NHC’s Partners & Their Customers Are Priority One Integrity isn’t just a hackneyed word to us. customers and good compensation – they get both because we treat their customers like our own. For 20 years, we’ve worked to provide the best experience for both partners and their customers. If our partners succeed, we succeed. Need proof? Ask a partner. Kevin Zimmerman TCG VP National Sales TCG is a National Master Agency based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL in business for 30 years. TCG has over 4000 nationwide agents and 19 channel managers across the country. “No greater example of the success that NHC has with TCG than the REPEAT business NHC continues to get from our agents. NHC is the only provider where our agents have fostered long term relationships not only with sales support teams but also NHC Project Managers. We simply don’t see that with other providers. In fact, I’ve heard our partners say we just send everything to NHC, thank you for introducing them to us. Our industry is tough, stuff happens but NHC makes things right. The NHC team is outstanding at resolving both implementation and repair issues. It’s done with complete transparency and constant updates. Every customer receives escalation lists with direct contact to all departments and the personal cell phone numbers of top management. The way that NHC does business makes it easy for me to evangelize its message.” Is it time for you to work with a partner you can trust? Scan here to watch how we STACK™! | @stackNHC YEARS THE Communications STACK ProviderTM