POSSIBILITIES ASTOUNDING LEGEND Robust metro fiber footprint and/or data center presence High Capacity Backbone Links Coastal submarine cable access Transpacific and Transatlantic routes EVANSVILLE Expand Your Network with Astound Access close to a million locations along our ever expanding, 100% fiber footprint across 12 states. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Header... SHOW.INCOMPAS.ORG 1 INCOMPAS embraces a two-pronged approach to the communications industry, seeking to promote policy advocacy while also bolstering business opportunities for its member companies, all with the goal of driving competition and innovation in the market. At The 2023 INCOMPAS Show, you will see these worlds collide, as the association brings together its well-regarded networking event and educational sessions that showcase how technology and policy are converging to drive greater broadband access. “We’re at a historic inflection point,” said INCOMPAS CEO, Chip Pickering. “We have the opportunity to match the infusion of resources into broadband deployment with an infusion of mid-band spectrum from the 12GHz band to move us closer to bridging the digital divide. We’re also laser focused on affordability and universal access.” INCOMPAS plays an important role in promoting policies that are favorable toward competition. Every day, INCOMPAS works hand-in-hand with the FCC, Congress and the Administration to facilitate a more-level playing field in broadband deployment. Its approach includes, for example, breaking down barriers to deployment, securing Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) funding and re-establishing the Universal Service Fund. The importance of this work was clearly visible at yesterday’s pre-conference Policy Workshop. INCOMPAS member law firms and consultants shared insights on topics that included removing broadband barriers, STIR/SHAKEN guidelines, promoting broadband labeling, generative artificial intelligence (AI) and discussing online services regulation. There will also be thought leaders discussing widespread industry changes, among them AI, the importance of private equity funding in broadband rollouts and creating a better road to “Internet for All.” Of course, this is just a taste what INCOMPAS does from a policy standpoint. The association’s Policy Summit on March 5, 2024 in Washington, D.C., will go into more depth about these issues and more. (Continued on page 4) DAY 1 DAY 2 The INCOMPAS SHOW: Where competition and innovation breeds success THE 2023 OCTOBER 8–10

Our Journey To Our journey to brilliance began on October 3, 2022. Stop by booth 100 to learn more. Brilliance 20 State Footprint 4,000 Employees Charlotte, NC Headquarters Appreciation Meals $2 Billion Invested + $90+ Million Awarded in Federal and State Grants 5th Largest ILEC 950+ Customer Engagements We Local - 815+

4 THE INCOMPAS SHOW I OCTOBER 8 - 10, 2023 DAY 1 (Continued from page 1) INCOMPAS also affords its members the chance to network and build their respective businesses throughout the year, with The INCOMPAS Show bringing the industry together in-person to highlight new and reinforce existing business relationships. Just look at the collection of key players in communications; new products, services and technologies on display and the deals that come out of the INCOMPAS Show. “Over its four decades, INCOMPAS has grown and evolved along with the industry itself,” noted Pickering. “In our early years, we advocated for competition in the burgeoning long distance and local telephony markets. We’ve been at the forefront of every major milestone in telecommunications history. With the evolution of the wireless industry, competitive auctions, breaking the cable bundle and encouraging an open and free internet to now learning more about the power of AI – INCOMPAS continues to play a significant role.” What Can Attendees Expect? “The 2022 show was one of our largest in more than a decade. And now The 2023 INCOMPAS Show is shaping up to be even bigger,” said Pickering. “With more than 250 companies represented, not only are we seeing pent-up demand for in-person networking, but the reputation of our show has grown and attracted many first-time attendees.” The INCOMPAS Show Expo sets itself apart from other events by combining traditional exhibits and plush meeting lounges. And the show’s signature Buyers Forum enables attendees to connect with industry buyers in a speed-meeting type scenario. There’s also education. On both Monday and Tuesday mornings INCOMPAS is presenting compelling sessions and keynotes addressing topics that directly impact companies bottom line, including AI, infrastructure investment, federal/state broadband deployment programs and more. But the show’s biggest differentiator may be its transactional nature. “We design the event to facilitate meaningful exchanges between our attendees and allow them to strengthen existing relationships and explore new opportunities,” said Pickering. “Our Expo Hall is different than what you’ll see at other industry events, combining traditional exhibits with comfortable meeting spaces, creating a dynamic and vibrant environment that encourages networking in a relaxed, yet productive, environment.” Ultimately, INCOMPAS’ goal is to deliver strong return for attendees, a true quality over quantity scenario. This includes access to the right people, whether executive or