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It’s a process that has been in motion since 2012, when the EU first released an initial pro- posal to update its decades-old data protection law. GDPR was adopted as rule in April, 2016, and right now we are at the tail-end of a two-year grace period that will come to an end on May 25. At this point, all organizations that con- duct business in the EU – regardless of where they are located – are expected to be fully GDPR-compliant. Businesses that vio- late GDPR could be forced pay a fine of up to €20 million (about $24.5 million USD), 4 percent of global turnover or court-awarded damages to a person or body. GDPR replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive. It applies equally to all 28 countries in the EU, as well as foreign companies that do business in the EU. The primary purpose of GDPR is to hold or- ganizations accountable for the personal data they collect on European citizens. GDPR will re- quire companies to be more lawful and transpar- ent about the data they collect and process and take active measures to keep the data secure GDPR Reality Check A fter years of waiting, we are now in the home stretch before the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) officially kicks in. Cyber Patrol Channel Vision | March - April, 2018 22