The need for cybersecurity is all around us. Every day, ordinary people (and the organizations for which they work) fall victim to scams and attacks that can topple businesses from underneath. And, sadly, it’s not always the largest enterprises that fall victim. Many times, businesses with smaller budgets and fewer resources are more attractive targets. CORO Cybersecurity addresses this issue differently. The company provides a platform that covers virtually every aspect – from a cybersecurity scope – that a small or midmarket business may need. “Most of the cybersecurity industry is about specialization in a very specific domain,” said Dror Liwer, CORO’s co-founder and chief marketing officer. “We went in a different direction. We cover users, their devices, network, cloud services and email in one unified platform.” Armed with this differentiator, CORO focuses not on direct sales so much as specifically supporting its dedicated roster of partners. Through the channel, it can embolden them with significant opportunity to make money in a field, cybersecurity, that is likely beyond their specialized realm. CORO operates as what Liwer calls a “partner-friendly organization.” The company does not actively solicit new affiliates, relying instead on its unique proposition to attract potential allies. “In the channel, it’s difficult to sell a true cybersecurity platform to a midmarket or small business, especially one that’s financially viable for the channel partner, MSP or VAR,” said Liwer. “The costs are too high. Most can’t afford it. By reducing the platform price for the partner – and lowering operational costs – it makes it easier to sell and make significant margins. It’s all about our main message – bringing simplicity and making it unified and cost effective.” CORO can cater to partners that are not security centric, helping them sell cybersecurity to their customers, regardless of size. With this AI-based, self-running platform, the MSP forgoes the need for a dedicated cybersecurity team. All aspects of event monitoring and remediation are handled by CORO’s machines. This helps to make any partner a cybersecurity-enabled one. In particular, the CORO platform streamlines complex cybersecurity processes, doing so in a cost-effective manner that features automation to reduce manual efforts. These tenets are what set the company apart. “If they’re not experienced, we basically provide them MSSP-in-abox,” said Liwer. “On day one, they can sell to customers with minimal training. Even if they don’t have a cybersecurity team, they can still offer the service. And if they’re still uncomfortable with that, we can let them outsource it to our SOC in Austin for a completely, transparently, white-labeled experience. “It’s all so important,” he continued. “Simplicity helps our partners because they don’t have time to deal with complex systems. The system does the work on your behalf. You just need to monitor it.” This unique CORO approach has led to tremendous growth for the stillyoung company. Despite being around since only 2014, it has experienced 300 percent, year-over-year growth for four straight years and counting. And as CORO moves forward, it believes that it has struck the proper balance between simplification and cost efficiency to help its channel partners excel at the highest level. “We’re so excited about our prospects for this year,” said Liwer. “Despite a tough couple of years for the world, financially, we continue to grow. We’re aggressive, and, with that, excited because we see the impact we have on our partners and their ability to grow. We can help them generate new revenue streams and sell a coveted solution into a market that’s in dire need. So, we’re really excited about the growth that we’re seeing in the channel and our own ability to help partners to make more money as well. It’s so vital.” o For more information on CORO and its options for all-in-one cybersecurity coverage, visit CORO’s Channel Program Facilitates Cybersecurity for All CYBER PATROL By Brady Hicks Dror Liwer, CORO’s co-founder and CMO 54 CHANNELV ISION | MARCH - APRIL 2023