key decision maker. “We pride ourselves on bringing the right people,” said Pickering. “About 60% of attendees are key decision makers - C-Level, VPs, SVPs and directors - one of the highest ratios among competing trade shows. And 80% of attendees tell us they can find the right people at The INCOMPAS Show, with many having 10 or more quality meetings over the course of three days, which is key to not only helping them grow sales but also highly efficient in optimizing travel ROI.” As a result, Pickering encourages all attendees to take advantage of the INCOMPAS Show’s unique ability to help build networks and businesses. “Examine the schedule,” he added. “Create a game plan to ensure attending the educational sessions you want. Block off time to meet with current and potential partners and customers using the attendee list. Explore the Expo Hall to learn more about our exhibitors. Check out the Buyers Forum and do speed meetings with companies you’re interested in working with.” “And, last but not least,” Pickering continued, “have fun.” ❐ FiberLight – a fiber infrastructure provider that designs, builds and operates mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks – announced a series of moves to cap off what it is calling its “most transformative period” in history. These moves include its acquisition by Morrison & Co., subsequent high-end executive appointments, a fiber network route expansion and the launch of strategic access points to provide a gateway into Latin America. These milestones, FiberLight noted, highlight a renewed commitment to accelerating expansion of its network infrastructure in several U.S. markets to drive business performance for customers and partners. FiberLight revealed in April 2023 it was officially acquired by a consortium led by Morrison & Co. for an undisclosed sum, with former Everstream President and CEO Bill Major named as the company’s new CEO. Digital infrastructure leader Tyler Coates was also appointed as chief revenue officer. This transaction should give FiberLight financial flexibility to invest in future, strategic builds and upgrade existing lit and fiber optical networks, in addition to helping its executive leadership to more easily deliver end-to-end customer experiences and expansion. “With Morrison & Co.’s investment in FiberLight, top-notch leadership in place, and unmatched fiber network assets, I’m excited to build on our momentum as we innovate and grow our business,” said Major. “In just a few short months, we’ve delivered on some significant goals – including network expansions in fast-growth markets, cross-border connectivity with Latin America and a renewed focus on building a culture of excellence. Looking ahead, I’m confident in executing on our vision to provide worldclass networking solutions and exceptional experiences for our customers, our partners and our people,” FiberLight also expanded its fiber footprint with a new route stretching from Charlotte, N.C., to Atlanta. This line will feature 100Gbps and 400Gbps Ethernet wavelengths, providing options for customers seeking a direct path between the two markets, while also showcasing improved resiliency, diversity, speeds, uptime and efficiency. Finally, the provider introduced new strategic landing points with points of presence in Miami’s NAP of the Americas and fiber delivery to MDC Data Center’s Eagle Pass, Texas, facility. These critical landing points are designed to facilitate international trading, linking customers in Mexico, Central America and South America to any location in which FiberLight has an on-net presence. This includes 184 networked FiberLight data centers. ❐ For more information about FiberLight, visit or stop by Deal Center Table 5 or Lounge 8 in the Expo Hall. FiberLight Announces Finalized Acquisition, Executive Appointments, Massive Network Expansion SHOW.INCOMPAS.ORG 5 DAY 1 NUSO Hires Chief Revenue Officer Cloud communications solutions provider NUSO appointed Ryan Henley as its new chief revenue officer. Henley was previously responsible for building sales, revenue rperations, business operations and customer success throughout the telecommunications landscape, spanning areas such as sales, customer experience, success and technical operations. Past employers have included global service providers Bandwidth and Qwest, channel partners Intelisys and Liquid Networx, and managed hosting providers OpSource and NTT. He has also served as a communications officer with the U.S. Army. “Ryan’s diverse background and data driven approach to revenue growth is exciting for our continued trajectory,” said NUSO CEO Matt Siemens. “Ryan’s enthusiasm for understanding a partner’s growth model will accelerate not only the relationships NUSO has with existing customers, partners and resellers, but will also establish new, meaningful partnerships. Under his guidance, the NUSO revenue team will only grow on their success in creating a transparent, technology-first growth environment.” “NUSO’s team and comprehensive communications platform positions us as the ideal partner for businesses, regardless of their size,” noted Henley. “Moreover, our organization’s dedication to innovation and a servicecentric approach drives our status as a worldclass team. I’m excited to build on our success and deliver robust communications platforms to new and novel channels, forge new partnerships, and further enable