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channel management licenses, training and integration are all ways MS partners make rev- enue off Microsoft products. Let’s look at telecom in comparison. The only certification program was done by TCA (I was a founding mem- ber). CompTIA offers certifications, but these are topic-based and independent (not tied to a product or service). As far as I know, no telecom provider requires certification or encourages partners to obtain certification. The telecom education is cen- tered on webinars. Have you been on one? Generally speaking, the webi- nar are bland and sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. The vendor will offer up a network map (or “here’s where our data centers are”); a long list of services in 8 point font; and a rather generic definition of the service that lacks both detail and information that would be helpful to sales, such as who is buying it and why. The telecom providers want partners to sell it but don’t create demand or provide enough data in order for partners to effectively target-market the services. What is the title of the buyer? What types of companies buy this service? Why do they buy it? What triggers the sale? What benefit does the busi- ness get from implementing this service? Is there a case study? Is there a testimonial? Even during case study webinars, they are boring. They lack the infor- mation from the previous paragraph. A case study should be from the buy- er’s perspective and take the partner on the buyer’s journey followed by a testimonial or outcome statement. The best advice I can give to a presenter: if you wouldn’t present it over coffee, don’t do it. Just don’t. Take a page from Apple and make the webinars an experience. I’m not saying you have to practice for two days, but it would be good if you weren’t reading it to me. People listen to Apple product launches be- cause they are engaging stories. Maybe it is time for a provider or two to set up a professional training program that twists product with tech- nical knowledge and sprinkles the case study on top. Remember that a Microsoft or Cisco partner has to “sell it; install it; maintain it.” They have to know it all. Telecom partners only have to sell it. So most service providers don’t create demand or have certifica- tion programs or have a well-known brand. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be relevant and top of mind with your partners. But that will require a different kind of on-boarding than you have been doing. o Peter Radizeski is president of RAD-INFO INC., a telecom strategy and marketing consulting agency. He is also author of five books and avail- able to speak at your events. A public service message from the U.S. General Services Administration. is your official source for federal, state and local government information. From Social Security to product recalls, it’s the place to find the info you need. And now you can also share your ideas and opinions with your government. To make your total government connection, visit Equals total government connecting. PLUS PART INFO GETTING PART IDEA SHARING 6.875 in. 4.625 in. March - April, 2018 | Channel Vision 55