L Z OO 2023 WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 DAY 1 DAY 2 Just the word “palooza” connotes a lot of “exaggerated fun.” So, as the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) – Broadband without Boundaries – meets this week in Las Vegas, sponsors, vendors, attendees expect a rousing good time. With the bonus Master Monday agenda completed, prepare yourself for the next three days of a rollicking schedule that is fitting for the “WISPAPALOOZA” name. “WISPA is working to demonstrate to members the big tent they have by being a member, and that the membership is truly diverse and evolving,” said Mike Wendy, WISPA Director of Communications. “The ethos of ‘use right-tool-for-job; runs universally throughout the membership – fiber, spectrum/ wireless, cable, satellite – these types of providers all are WISPs, revealing that WISPA and the industry are not monolithic players in the communications landscape.” This year’s event spices up presentations by using new motion graphics and video-wall presentations stationed throughout the event. “Some of this will also carry into the awards ceremonies and general session (Continued on page 4) WISPAPALOOZA Has Full Agenda By Bruce Christian WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023

Visit American Tower at Booth #431 to make your own T-shirt!* Thrive With Our Towers, Teams, and Tools Resources for WISPs Stop By Booth #431 Available during afternoon exhibit hall hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. Select Your Size Small through 4XL available, quantities are limited. Choose Your Design We’ll press it on your T-shirt in seconds. Show It Off If you’re spotted in your T-shirt on the show floor, you may win a prize! *One T-shirt per visitor. First come, first serve. Priority options go to WISP operators, the remaining will be made available to vendors and exhibitors. Only available during WISPAPALOOZA 2023 afternoon exhibit hall hours on Tuesday, October 10 and Wednesday, October 11. © 2023 ATC TRS V LLC. All rights reserved. 1 2 3 4

4 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 DAY 1 L Z OO 2023 (Continued from page 1) presentations,” Wendy said, describing what to expect. Returning this year as the Premier Sponsor – after a couple years away – is Ubiquiti Networks. “Many are excited about them being back,” Wendy said. He added “WISPAPALOOZA 2023 is going to have some exciting keynotes – true pioneers and leaders in the internet ecosphere, including: George Finney, Michael Gorton and Peter Schultz.” • Finney is CISO at Well Aware Security and author of the best-seller Project Zero Trust: A Story about a Strategy for Aligning Security and the Business • Gorton is a five-time serial entrepreneur and visionary CEO who has created tens of billions of dollars. • Schultz is co-inventor of fiber optics used worldwide for telecommunications. He is an internationally recognized scientist and has received numerous awards for his technical achievements. Along with this stellar list of keynotes, Wendy said “some exciting announcements on new offerings, as well as on some innovative collaborations” will be made throughout WISPAPALOOZA 2023. Today’s events begin at 8 the Event Center at the Horseshoe with the traditional breakfast opening session. At 11:30 a.m. in the same location, the WISPA Awards Luncheon will take place, and then the fun begins with the opening of Exhibit Hall from 12:30 to 3 p.m. in the Paris Ballroom. This also is the location from 5 to 7 p.m. for the Welcome Reception. For information on the complete agenda, refer to the WISPAPALOOZA Show Guide. If the palooza gets to you, and you need a break, Wendy said the Member Lounge is “a nice little perk for WISPA members to step away from the bustle of the convention, and quietly chat with other members and business associates.” Expect the next three days to be informative, educational and to receive a lot of “asks” for supporting the WISPA goals and objectives. One major focus remains on the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program that provides $42.45 billion to expand high-speed internet access. Wendy explained, “As BEAD comes online in the states, efforts there to work with state broadband offices and other important stakeholders will occupy much of WISPA’s advocacy efforts and focus the next couple of years. “WISPA will be working to ensure states have the most flexibility to employ the right tool for the job, bringing in more solution providers to the table to get the unserved connected,” he continued. “BEAD process matters will also play prominently – like working to get waivers for such things as the Letter of Credit requirement, which keep small players, no matter if they provide fiber or wireless solutions, out of the