our customers’ digital transformation journeys.” ❐ For more information on NUSO, visit or connect with them during the show. INDATEL Services is celebrating its 20th anniversary of operations with the announcement that it is expanding its wholesale market to include state and federal government users. The group – which focuses on extending connectivity in rural America – runs the nation’s only member-owned national network, presenting 34 statewide network organizations, 400,000+ fiber miles, 2.3 million lit buildings and 1,100+ points of presence (PoP). It also offers traditional Layer II Ethernet, dedicated internet access, Wave solutions, transit, PoP to PoP transport and CDN peering, all with exclusive discounts for member companies. In particular, INDATEL noted a series of investments in “people, network and partnerships,” meaning that an INDATEL partnership includes access to over 700 ILECs and “guaranteed” diversity from large carriers. ❐ For more information on INDATEL Services, visit or stop by Booth 103 or Meeting Room 5/6. INDATEL Services Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Expanded Wholesale Reach

6 THE INCOMPAS SHOW I OCTOBER 8 - 10, 2023 DAY 1 Arcadian Infracom Assists New Mexico’s Pueblo of Laguna in FTTP Project Zayo Group disclosed its latest series of infrastructure investments, which are designed to extend global capacity to support rapid growth in bandwidth demand. In particular, the global communications infrastructure provider revealed plans to roll out global 400G access, as well as long-haul capacity growth and other enhancements to its global IP infrastructure. In particular, Zayo completed a series of upgrades to its European network to ensure it is fully 400G enabled, with plans to extend its Tier-1 backbone in North America to make it 400G enabled by 2024 year end. Zayo also announced nine new 400G-supported routes in North America in the third quarter, bringing high-bandwidth options to key routes such as: Atlanta to Washington, D.C.; Denver to Dallas (Direct); Montreal to Quebec City; Clinton to Ponchatoula; Indianapolis to Columbus; Ashburn to Baltimore; Bend to Umatilla and Laurel to Denver. The provider also plans to complete other in-progress routes such as: Houston to New Orleans; St. Louis to Chicago; Buffalo to Albany; Winnipeg to Toronto; Toronto to Montreal; Buffalo to Toronto; Columbus to Ashburn; Cleveland to Buffalo; Houston to Ponchatoula and Umatilla to Quincy. This 400G network enablement will allow customers to continue scaling bandwidth, opening up high-capacity access on new routes, improve network stability and bolster customer experience via delivery and optimal routing. The enhanced capacity will also support exponential growth driven by 5G, cloud adoption, IoT, edge computing, automation and other emerging technologies. Additionally, Zayo reinforced its global low-latency route to connect the U.S. and Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a new key terrestrial route to extend connectivity throughout the metro ring and to four key data centers. This includes four new Sao Paulo points of presence. Zayo also noted that it continues to reinforce its IP infrastructure with new PoPs in key markets and data centers, worldwide. New IP PoPs added to its North American network include locations in Toronto, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Chandler, New York City, Los Angeles and Etobicoke. Zayo’s IP backbone – which runs on its own wholly owned fiber infrastructure – accounts for 10 percent of the world’s internet capacity. Zayo also manages 96TB of core capacity and 34TB of peering capacity, and continues to add 1-2TB of peering capacity each quarter. Lastly, Zayo noted that it continues to overbuild routes in high-demand areas to support enhanced fiber capacity with three long-haul route builds and two additional route overbuilds scheduled for completion by year’s end. “Next-generation technology is being deployed at never-before-seen rates,” said Zayo Chief Product Officer Bill Long. “This has placed the communications infrastructure industry at a unique inflection point as all digital businesses - enterprises, carriers and hyperscalers alike - scramble to ensure they have enough capacity to support these technologies. As this trend plays out, it will be a strong tailwind for those providers who can capitalize on the moment. As one of the newest and most modern networks on the market, Zayo is uniquely positioned to support this growing demand for global bandwidth.” ❐ For more information on Zayo Group, visit as well as www.zayo. com/resources/global-network-capabilities, or stop by the Skybox meeting room. Arcadian Infracom, a digital infrastructure development company headquartered in St. Louis, announced that its network development partner Pueblo of Laguna received a fiberto-the-premise (FTTP) award under the Connect New Mexico Pilot Program. This contract will enable Pueblo to provide broadband and high-speed internet services to the Pueblo of Laguna community at large. This fiber network will span 193 miles and service all six Pueblo villages. As part of its commitment to extending broadband to unserved and underserved rural and tribal communities, Arcadian assisted Pueblo of Laguna in developing its grant proposal while providing free network design and consulting services. Arcadian will also lend assistance throughout the project’s