate broadband carriers,” Reyburn said. “That’s powerful when you boil it down.” According to Reyburn, new Telesys- tem partners and customers will experi- ence firsthand what the LSI family has known about for years: An unrelenting commitment to accountability. “One of the things we take a lot of pride in is being true and available,” Reyburn said, before explaining how the company goes above and beyond to take care of its customers. “For example, if someone wants to add a location and it’s not a part of our current portfolio, we have gone out and negotiated wholesale agreements to accommodate their needs. We are willing to be creative and agile, and that’s one of our big differentiators when you ask how we stack up against the big boys. We have the products and services to go toe-to-toe with the behe- moths, but we spare the customer many of the bureaucratic elements that come with larger organizations.” Proof of the company’s success, Rey- burn pointed out, can be seen with its astounding sub-1 percent attrition rate. “We are hyper-focused on retention, and mitigating attrition,” Reyburn said. “Being in the sub-1 percent level puts us right at the top of the industry.” The company, it should be noted, sur- veys customers annually as well as after every installation and ticket closure. “We are constantly looking for feed- back to reinforce our accountability,” Reyburn said. “Where we make mistakes we atone for as much, and that’s where we can make a huge difference in the marketplace.” o Channel Vision | July - August, 2018 50 Core Communications “We wanted to make sure folks understood that the team they’ve grown to trust at LSI would remain intact, and that we would continue to maintain the confidence they have developed,” said Telesystem CRO and EVP Warren Reyburn, formerly of LSI, who elaborated on why the company chose to undergo such a long gestation period. “Our goal was to ensure people get the message that continuity would remain at the forefront of our migration.” Reyburn spoke about what unifi- cation means for Telesystem’s part- ners and customers. “It’s the marriage of a type 1 ser- vice model based in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan to a type 2 provider represented by the legacy OSI group, and the coming together of those entities with over 21,000 locations serviced across the globe,” Reyburn explained. “We have cus- tomers in 46 states, four international destinations and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Plus, the company has nearly 35 network-to-network interfaces (NNIs), with over 75 inter- connection points. So we are very, very sensitive to diversity and geo- redundancy. We are also considering expanding to 100G in Chicago and Atlanta, and will be cutting the ribbon on our new Denver PoP within the next 60 days.” That move, Reyburn said, will mark the tertiary deployment of Telesystem’s Metaswitch platform, featuring a fully redundant data core in addition to the company’s award- winning DDoS mitigation hardware. Telesystem is also working on en- hancing its voice platform. Customers will be able to fail across geographic and platform-diverse systems. “This diversity is resonating within the agent community,” Reyburn said. “We have channel management re- sources now in Miami, and soon to be in Denver, Toledo and the Mid- Atlantic region. The partnerships we now boast include companies like Te- larus, TCG, CNSG, TBI and Telegra- tion — all of the big hitters.” Part of the reason for Telesys- tem’s recent success has been its ability to help multi-location, geo- graphically disparate enterprises with its SD-WAN offering (which is avail- able with or without security) and reli- able voice service. “Simply put, calls do not drop on our platform,” Reyburn said. “We also go the extra mile by adding LTE failover, and we are able to aggre- gate a wide range of broadband con- nections.” One organization that has benefit- ted from Telesystem’s service is the HoneyBaked Ham Company. Tele- system was able to aggregate seven different broadband providers into a single invoice for the company. Tele- Firing onAll Cylinders T elesystem announced in July that its four-year transition into a unified brand with LSI was officially complete, signaling the start of an exciting new chapter for the voice and networking provider. Telesystem and Line Systems Inc. are now unified as a single brand. Here’s what you can expect to see moving forward.