picture.” So, sit back, listen, get involved and get your palooza on for what is expected to be a dizzying and satisfying experience. m Peter Schultz. Michael Gorton George Finney Team Cymru Launches Pure Signal Scout Team Cymru, a leader in external threat intelligence and digital risk management solutions, has launched Pure Signal Scout, a fast tool for external threat hunting and malicious infrastructure analysis. Scout is designed to address the need for real time visibility of threat actors’ own infrastructure and to overcome the high maturity barrier of entry for sophisticated threat intelligence tools. Historically, top-tier threat hunting tools that leverage external threat telemetry were only within the exclusive grasp of elite analysts in Fortune 50 organizations, which prevented many organizations from leveraging the threat data they needed to transform from reactive, to proactive defense. Scout’s democratization of ease of use brings critical capabilities within reach of a broader spectrum of organizations and stakeholders. Scout’s significance is underscored by an analysis of the MITRE ATT&CK model, which informs that roughly 35 percent of the model pertains to attacker activities occurring outside the network. Without tools like Scout, organizations effectively are blind to this external activity, which encompasses vital stages of cyber-attacks, from reconnaissance to command and control operations. The trademarked Scout enables analysts to see these previously unseen activities, arming organizations with the insights necessary to identify and counteract otherwise overlooked threats. Scout shifts this dynamic by offering four distinctive capabilities: • Unmatched Visibility – With direct access to Team Cymru’s Pure Signal, Scout enables analysts to gain visibility of cyber adversary infrastructure and network activity before, during, and after a cyber-attack. • Simplified, User-Friendly Experience – Scout simplifies threat hunting process with an intuitive interface and API integration, enabling analysts to speed up research and investigation processes. • Cloud-Based Convenience for Speed – As a cloud-based platform, Scout eliminates the need to deploy multiple data services and solutions, saving users time by eliminating the need to create custom scripts to amalgamate disparate threat feeds and data sources. • Broad Integration Possibilities – Scout’s API integration allows for diverse use cases, accelerating and enhancing threat actor tracking, incident response, and breach signal monitoring. Make your WISPA Cybersecurity ready with Team Cymru Community Services at no-cost and be an “Internet Hero.” Visit Team Cymru at Booth 200. If you are running a SOC Team or a SecOps/DevOps/NetOps, visit Team Cymru to take advantage of its commercial solution, Scout Base, offered with a special introductory price. m

SeeChange: Accelerating Homes Connected The game changing SeeChange® Access Terminal and precisely designed hardened connectors speed the final connection through: • Simplifying inventory complexity • Speeding your installation • Cutting network design time Utilizing SeeChange MPO and SC/APC pre-connectorized and hardened connectors, our drop and express approach is straightforward to understand and easy to engineer and design. Clearfield® innovations make designing 100% plug-and-play fiber networks faster than ever before - helping you achieve your fiber connection goals. Ask Clearfield to show you how. Enabling the Lifestyle that Better Broadband Provides Technologies that speed your fiber broadband buildout. Learn how to simplify your deployments at or call 800-422-2537

6 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 DAY 1 L Z OO 2023 Clearfield Inc., a leader in community broadband fiber connectivity, has released ClearPass Dust Cap. Clearfield’s patented, integrated solution helps operators ensure the fiber end face has a clean, dust-free connection surface. With a 92 percent cleaning effectiveness rate when used on a Clearfield terminated product, the ClearPass Dust Cap adds to the Clearfield Labor Lite solution set, delivering a simple-to-use, integrated cleaning tool that improves network turnup, reliability and first pass yield – a critical key performance indicator maintained by fiber providers. “At Clearfield, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality products, enabling networks to run to their maximum potential while reducing the cost of deployment and ensuring deployment with minimal training,” said Kevin Morgan, chief marketing officer at Clearfield. “The next five years will be crucial for our industry, and we want our customers to be ready to deploy with innovative, comprehensive fiber connectivity solutions that have an immediate and long-lasting impact on