construction phase. “We’re extremely pleased to have been able to support the Pueblo of Laguna in their successful FTTP initiative,” said Arcadian CEO Dan Davis. “As we design and develop our long-haul routes, we’re very conscious of our responsibility to help bring affordable bandwidth to underserved communities along the way. This is a great example of what can be accomplished when long-haul and local network providers work together.” “The Pueblo of Laguna is appreciative of the support and assistance it has received from Arcadian,” added Pueblo of Laguna Governor Wilfred Herrera. “The collective efforts have resulted in a successful application and now a funding award. I wish to thank all those involved, the Broadband Team, Arcadian, and the Pueblo of Laguna Council who authorized this application and further provided the cash matching requirements for the grant that will allow us to complete the design and construction of the FTTP network.” ❐ For more information on Arcadian Infracom, visit or stop by Meeting Lounge 2 in the Expo Hall. Zayo Group Details Recent Investments SHOW.INCOMPAS.ORG 7 DAY 1 DC BLOX Acquires South Carolina Acreage to Support Next Data Center DC BLOX completed the acquisition of 27.5 acres of land in Berkeley County, S.C., from Santee Cooper. The data center, dark fiber, cable landing station and connectivity solutions provider plans to use the lot to construct a new data center facility for infrastructure to support regional digital businesses. The facility – which will be located in the Camp Hill commerce park – will be the company’s third data center in the state. Preliminary plans include four buildings totaling approximately 200,000 square feet and 45MW of planned power, with build-tosuit options also available. DC BLOX is separately building a new high-capacity dark fiber route between its Myrtle Beach, S.C., Cable Landing Station (CLS) and Atlanta. This route will specifically run through Berkeley County, facilitating an express route to connectivity and data center hubs in Atlanta. Berkeley County is situated in close proximity to Charleston, S.C.; Google’s data center in Moncks Corner; and connectivity to the new DC BLOX CLS in Myrtle Beach. The CLS has been confirmed as the landing station for Google’s Firmina and Nuvem subsea cables, as well as Meta/Edge Holdings’ Anjana subsea cable. “As the need for digital infrastructure becomes increasingly paramount in today’s world, we are happy to welcome DC BLOX to our area,” said Berkeley County Supervisor Johnny Cribb. “We are confident this company’s new data center will serve as a critical asset for the information technology sector in our County, region and beyond.” “Our new Camp Hall location will be an attractive data center location for hyperscalers who have an immediate need for space and power to support AI/ML and other fast-growing applications,” said DC BLOX CEO Jeff Uphues. “In addition, the facility will offer access to high-capacity fiber to service their customers within the region, as well as globally.” ❐ For more information on DC BLOX, visit or meet with them at the show.

Brightspeed Business, the U.S.’s #5 incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC), announced the opening of its new innovation facility. The Kansas City, Mo.-based Brightspeed Technology Advancement Center (BTAC) will recreate existing Brightspeed network infrastructure to provide a testing environment for voice, DSL, broadband fiber, Wi-Fi hardware and software. It will also lend a simulated environment for Brightspeed to integrate technology to bolster the customer experience and drive cross-network efficiencies. “As we build our future-proof, nextgeneration network, we have a great opportunity to incorporate advanced technologies,” said Brian Bond, Brightspeed chief of Operations Support and Innovation. “Working with our vendor partners, we have successfully recreated our network in a secure environment, and we now have the freedom to test cutting-edge technologies, create our own innovations and assess their effectiveness without disrupting the network or our customers’ services.” The BTAC will also house equipment and infrastructure from partners Calix, Cisco, Ribbon, Adtran, Nokia, RAD, Ciena, DZS, AXON Networks, Fujitsu, VIAVI, Infinera, Corning, Codecom and Casa Systems to further support new device, software and firmware testing. It will also serve as an innovation hub for ideation, process and design improvements, automation and risk mitigation. ❐ For more information on Brightspeed, visit or stop by Booth 100 or Meeting Lounge 1 in the Expo Hall. 8 THE INCOMPAS SHOW I OCTOBER 8 - 10, 2023 DAY 1 Brightspeed Launches Brightspeed Technology Advancement Center in Kansas City Great Plains Communications (GPC) is deploying packet network technology in over 100 markets in Nebraska. The digital infrastructure provider – which owns an 18,000+-mile fiber network spanning 13 states – will focus on major metro market deployments such as Omaha, Blair, Gretna, Ralston, Papillion, La Vista, Kearney, McCook and Broken Bow. This technology is expected to support high bandwidth delivery for up to 100Gbps next-gen packet services for enterprises, wireless towers, wholesale customers, data centers and hyperscalers, in addition to providing higher bandwidth capability for residential users. GPC’s reliable packet technology is based on segment routing to