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Defined by Ponemon Institute as the inability of an organization’s people, processes and technolo- gies to keep up with the constantly changing threat landscape, it’s a gap with the potential to turn into a chasm that drastically reduces the ability of organi- zations to detect, contain and resolve breaches and attacks, say Ponemon researchers. The pressures creating the gap are fairly ap- parent and understood. One only has to look at our sprawling networks. More than half of IT teams surveyed by Ponemon, for instance, already are struggling to protect the expanding perimeter and dynamically changing attack surface in light of IoT, BYOD, mobile and cloud. “The availability of internet connected devices with vulnerable operating systems are paving the way for massive botnet activity – driven by ‘DDoS for hire’ services,” said Andrew Lloyd, president of Corero Network Security, a provider of DDoS solu- tions. These “zombie armies” of connected devices are being used in both large scale and everyday DDoS attack activity, says Lloyd. Yet a full two-thirds of organizations say they have no or a low ability to secure their IoT devices and apps and lack visibility into and control over all the activity of all those users and devices con- nected to company resources. Only 24 percent of respondents say their organization’s IoT devices are appropriately secured. This despite the fact that 52 percent of respondents say continuous monitoring of network traffic for each IoT device is required to spot anomalies and achieve a strong level of security. A Smarter Defense T here’s little denying it. Organizations of all types are facing a dangerous IT security gap. AI, automation and the future of cybersecurity By Martin Vilaboy 10 THE CHANNEL MANAGER’S PLAYBOOK