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Indeed, in many ways, the performance issues surrounding real-time voice and video over a standard internet connection, often at remote office locations, have become the key marketing bullet points among providers of software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). But replacing existing WAN infrastructure with software-controlled versions is not the only, and far from the most affordable, way to achieve adequate levels of quality, availability and visibility when using internet connections to deliver real-time voice. Back in 2016, for instance, nexVortex introduced its Managed SIP Trunking, or mSIP, service (See ChannelVision ’s 2017 “Visionary Spotlight Awards,” in the May-June 2017 issue), which measures, monitors and reports on voice quality for a premises-based PBX systems connected to the cloud. Think of it as SIP trunking that guarantees voice quality, service visibility and elimi- nates finger pointing, all with disaster recovery built-in and configurable on a per DN basis. “It changed who we could target,” said Chuck Har- ris, nexVortex vice president of marketing, allowing the company to target bigger SIP arrangements. mSIP quickly became the fastest-growing offering in the nex- Vortex portfolio. Starting this spring, nexVortex applies the same principles behind mSIP when the PBX is moved to the cloud. The company’s new Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) is designed to deliver high-quality, high- availability voice service for subscribers of nexVortex’s Hosted Voice offering. Of course, the uncertainty of trusting an organi- zation’s mission-critical voice service to the perfor- mance variances of the internet – and the tremen- dous volume and types of traffic it carries – is too unsettling for many business owners, say executives at netVortex. Managed Hosted Voice will restore their confidence. Based on SD-WAN technology and purpose-built for hosted voice, mHV is a proprietary (patent-pending), end-to-end, single-vendor solution that is built, owned and operated by nexVortex. In other words, no integrat- ing third-party solutions, and partners can look to one nexVortex Calls up Managed Hosted Voice Core Communications T he assurance of consistent voice quality and availability has long been a challenge for providers, and users, of IP-based telephony. With a side dish of DR By Martin Vilaboy Channel Vision | March - April, 2018 12