provide optimum network performance and flexibility with operational simplicity, reduced downtime and fast re-route support. The full network rollout is slated for completion in late 2024. “Great Plains Communications is committed to continually investing in the technical foundation of our network,” said GPC CTO Tony Thakur. “Next-gen packet networking allows us to meet the increasing needs of our customers with reliable, fast connectivity, and optimize the overall customer experience. These types of forward-thinking improvements also position our network and our customers for future success as technology advancement and bandwidth demand continues to evolve.” ❐ For more information on Great Plains Communications, visit or stop by Deal Center Tables 1 and 2. Critical Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has tapped Network Connex to provide professional services – including feasibility studies, fiber engineering and permitting services – for the Blue Ridge Run Network. This lowlatency route spans 767 miles, connecting Ashburn, Va.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Huntsville, Ala., and will bring fiber broadband closer to rural locations throughout the Southeastern U.S.. Construction will occur in two phases, with Phase I beginning in the 2023 fourth quarter. This part will include the design and construction of two fiber rings in Ashburn that connect to an approximately 40-mile hyperscale fiber ring under construction to link its vital data center alley to facilities in Frederick, Md. Phase II will continue southwest toward Bristol, Va., and include early-stage planning and design expertise. Network Connex will also lend construction and crucial program management oversight to the project. “We feel we have identified a gap in the national fiber infrastructure routes that, when filled, will provide reduced latency and redundancy to a muchneeded route traversing the East Coast through the Mid-Atlantic region,” said CIP Managing Partner Matthew Chapdelaine. “It will deliver robust capacity and the opportunity to replace existing aging infrastructure.” CIP owns, operates and invests in telco fiber infrastructure businesses. Along with its partner resources, it has decades of knowledge in private fiber, 5G cellular, open access and smart city rollouts. ❐ For more information on Critical Infrastructure Partners, visit Critical Infrastructure Partners Selects Network Connex Professional Services for Blue Ridge Run Network Installation Great Plains Communications to Lay Packet Network Technology Throughout Nebraska SHOW.INCOMPAS.ORG 9 DAY 1 Horizon Expands Partnership with Connectbase, Leveraging Right-of-Way NearNet Analysis Connectbase, The Industry Cloud for Connectivity, announced an expanded partnership with Horizon, a long-time customer of The Connected World platform. Horizon, a facilities-based fiberoptic broadband service provider operating in several states in the Midwest region, began working with Connectbase in 2019. After experiencing strong results year over year through Connectbase’s The Connected World platform, Horizon is now leveraging Connectbase’s right-of-way (ROW) NearNet analysis. “We are thrilled to provide so much value to Horizon through our Connected World platform and right-of-way NearNet analysis,” said Ben Edmond, CEO and founder of Connectbase. “The tools and processes that Horizon has integrated into their business model enable better automation and efficiency as well as accuracy in their operations. The right-of-way NearNet analysis is a perfect fit for providers like Horizon, giving them insights into their potential network paths.” Powered by location data, ROW nearnet analysis enables users like Horizon to strategically identify opportunities for expanding their on-net footprint, empowering them to make informed decisions and build their networks for the best possible returns. ROW nearnet analysis outperforms the traditional line-of-sight (LOS) approach by offering a more comprehensive understanding of network build paths, avoiding overestimations of reach, and recognizing potential obstacles that increase costs and hinder progress. Connectbase’s focus on following the path of connectivity ensures that their analysis aligns with the reality of building networks. “We moved from line-of-sight nearnet to right-of-way nearnet analysis to be more proactive with the data available. With line-ofsight we ran into challenges to building out the network with physical obstacles like rivers,” said Craig Drinkhall, director of Products and Sales Engineering at Horizon. “When we switched to right-of-way, the location count right sized and we now have a more confident view of our serviceable areas. We’ve only just begun using this tool and I’m excited for us to take advantage of it more moving forward.” When Horizon first partnered with Connectbase, the team’s goal was to create the most accurate possible building lists in real time, and then automate the distribution of those lists with carriers through the platform as well as through a customized serviceability portal. The fiber provider has been steadily expanding use cases with Connectbase over the past four years. Today, the company uses several functionalities of The Connected World to build partnerships and expand networks, to prospect and prioritize opportunities, while automating practices and making network selling more efficient. ❐ For more information about Connectbase, go to or visit them at Meeting Lounge 14 and Kiosk 2 in the Expo Hall. For more information about Horizon, go to or visit them at Kiosk 11 in the Expo Hall or Deal Center Table 6. THE POWER OF DARK FIBER CONNECTIVITY Comprehensive Chicago coverage Custom-designed solutions for large-bandwidth applications Secure & reliable interconnection for diverse sectors 100% sub-surface network o‡ering alternative routes and strategic paths between data centers, enterprises, and more Let Our Routes Unlock Your Data Exchange crosstownŒ

