The technology landscape has had many ebbs and flows over the years, and Powernet, a full-service tech provider, has lived through every evolution along the way. Despite origins in the telecommunications sector, Powernet has taken its portfolio beyond this area, offering managed Wi-Fi, cell signal boosters and other products to help its partners better support their clients in full. So where does Powernet’s biggest potential lie? “At the moment, we’re seeing tremendous growth on the cell booster and public safety booster side of things,” commented Brian Lammers, senior sales consultant manager. “From a cell booster standpoint, we’ve been introduced to a wide range of clients. Partners have connected us with everyone from a 15-person business that’s looking to boost a single carrier, up to a nearly million square-foot automobile manufacturer that’s looking to have a multi-carrier solution. We’ve made a lot of headway, and it’s been a nice addition to our service lineup, as well as paychecks for our partners on that side.” Powernet continues to share its experiences with partners in the channel as they work to grow together. Organizations, for example, are frequently turning toward Wi-Fi coverage despite either (a) not having the past need or (b) facing inadequate coverage. Wi-Fi deployments have continued to be an area of focus for Powernet. Staying true to its roots, Powernet has witnessed growth in the call center industry, whether through its Genesys bring-your-own-carrier solution or simple termination on the voice side of things. The point is that Powernet is well-equipped to help organizations manage these various challenges. “A lot of times, a partner will make an introduction, and they’ve got a single need or a pain point,” continued Lammers. “We help them solve that initial struggle, then begin to have broader discussions around their overall technology vision.” Another area of focus for 2022 has been the effort to bring on Microsoft Teams with direct routing. This focus by the Powernet product development, provisioning and implementation teams is designed specifically to give customers access to tools and voice services, serving to enhance collaboration and alleviate common supply chain issues when searching for hosted phones. “We anticipate pairing it with our Genesys offering,” said Lammers. “Many businesses that have a call center also have regular employees that need something like Microsoft Teams for collaboration. So we can implement both into a particular environment and really make it work well together so that they can move their mission forward.” For Powernet, its channel commitments have been key. By focusing on education, engagement and adapting its products, the company has remained competitive and committed to the channel. “We’re really not interested in being a vendor,” said the executive. “We’re here to be a consultative partner to help them drive their mission forward.” What, then, sets Powernet apart? “It comes down to the people,” said Lammers. “We have very little turnover at Powernet. We have committed teammates with a great deal of experience in marketing, sales and engineering – collectively driven to do right by our channel partners and clients. Customers have never had more choices. There’s a lot of vendors and a number of solutions out there. You can get products and services from just about anybody. Powernet must separate itself on relationship to continue to grow.” And that separation comes from the level of service that Powernet provides. “It’s all about building that trust,” said Lammers. o To reach Powernet and gain access to further information and resources, visit, email or call (844) 725-4606. Or feel free to reach out to Nolan or Jason (Channel Management team), Penny or Brian. PROFILE Powernet Delivers Full-Service Tech Portfolio to Help Partners Thrive CORE COMMUNICATIONS By Brady Hicks 78 CHANNELV ISION | MARCH - APRIL 2022 Powernet’s Brian Lammers