their ability to succeed.” Left unchecked, minute particles of dust can cause permanent damage to networks, blocking fiber transmission signals, pockmarking end faces and causing reflection. These issues often result in additional deployment costs and service disruption. Many engineers cite the lack of a clean end face as a key factor impacting network deployment success. Given the reality of deploying equipment throughout the outside plant, dust and dirt is everywhere. Having a ready-to-use solution designed to create a smooth, clean connection is critical to getting fiber broadband services up and working correctly right away. The ClearPass Dust Cap simplified cleaning method began appearing in March on all applicable Clearfield jumpers. The ClearPass Dust Cap is available for all SC, FC and ST connectors with 2.5mm ferrules, and it is Clearfield’s latest innovation in fiber connector cleaning technology, purpose-built to streamline its customers’ ability to move through all stages of network deployment from planning, to provisioning to service activation. “As states begin to develop their plans to distribute NTIA BEAD grant allocations, network operators can leverage Clearfield’s solutions to quickly meet deadlines and expand network footprint all while playing a critical role in helping expand fiber broadband, taking us one step closer to closing the digital equity gap,” Morgan said. m The solution will be featured at Clearfield’s booth 352. Clearfield Releases ClearPass Dust Cap Baicells Technologies, a LTE and 5G NR vendor in the development of turnkey wireless network solutions for the WISP community, is showcasing a new fiber-based product line of OLT and ONTs at WISPAPALOOZA. The Dallas-based network vendor launched in North America in 2015 and brought innovative and cost-effective LTE solutions to help WISPs solve NLOS last mile deployment challenges across all kinds of rural and remote environments. As a result, Baicells can count more than 500 commercial networks in operation across the United States today. Building on that national presence, Baicells is introducing a new fiber product portfolio that will offer a competitive blend of functionality at highly competitive price points. WISPs and enterprises can look to Baicells to help integrate the domains of their fiber network with their wireless infrastructure, offering operational flexibility for better managing their business while securing new service opportunities with residents or enterprises. New products include a low-profile OLT (Optical Line Terminal) supporting a variety of multiple PON (Passive Optical Network) interfaces such as: XGS-PON, XG-PON, NG-PON2, GPON, EPON, in the same lowcost chassis, with the uplink/trunk capacity to the network up to 100 Gbps. The OLT can be bundled with an indoor or outdoor ONT (Optical Network Terminal), also available from Baicells, to help deliver these new, very high speed, connectivity services to the end user or network elements like a small cells. Included are an Indoor ONT, Outdoor ONT, and an Enterprise focused ONT (Optical Network Terminal) devices that offer multiple user side access interfaces for support of WiFi, GE, 10 GE, USB, and Voice (POTS), ideal for residential or enterprise applications. Backhauling to the network core, flexible support for XGSPON, XG-PON, 10G EPON, GPON, and EPON interfaces are all options. As a result, these new OLT and ONT platforms can be deployed in several brownfield or greenfield environments to help WISPs, enterprises, and communities remain connected with the latest technology. Baicells will continue the tradition of democratizing cutting-edge network solutions and making them available to service providers of all types so they can quickly expand their service footprints and build new revenue opportunities. For a smoother introduction, Baicells fiber products can be integrated into existing operations, administration, and management (OAM) platforms of service providers. Baicells recognizes the ongoing network evolution and today’s need for building hybrid networks that can be easily tailored to the environments and communities they serve. WISPAPALOOZA attendees can visit Baicells booth 349 to view the company’s new fiber products. These OLT and ONT products are already available for beta testing with a target release scheduled for December 2023. Baicells plans to continue expanding this product line to include MoCA solutions in Q1 2024. m To learn more about Baicells fiber products, and take technical deep dive into the products, contact to set up a meeting. Baicells Showcases New Fiber Product Portfolio for WISPs