CDG, Calix Cloud Announce MBS Integration, Pledge Support for PRTC Group US Signal Forges Partnership with Cato Networks 10 THE INCOMPAS SHOW I OCTOBER 8 - 10, 2023 DAY 1 FirstLight Names New COO and CRO Digital infrastructure services provider FirstLight named Mike Constantino as chief operating officer and Lorenzo Leuzzi as chief revenue officer. Constantino and Leuzzi bring decades of telco industry experience to their respective role. Constantino will lead all aspects of engineering, customer operations, network operations, construction services, service delivery and outside plant. He is a former vice president of Network Engineering, Network Programs and Service Delivery with Crown Castle, leading initiatives focused on asset management, estimation process automation and streamlining multiple project delivery platforms into one. He is also previously worked at Lightower and Broadwing Communications. “I’m excited to join the FirstLight team,” Constantino said. “I look forward to using my successful track record of leading engineering, operations and service delivery teams to support FirstLight’s next phase of growth.” Leuzzi will oversee the sales and product and marketing teams. Leuzzi also comes from Crown Castle, where he headed carrier and wholesale services. Earlier in his career, he held positions with Lightower and Earthlink. “I have long admired FirstLight and am excited to join this talented team,” said Leuzzi. “Building on the strong foundation that FirstLight has created, I look forward to further refining its ‘go-to-market’ approach to ensure we offer the optimal set of solutions that our customers have come to expect.” According to FirstLight CEO Jason Campbell, “I have come to appreciate and respect Lorenzo and Mike’s efforts and accomplishments having been fortunate to have worked with each of them in the past, and I know that their business acumen and depth of experience at this stage of FirstLight’s growth makes it the right time for them to join the team. I look forward to the positive impact their contributions will have on FirstLight’s next chapter of growth and success.” ❐ For more information about FirstLight, visit or stop by Meeting Room 1. CDG announced that it worked with Calix to seamlessly integrate the MBS cloud-based OSS/BSS solution with the Calix Cloud offering. This action is designed to enable insights for Calix Support and Marketing Cloud persona-based views. Utilizing CDG’s API and Calix’s Cloud Subscriber Services API, the integration specifically supports auto registration and visibility into new and updated MBS subscribers, as well as billing information. The recently enhanced API also bolsters capabilities for automation, data accuracy and creating/provisioning subscriber broadband services for providers. “We are excited to expand our integration with Calix and are committed to creating single-pane experiences for providers and subscribers across the Calix and CDG platforms,” said Mike Chalk, CDG’s vice president of Product Development. “Integrations like this, which open access and data flow between systems, are critical to BSPs focused on customer experience (CX) initiatives, because they improve the capabilities and reduce the response times for support staff and expand diagnostic and self-care tools for subscribers.” The PRTC telecom cooperative will serve as the initial joint customer for the newly integrated product. By integrating real-time subscriber data, PRTC’s support and marketing teams can gain real-time access to insights, automate and streamline manual processes, more quickly complete orders and provision services. ❐ For more information visit, and Network connectivity and data center services provider US Signal announced a new partnership with Cato Networks, a SASE platform provider. This agreement will grant US Signal the distribution rights for Cato’s SASE Cloud offering throughout North America. US Signal’s new SD-WAN, powered by Cato Networks, is touted as delivering improved speed and network connectivity in order to provide a competitive advantage. The technology can seamlessly connect multiple locations and networks in order to optimize application performance and alleviate congestion. It also includes a centralized management portal for configuring, maintaining and prioritizing critical applications and traffic to bolster the user experience. “US Signal is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that enable our customers to thrive in today’s competitive and rapidly changing business landscape,” said US Signal CEO Dan Watts. “Our new SD-WAN offering empowers our customers with unparalleled control over their network infrastructure, enabling their teams to enhance productivity, efficiency and flexibility.” ❐ For more information on US Signal, visit www. or stop by Kiosk 1 in the Expo Hall.

