VSA Award Winners 2019

2019 Visionary spotlight awards | Channel Vision packets traveling between the customer’s site and the nexVortex Network and Hosted Voice platform over multiple wired ISPs. “mHV with LTE was developed because there are a large number of businesses which only have a single choice for a wired ISP (think tire stores, dollar stores, barbershops),” the company said. “If these customers lost that ISP, both their voice and data services are down. That means no point of sale and no way to communicate with customers. Our mHV with LTE allows a wireless LTE data service to be used as the second ISP but only when needed, and that is where the innovation comes in. We deliver the service complete with the edge device, LTE modem and LTE data service.” This service is completely turnkey. The premises equipment, including the LTE modem and data service, are all provided by nexVortex. The solution is provided with multiple SIM cards (from different carriers) so that if AT&T has the strongest signal in one building, but Verizon or Sprint has the stronger signal in a different building, the customer gets the best performance possible. The company also has taken measures to protect the customer’s data plan by building in a level of monitoring and intelligent escalation that only uses LTE when it is absolutely needed. Broadvoice , LG , Telesystem , vMOX , Vonage , NetCarrier and Choice Business Connections all received “Top Innovation Awards for 2019.” Broadvoice is generating a considerable amount of buzz from its b-hive solution, a UCaaS and virtual call center plat- form delivering cloud communications to SMBs nationwide. The platform is connected to Broad- voice’s secure, redundant network and hosting infrastructure, en- abling SMBs to connect with customers securely any- time, anywhere and with any device. As a virtual call center, b-hive offers built-in features for call management, operational supervision and analyt- ics and takes advantage of advances in network technology such as SD- WAN and cybersecurity to provide a feature-rich, future-proof and fail-safe communications solution. When bundled with Broadvoice’s SD-WAN edge device options, Broadvoice is also able to ensure QoS at a price point that aligns with SMB budgets. LG was recognized for its Transpar- ent Color LED, an adhesive film offering eye-catching digital content and information. The versatile LED film offers more than 1,000 nits of brightness while maintaining a high transparency that brings content and information to life. At just 1.5mm, the 24mm pixel pitch display can be installed on most glass surfaces using its self-adhesive transparent film, making it easy to install with minimal construction required. As a result, the LG Transparent Color LED film is ideal for indoor and window-facing areas with large glass surfaces such as retail storefront windows. The flexible display also works on curved surfaces (supporting up to 1,100R concave) and in parallel to the bezel, can be cut to size, converting areas of ordinary glass into state-of-the-art, colorful digital signage. Telesystem was honored for its Secure SD-WAN solution, which provides multiple layers of security to protect against internet and branch cyberthreats. Secure SD-WAN allows you to take a variety of transport types and make them a part of a common, encrypted network, all managed by software. Telesystem’s solution also features software-based security functions, including stateful and next-generation firewalls, malware protection, URL and content filtering, IPS and anti-virus, DDoS and VPN/next-generation VPN. With Telesystem Secure SD-WAN, customers can take advantage of a variety of transport options such as broadband, dedicated internet access (DIA) or 4G LTE wireless, instead of relying solely on expensive, private MPLS connections. Top Innovation Award Overall Excellence Awards: