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at your service: Xaas What has been elusive is the prof- itability. How can you justify adding technical resources to support the cloud from a vendor you don’t know? And how can you prioritize which ven- dor to work with when there are so many popping up every day? One could follow the popular cat- egories such as online storage and backup, which has an influx not just of resellers and partners in the eco- system but also new vendors pop- ping up frequently. Your end customers are overwhelmed with the choices, as well. Another path is to take on cloud services that no one else is tapping into, or at least where the masses of VARs and MSPs haven’t yet gotten en- trenched. The challenge here might be that it becomes more of an educational sale to your end customers. So which path should you take when you are trying to shift your By Ali Din CoverYour F or many VARs and MSPs, SaaS and cloud have been part of the conversation for several years now. Increasing profit margins in the cloud Channel Vision | March - April, 2018 42