Learn more at Transit authorities. Sports venues. Smart cities and more. We bring connectivity to every business. Find out what we can do for yours. UNLOCK THE POWER OF AN INTERCONNECTED FUTURE

Corero Announces Partner-First Strategy Corero Network Security, the specialists in distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection solutions, unveiled its “partner-first” go-to-market strategy and enhanced partner program. Effective October 1, all new Corero business globally will be sold in collaboration with its channel partners. Previously, the majority of Corero new business is conducted with partners. The next stage in the go-to-market strategy will focus on investing in strategic partnerships and driving Corero’s growth plans through them. “Our partnerships play an integral role in our success, and we are committed to investing in these relationships,” said Tanya Alfonso, chief revenue officer at Corero Network Security. “Partners will enjoy high satisfaction and recurring revenue. Working hand in hand, we can accelerate the momentum we are seeing today.” Incorporating partner feedback, Corero’s revamped partner program includes: • Turnkey marketing campaigns for lead generation • Simplified two-tiered program with clear partner deal discounts • New partner portal with enhanced collaboration on leads and opportunities • Corero subject matter expert sales support “Strengthening our ties with our channel partners is not just a strategy, it’s a commitment to mutual growth and customer satisfaction, with our customers ultimately benefiting,” said Erik Britt-Webb, vice president of Strategic Alliances and Channel at Corero Network Security. Speaking on behalf of Netceed, one of Corero’s best channel partners, James DeCoe, senior vice president of Products, Procurement and Technology, said, “Netceed has a long-term relationship with Corero. They are among our most successful security partnerships. Their values and commitment to partnership are underscored by their strategy of only servicing customers through partners and the addition of their enhanced partner portal. Netceed is proud to continue our strong partnership together with Corero.” ❐ 12 THE INCOMPAS SHOW I OCTOBER 8 - 10, 2023 DAY 1 Arelion Launches PoP in San Luis Potosi, Opening a New Edge Market in Mexico Arelion last month announced a new Point-of-Presence (PoP) in San Luis Potosi, continuing the global Internet carrier’s ongoing expansion in Mexico to meet the connectivity needs of underserved edge markets. Arelion’s new PoP, located at Neutral Networks’ site, will provide wholesale and enterprise customers in the market’s thriving industrial sector with direct, local connectivity to Arelion’s low-latency, high-quality global network and ecosystem of cloud, content and security solutions, enabling further nearshoring investments in San Luis Potosi. San Luis Potosi is strategically located between Monterrey and Querétaro, two markets where Arelion already operates PoPs. By deploying a fully diverse, resilient connectivity hub in San Luis Potosi, Arelion prevents the latency and performance issues of backhauling traffic on long-distance legacy cables, providing reliable, high-availability connectivity services to wholesale and enterprise customers. San Luis Potosi’s industrial manufacturing sector is booming, with automotive, subassembly and electronics enterprises announcing nearshoring investments in the region, including BMW’s $868 million electric car plant and other investments by TECCO and Taxan. Experts estimate nearshoring will generate 700,000 jobs in Mexico by 2024 and add $50 billion to Mexico’s GDP over the next six years (MEXICONOW). With this new PoP, Arelion establishes itself as a reliable connectivity partner for global, multinational enterprises moving their operations to San Luis Potosi through nearshoring investments. Enterprises can now quickly connect their digital infrastructure in the booming industrial region through Arelion’s highquality global network and Tier-1 connectivity services. “Arelion’s new PoP in San Luis Potosi brings the resiliency and powerful connectivity services of a global Tier 1 Internet carrier into an underserved edge market,” said Edison De Leon, Arelion regional director Latam & Caribbean. “Amid nearshoring investments from automotive and industrial manufacturing enterprises, this PoP will provide high-quality, high-availability IP services to regional network operators while providing enterprises with high-capacity access to our full ecosystem of content, cloud and security services, driving further economic growth in San Luis Potosi’s thriving industrial parks.” Being in the center of the city of San Luis Potosí, it is easy for local fiber operators to access the range of services offered by Arelion so that wholesale and enterprise customers can rely on Arelion to connect their commercial and residential customers to business-critical services. The PoP is Arelion’s eighth PoP in Mexico and will be operational in late Q3 2023. Arelion’s other PoPs in Mexico include: • Two PoPs in Querétaro that serve Equinix’s MX1 and KIO Networks’ QRO sites • Two PoPs in Mexico City operating in KIO’s MEX2 and MEX5 data centers • One PoP in Mérida, located at AiTelecom’s data center • Two PoPs in Monterrey, serving Equinix’s MO1 site and Neutral Networks Pabellón M With the addition of this PoP in San Luis Potosi, Arelion provides customers in Mexico with enhanced access to Arelion’s number one ranked Internet backbone, AS1299, as well as Arelion’s portfolio of leading connectivity services, including high-speed IP Transit, Cloud Connect, Global 40G Ethernet Virtual Circuit (VC) and DDoS Mitigation services for service providers, content providers and enterprises. ❐ For more information about Arelion, go to or meet with them during the show.

high-performing network high-performing people Unique Midwest Routes Next-generation technology, High-capacity, low latency 400G transport connecting major Data Centers across 6 states Efficient 100GE/400GE service delivery using 400G wavelengths Enhanced fault isolation capability with per span OTDR for real time fiber event visibility internet - data - voice - video - more Great Plains Communications is one of the largest telecommunications, last mile, and middle mile providers in the Midwest. At the core of our service offering is an extensive 18,000 mile regional fiber network with community access rings, last mile, and middle mile solutions.