8 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 DAY 1 L Z OO 2023 Finally, a product that allows you to maximize your network, while maximizing your profits. A product that shows what the issues and more importantly a set of techniques to resolve the issues, which gives you full control of your network. Today’s ISP’s face greater challenges to deliver higher speeds and be more efficient with data packet delivery. ISP’s are tasked with raising the quality of the experience for the end users as well. In an era characterized by increasing digital interconnectivity, the demand for network solutions that offer more than a basic connection has never been greater. With each new generation of packet delivery technologies ushering in more advanced capabilities, ISPs find themselves engaged in a battle to uphold robust network infrastructures and evaluate capacity to ensure all customers experience a superior connectivity experience. Amid these evolving data delivery challenges, Paraqum Wi-Di stands as a solution designed to address the intricate challenges faced by wireless internet service providers (WISPs), fiber service providers (FISPs), LTE, cable, and DSL, operators and carriers on a global scale. With a repository of features and services, Paraqum Wi-Di empowers ISPs to enhance network efficiency, elevate the QoE for users, diagnose issues faster, report on network health, visualize networks in new ways and streamline network traffic management to bridge the gap between escalating connectivity demands and sustainable network performance. Paraqum Technologies’ strengths set it apart from the competition in the crowded field of network management solutions. Not only has it been building a product from the ground up perfectly tailored to help all, Paraqum has been working on improving networks worldwide with its software. Paraqum is not new to the industry. Its products have been tried and tested on small ISP’s to large carrier networks. For example, its Wi-Di brings you a feature set that’s perfectly in tune with the needs of modern ISPs and network administrators. The company is redefining what it means to be a QOE product with Paraqum Wi-Di. This means is is not just an AQM product, it is a product that incorporates AQM, QOE, QOS, traffic shaping, network visualization on a new level, network analysis and network reporting. Features of Paraqum Wi-Di: • Advanced Queue Management – With Wi-Di, the level of control is simply unmatched. You can create hierarchies for your network queues, ensuring critical traffic gets the priority it deserves, while less important traffic is appropriately managed. • Advanced DPI Control – Paraqum has an extensive DPI signature library, or you can take control of your network by creating custom categories based on deep packet inspection (DPI) signatures. Wi-Di empowers you to shape your network precisely as you envision it. • Quality Parameters – Paraqum product doesn’t stop at providing control; it offers valuable insights into your network’s performance. Track retransmission statistics, network latency, and packet losses to ensure the highest quality of service for your users. • Network Diagnostics – Don’t let the lack of visibility be the reason for poor network performance. Wi-Di equips you with the tools to diagnose and troubleshoot issues quickly, ensuring your network runs smoothly. • Core Features – Wi-Di boasts unique features like multilevel shaping and bursting, analytics and reports, and rule statistics. These tools give you a comprehensive view of your network, enabling you to make datadriven decisions. Apart from this, Paraqum Wi-Di Lite represents the community edition of the comprehensive Paraqum Wi-Di model. As a testament to its commitment to the industry, the company offers Paraqum Wi-Di Lite free to ISPs with fewer than 1,000 subscribers. This means no matter what your budget Paraqum has a product for you. Paraqum’s primary objective is to emphasize the importance of bandwidth optimization in delivering an elevated quality of experience to a wider subscriber base. With Paraqum Wi-Di solutions, the future of network management is within reach, offering a comprehensive solution to propel WISPs into an era of seamless and efficient network operations. Join us on the journey to redefine your network. At Paraqum, it has improved the ways to find data and navigate the interface. It doesn’t matter how much data you have if you can’t find what you are looking for. Paraqum understands this and is making more efficient ways to dissect the data it has available for you. As a next level feature in network monitoring, Paraqum has launched SNMP live network mapping and monitoring, which provides you a single pain with the ability to build and visualize your network on a map where you can monitor device bandwidths and status in real time. m To learn more about all that is going on at Paraqum Technologies, visit