ChannelVision Playbook Volume 8

Is the partner willing to make investments to achieve growth and sustain it? To ensure prospects can follow through on their commitment, busi- nesses should have a complete understanding of their partner’s capitalization and current financial position. And, in addition to having the required capital, companies must determine that a partner is willing to invest to achieve and sustain growth. Addressing these questions and finding the right partners can take time, patience and resources — especially since the success of the channel can depend on each answer. Once a pool of partners is selected and trained on the prod- uct, it’s crucial that companies define success, set objectives supported by clear metrics and align business goals and values up front. That way, partners will understand how their performance will be evaluated from the get-go, and the best ones will rise to the challenge. Building out a channel can be de- manding, but finding and teaming up with high-quality channel partners can bring a company to places it’s never been, both in the markets it’s reaching and the revenue it’s raking in. o Wayne Monk is senior vice president of global alliance and channel sales at ASG Technologies. How comfortable are consumers with Artificial Intelligence? Source: Radial Channel Sales’ Core Fundamentals Source: CSO Insights; Miller Heiman Group Which of the following self-service channels have you used in the past 12 months? Source: Forrester; among U.S. online adults 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 2.5% 6.3% 3.8% 2.5% 7.5% 1.3% 7.5% 11.3% 13.8% 11.3% 22.5% 18.8% 25.0% 26.3% 33.8% 36.3% 18.8% 20.0% 15.0% 7.5% 8.8% Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Our channel sales professionals are able to calculate and justify number of partners required to cover a market segment Our channel sales professionals are able to calculate how partners rank and assess programs Our channel sales professionals are able to clearly articulate the rationale for their organization’s channel and route to market Disagree Neutral Somewhat agree Agree Strongly agree Very comfortable Somewhat comfortable Neither comfortable nor uncomfortable Somewhat uncomfortable Very uncomfortable Help or FAQs on a company’s website Online forum or community with other customers Voice self-service An online virtual agent or chatbot from a website Self-service mobile phone application A virtual agent or chatbot on a smartphone 33% 28% 60% 38% 38% 37% 35% 32% 20% 13% 6% THE MOBILITY SOLUTION THAT EVERY PARTNER NEEDS IN THEIR PORTFOLIO WHAT vMOX DOES: • Reduce mobility costs by 20-40% • Provide detailed reporting and analytics across all pr vider • Proactively handle all carrier interactions • Manage Device Procurement & Inventory • All with NO service disrupti ns or provider changes Delight your clients by significantly reducing their mobility costs and alleviating their management headaches, while you transform your business with an innovative offering and continuous revenue streams. VMOX.COM/Partners 646-795-2000 Partners@VMOX.COM MOBILITY OPTIMIZATION & LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT SUCCESS STORIES PROFILE DEVICES SAVINGS Global Automobile Manufacturer 13,100 46% Retail Department Store Chain 8,250 24% Global Managed Cloud Provider 2,350 33% Healthcare Information Provider 1,400 51% International Non-Profit 700 43% 9 THE CHANNEL MANAGER’S PLAYBOOK