ChannelVision Magazine May-June 2018

“You don’t want a financial advisor to just start pushing mutual funds on you,” Siegler said. “You want them to ask questions about your family, and where you want to be in five years. We take the same approach, by ask- ing customers what they want to do in their different locations, and what is important to them. Then we go from there.” Ecessa’s premises-based architecture treats SD-WAN like a traditional router, by putting the control and data plane together on the device. This gives customers more control over the routing policies of their network, eliminates sending the control plane to the cloud and avoids having to drastically modify customers’ SD-WANSales Starters S oftware defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is now generating significant mainstream adop- tion, with sales expected to continue growing at an annual rate of 69 percent through 2021. Tips for approaching customers about SD-WAN deployments In light of this growth, agents selling enterprise connectivity need to be prepared to help customers understand the different types of architectures that are available. SD-WAN can be confusing, and a misunderstanding on either end can have costly consequences. “First of all, it’s very important for people to realize that SD-WAN isn’t a single thing, and there is no one way to address it,” explained Ecessa CEO Mike Siegler. “Even today, while SD-WAN is a buzzword and everyone has heard about it, the sales process is still very consulta- tive. Customers need trusted advisors that will ask the right questions.” Agents, Siegler added, should take a cue from how financial advi- sors approach customers. Q18 You're looking for an SD-WAN and must choose between funct onality an ease of use. Please move the slider to best reflect your preference. 50.46 % Easy to use GUI with SD-WAN features to meet all basic network requirements Cisco IOS-like CLI with the SD-WAN features to meet all basic and advanced networking requierments Q19 Please rank the importance of the following SD-WAN priorities in your decision making process. 55 % 34 % 47 % 40 % 30 % 55 % 30 % 50 % 29 % 49 % Secure delivery of data across the WAN/Internet Protecting locations and the site-to-site connection from malware and other threats Improved application performance Reduced operational costs Improved cloud or internet performance Predictable delivery of high-quality voice Flexibility to rapidly increase bandwidth Improved last-mile availability Reduced deployment and reconfiguration times Increased choice of last-mile services (MPLS, xDSL, 3G/4G etc.) 35 % 42 % 20 % 56 % 23 % 50 % 24 % 49 % 20 % 48 % Critical Very important Somewhat important Not important Source: Cato Networks Sur vey virtual reality Channel Vision | May - June, 2018 24