booth 149. Paraqum Wi-Di Gives ISPs Control Belden Inc. and its PPC Broadband brand (PPC) are industry leaders in connectivity solutions for broadband and wireless applications. Backed by Belden’s long legacy of manufacturing excellence, expertise and innovation, the PPC brand is announcing a featured display of its fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) outdoor jumpers at the 2023 WISPAPALOOZA exposition in booth 408. The FTTA cable assemblies are designed for wireless radio connections or other environmentally challenging applications. Built with precision and in accordance with Telcordia standards, the FTTA jumpers are designed to exceed industry expectations. The outdoor wireless cable features LC/ UPC connectors for high-quality optical performance and long-term durability, with each cable engineered using low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) materials to prioritize safety and environmental responsibility. The FTTA jumpers are the latest entry in PPC’s growing wireless solutions portfolio. They are one of many cable assemblies available from PPC, along with a range of integrated cabinet solutions, indoor and outdoor category cable, category assemblies and connectors, and outside plant enclosures. This portfolio of solutions encompasses fiber and copper product categories, enabling Belden and its PPC brand to support customers regardless of network design, component needs, and future plans. Whether for a next generation wireless application or a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) architecture, PPC is positioned to support wireless service providers throughout North America. m Belden’s PPC Highlights FTTA Outdoor Jumpers

10 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 DAY 1 L Z OO 2023 A10 has released appliance and licensing options for Thunder CGN using ACOS 6.0.2 software that enable WISPs and regional ISPs to deploy carrier-grade networking at an affordable budget, minimize initial capital investment, reduce investment risk from acquiring additional IPv4 address space and invest incrementally as they build out their networks. The software release and options increase flexibility of software-only licenses, add new hardware from Dell Technologies (powered by A10) and improve the performance and functionality of the full line of A10 hardware appliances. • Getting Started – Subscriber Licensing. A software-only, subscriber license bundle for Thunder CGN, with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and unlimited throughput is now available. This unique option is especially valuable for WISPs or other regional ISPs that are extending service to new or underserved communities where the subscriber take-up rate is highly uncertain. The Thunder CGN license is available in 1,000 or 10,000 subscriber increments and in one- to five-year terms and runs on ISP-provided hardware servers. • A10 Powered by Dell Next Generation Launch • A10 Thunder CGN software and purposebuilt Dell Technologies hardware • A10 Thunder CGN Multi-tenant Virtual Platform (MVP) on Dell Technologies hardware – Advanced platform enabling multiple virtual instances or services on a single platform – Scalability for growth and workload spikes – Improve high availability and redundancy • Lower cost 100G option interface • Flexible bandwidth tiers starting 50Gbps to 200 Gbps to scale with your business growth. • Updated A10 Thunder Appliances. The full range of Thunder appliances are available with the latest ACOS 6.0.2 software release, at capacity starting at 10 Gbps. An appliance platform – Thunder 5960 provides 100 Gbps interface at a lower price per Gbps. Modular licensing is available on some models. Bare metal, virtual, and cloud-native options are also available. To grow the subscriber base, WISPs and other regional ISPs need an IP address assigned for every subscriber. Many do not have sufficient IPv4 addresses to extend their networks and cannot easily integrate readily available IPv6 addresses into their existing network architecture. Limited and minimal-cost IPv4 space is available from ARIN and other regional RIRs, but most ISPs must acquire the needed IPv4 address space through brokers. Prices for IPv4 address space on the open market are highly volatile – up to $60 in 2022 and dropping below $50 in early 2023. Using Thunder CGN, public IPv4 addresses are shared with multiple private IPv4 addresses – expanding the IPv4 capacity by thirty-two times or more while also providing the needed IPv4-IPv6 transition. The Thunder CGN solution minimizes or eliminates the need to acquire additional and costly IPv4 space. The business model for a high-growth WISP is often starkly different from a traditional, incumbent telco. High-growth WISPs may be looking at 10X – 50X