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One way to qualify a company’s willingness to spend is by asking a few ques- tions to gauge decision makers’ underlying sentiments toward IT and technology as a whole. More bluntly, do they view IT as tactical or strategic? Even the very basic questions channel partners tend to ask can shed light as to which side of this fence a company falls. “What are the goals you’re looking to achieve through IT? Or, “How do you use the current technology you have in place?” If the an- swers suggest a strategic mindset, the sales scenario immediately improves, suggest analysts at 451 Research, and such a mindset is becoming increasingly common. Traditionally, IT departments have tended to be more tactical, says Tracy Corbo of 451 Research, focused on the day-to-day operations of keeping systems up and running. But the rapid digitalization of the business world is forcing enterprise IT departments to become less tactical and more strategic in their approach. “Digital transformation is key for business survival,” writes Corbo. “Digital transforma- tion is not possible without IT, making IT a more strategic part of business going forward.” When respondents were specifically asked if they saw the role of IT as strategic or tactical, things pretty much split down the middle, show 451 figures, but it’s the more progressive, forward-thinking companies that tend to view IT as a strategic resource with a key role to play in driving business outcomes. “Progressive companies are already executing on their digital transformation plans, are early technology adopters, and have integrated their IT and app/dev teams,” says Corbo. They are also most likely to have plans to grow their IT staffs. The financial vertical stands out as having strategic IT thinkers, show 451 surveys. Meanwhile, companies that view IT as tactical are skeptical of new technology, have no formal plans for digital transformation and are highly siloed, says Corbo. The larger and older the organization, the more likely legacy systems keep them mired in the tactical, she says. IT departments within government, education and retail are most likely to be consumed with just keeping the lights on. Ultimately, companies that view IT as strategic are most likely to understand and ap- preciate the value of staying ahead of the technology curve. And it’s not just about quali- fying the likelihood of closing a deal. The “tactical or strategic” question also can indicate long-term customer value. After all, a company that is IT tactical likely will be looking for a service or a product. A strategic-minded IT company will be looking for a partner. Change in Strategy Martin Vilaboy Editor-in-Chief Gerald Baldino Contributing Editor Percy Zamora Art Director Berge Kaprelian Group Publisher (480) 503-0770 Rene Galan Associate Publisher (786) 953-7297 Anthony Graffeo Associate Publisher (203) 304-8547 Beka Business Media Berge Kaprelian President and CEO Neil Ende General Counsel Corporate Headquarters 15560 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd Suite B4 – 5433 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Voice: 480.503.0770 Fax: 480.503.0990 Email: © 2018 Beka Business Media, All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in any form or medium without express written permission of Beka Business Media is prohibited. ChannelVision and the ChannelVision logo are trademarks of Beka Business Media LETTER IT Department Viewed as Strategic Executing on digital transformation 65% We are early adopters on the leading edge 59% High-level of collaboration 59% Finance company 58% Plan to increase full time IT staff 56% IT Department Viewed as Tactical Considering digital transformation (no formal plan) 68% Retail company 67% Skeptical of new technology and are usually late to the game 65% Government/Education 58% Low level of collaboration 58% Source: 451 Research 6 Channel Vision | July - August, 2018