14 THE INCOMPAS SHOW I OCTOBER 8 - 10, 2023 DAY 1 Boldyn Networks Wins in Multiple Categories at the TMT M&A Awards USA 2023 WOW! Adds Minnesota Communities to Plans for Expanding Its All Fiber Network Boldyn Networks won big at the TMT M&A Awards USA 2023, taking home two awards, including the Wireless Deal of the Year for its acquisition of ZenFi Networks, and the Digital Infrastructure Growth Story award for its remarkable growth in 2023. Over 300 leading advisors, investors and deal makers attended the award dinner representing the digital infrastructure, telecoms, cloud and software sectors. The awards are the culmination of a yearlong strategy to expand, acquire, merge and re-launch multiple company brands across their global portfolio. The Wireless Deal of the Year recognizes the successful purchase and integration of New York City-based ZenFi Networks. Many judges note that the acquisition of the ZenFi infrastructure and network is the perfect complement to the existing and expanding footprint currently integrated throughout the New York City Subway system by the firm. Boldyn Networks now has a ubiquitous network available for New Yorkers across all five boroughs. Boldyn Networks also received accolades for the best Digital Infrastructure Growth Story. The company was awarded for its remarkable growth trajectory in 2023. It was noted that the scale and pace of growth are derived from both organic expansion and the strategic consolidation of four leading U.S. companies in the neutral host space. With the largest breadth of services, Boldyn Networks’ U.S. business has become the dominant partner of choice and most forward-looking neutral host provider in North America. The company is also behind massive connectivity projects in some of the world’s biggest cities including London, New York, San Francisco, Rome and Hong Kong. For Boldyn Networks, recent growth and expansion are the result of its commitment to provide customers across the Northern Hemisphere with an end-to-end neutral host network solution. “It was an honor to be shortlisted for not just one or two, but three awards. And to win Wireless Deal of the Year and best Digital Infrastructure Growth Story is just a great outcome. This reaffirms that we are taking the right steps in our growth strategy. As one Boldyn team, we have ambitious goals for our neutral host business globally with a laser focus on what we can do in the US. And we are thankful to the TMT M&A Awards USA for recognizing our efforts,” said Boldyn Networks Group CEO Igor Leprince. “We’re very proud of our extraordinary expansion around the globe and milestone projects in very challenging environments in the past year.” ❐ For more information on Platinum Sponsor Boldyn Networks, go to or meet with representatives at the show. WOW! Internet, TV & Phone, a leading broadband services provider, announced its entrance into Minnesota where it will begin construction of its fast, reliable, all-IP fiber network in Anoka and Ramsey Counties over the coming months. The company expects to add more than 85,000 new homes in Minnesota, increasing the number of targeted homes passed as part of the Greenfield expansion initiative to a total of 345,000 homes passed, reflecting progress toward the company’s goal of reaching 400,000 new homes by 2027 and increasing its footprint by 21%. WOW!’s expansion into Minnesota builds off the company’s announcement earlier this month to bring its services to new communities in Michigan. These new service area expansions are part of the company’s larger Greenfield initiative, with new build-outs underway in Central Florida and Greenville County, South Carolina, and early indicators pointing to impressive growth and penetration in Central Florida communities where WOW!’s service is now available. The Minnesota communities that will benefit from WOW!’s all-fiber network expansion include Andover, Anoka, Centerville, Circle Pines, Coon Rapids, Lexington, Lino Lakes, Ramsey, Roseville, Shoreview and White Bear Lake. WOW! has begun preliminary work in these areas to bring its stateof-the-art services and exceptional customer service to community members seeking more flexible and reliable broadband access. “On the heels of our new Central Florida and South Carolina market expansions, and construction to expand our services in Michigan, our move into Minnesota extends WOW!’s footprint,” said Teresa Elder, CEO of WOW!. “With our unwavering dedication to providing outstanding customer service and giving back to the communities we serve; we look forward to offering businesses and residents in these areas more options for their broadband needs.” Once services are launched, these communities will experience WOW!’s allfiber network and can subscribe to fiber services, including residential symmetrical Internet speeds up to 5 Gbps. Subscribers will receive the necessary equipment upfront to get started on WOW!’s reliable, high-speed network along with WiFi at no extra cost, unlimited data, and no annual contracts. Among its suite of products, WOW! will also offer YouTube TV, reliable home phone plans, WOW! mobile powered by Reach, and flexible, comprehensive solutions for businesses. ❐ For more information about WOW! Wholesale, go to or meet with them at in the Edison Meeting Room.