The warning signs are all around you. Seemingly every week, a high-profile hack lifts sensitive customer data from a company and advertises it on the dark web, potentially exposing personal finances and bringing professional operations to a grinding halt. While Telesystem originated as a regional fiber provider, its 2022 acquisition of Threat Protector signifies an evolving shift toward managed technology solutions with cybersecurity at the center of its value proposition. “Every organization’s number one priority should be cybersecurity, especially surrounding the training of their employees on what to look for and how to spot a potential threat,” said Telesystem director of business development, Robert Martin. “There’s a reason why 92 percent of data breaches are caused by employee error. Most employees make poor security decisions because they’re not being properly educated on how to identify potential cyberthreats.” Employees are a company’s first line of defense, he continued. “Educating and holding them accountable to security policies can go a long way toward ensuring the safety and longterm viability of the company and its data. All it takes is one busy employee clicking the wrong link in an email to inadvertently put the entire organization at risk. It happens at all levels of the org chart.” That’s where ThreatProtector by Telesystem comes into play. Telesystem’s Security Awareness Training provides an educational cornerstone for organizations looking to begin or reinforce cybersecurity processes and improve postures. The program provides access to resources such as dark web monitoring, phishing simulations and yearly NIST security audits to promote employee understanding of risks and best practices. When planning for the safety of a business and its employees, numerous factors must be considered. “How are employees securing their online accounts and passwords? Do they have adequate security or are they leaving the doors wide open with weak passwords and security settings?” Martin said, while discussing Telesystem’s cybersecurity portfolio. “Cybersecurity protection for businesses is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it’s a must-have. Without it, it poses a risk not only to the company itself but to many others they’re connected to.” With ThreatProtector solutions, Telesystem creates a culture of security for organizations by continuously monitoring and educating employees and their interactions to ensure businesses stay connected and protected. Telesystem is committed to spreading that message through a series of Cybersecurity Summits across the country. In April, Telesystem’s #HackersSuck Cybersecurity Summit made its debut in Phoenix. The summits, open to in-person and virtual attendees, also will take place in Philadelphia (August 1–2) and Charlotte (September 12–13) to provide unique educational opportunities for both partners and end users to learn more about planning for, preventing, managing and recovering from cyberattacks. Each summit will offer a different focus, centered around a comprehensive analysis of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities with which businesses are most commonly targeted. Telesystem also will express its gratitude to the local communities that have embraced their summits by giving back through charitable donations. In Phoenix, Telesystem teamed up with AZ Cyber, a nonprofit organization that helps raise scholarship funds for high school students to pursue careers in cybersecurity and related IT fields. The campaign saw Telesystem raise more than $5,000 during the two-day period. “At Telesystem, our core belief is that success is earned through serving others; we’re charity-minded,” said Martin. “It’s front and center for our organization to give back to the communities we serve.” Moving forward, Telesystem’s targets wi l l be in the SME to mid-market, domestically based business landscape large enough to have complex IT needs, but not so large that they don’t value the managed solution. “Agents tend to put us in the same bucket as the bandwidth aggregators, but that really doesn’t define us well at all,” smiled Martin. “We’re not just putting items on a bill and sending it over. We’re taking an inside-out approach to the customer’s technology stack, understanding their business as a partner and building a long-term relationship centered around trust. We live by the mantra that IT is ‘About Trust!’” o For more info on Telesystem, visit Telesystem Tech, Services Target Cybersecurity Posture CYBER PATROL By Brady Hicks Telesystem’s Robert Martin 52 CHANNELV ISION | MARCH - APRIL 2023