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EMERGENT 18 Channel Vision | March - April, 2018 When that day comes, the possible reduction in costs and improvement in cus- tomer satisfaction become fairly evident. Automation and artificial intelligence not only quell the ongoing headcount increases currently impacting contact centers, “They will free agents from working on low-value or repetitive tasks, as they will only have to address highly complex customer scenarios or exceptions to standard operations,” said Kate Leggett, Forrester vice president and principal analyst. “This also enables them to focus on building connections with custom- ers to garner their satisfaction and loyalty.” Make no mistake, we are no longer far away from seeing some real impacts from By Martin Vilaboy AI Smartens SMS Support I t’s been said that by 2025, most people won’t be able to tell if they are interacting with another human or a machine when contacting a company or its contact center. SkySwitch unveils customer service bot