expansion in the next few years – not the 3-5 percent growth traditionally expected. Subscriber take-up is often unknown, but business success depends on accurately aligning investment cost with revenue and offering a carrier-grade subscriber experience from the start. By deploying market proven A10 Thunder CGN, WISPs and other regional ISPs can minimize investment risk and provide a better subscriber experience. As the network grows, ISPs can transition to other software license models or Thunder appliances without changing operational functionality. Thunder CGN appliances and software models provide consistent functionality – all using proven ACOS software. All A10 Thunder CGN hardware appliances and software licenses provide highly resilient, high-performance CGNAT with protocol translation that allows regional ISPs to extend IPv4 investment while transitioning to IPv6 standards. Advanced features include: • Carrier Grade Network Translation (CGNAT) enables IPv4 addresses to be shared by multiple endpoints, minimizing the need to acquire costly IPv4 address space. For example, 10,000 additional subscribers could cost as much as $600,000 for IPv4 addresses if acquired through third-party markets. • IPv4-IPv6 transition options, such as DSLite, 6rd, Lw4o6, NAT64/DNS64 and MAP-T/MAP-E and others • Application layer gateway for sensitive applications and advanced logging features for law enforcement inquiries ensures service continuity for all subscribers and regulatory compliance. • Internal DDoS protection maintains availability of IPv4 address pools during DDoS attacks with seamless failover to available IP pools. The A10 portfolio for regional ISPs includes Thunder CGN, Thunder TPS, and Thunder ADC, with flexible deployment, form factor and price options for rapidly expanding broadband networks. m For more information, visit A10 Networks at WISPAPALOOZA at booth 330 or go to www. rural-broadband/ Sonar, a market leader in internet service provider (ISP) billing and operational systems, announced its embedded payments solution, sonarPay. This release is a part of Sonar’s investment in providing better tools to help ISPs become more competitive, specifically through an integrated payments experience. sonarPay is different from standalone or “loosely” integrated credit card processing, as it is built on a foundation that allows for enhanced capabilities directly available to Sonar customers without the friction of having to juggle between different platforms or systems to handle payments and billing-related tasks. With sonarPay you get payments, reporting, reconciliation and customer service native to Sonar’s billing platform all supported under one roof. Collect payments directly from your subscribers and get paid faster with sonarPay. Run transactions and common tasks more efficiently with less steps by using the fully integrated payments solution. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and embrace a seamless payments solution that empowers you to focus on what you do best – serving your customers. Get paid faster – Run transactions and common tasks more efficiently with fewer steps. Easier reconciliation – Real-time reporting for reconciliation between payments, accounting and your bank. One interface – Accept credit cards and ACH payments through one integrated interface. Smart reporting – Multi-MID functionality. Settle funds from multiple entities with one reporting tool m Visit Booth 446 & 448 to talk with the Sonar team and learn more about sonarPay! Sonar Software Introduces sonarPay A10 Networks Expands Thunder CGN Solutions

Come visit our team at booth 223. We make interconnection easy. Anywhere. DE-CIX: Peering, Cloud Connectivity and Private Interconnection FIND OUT MORE 7 DE-CIX IXs 500+ Network connections 70+ Served data centers

12 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 DAY 1 L Z OO 2023 Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth states that a high-end user’s connection speed grows by 50 percent per year. In looking at data from 1983 to 2023, it’s remarkable how closely the actual data fits the annualized growth stated by this law. Even with minor yearly variations, Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth has held true throughout a 40-year period. What does this mean for broadband network planning? It means a greater emphasis on network scalability, flexibility and agility. Software-based (or virtual) networks are designed for greater scalability and flexibility. This makes them ideal to deliver future-proof bandwidth speeds and capacities. And when WISPs begin to virtualize their networks, one of the first network functions they look to virtualize are broadband network gateways (BNGs). Virtual BNGs aggregate traffic from many subscribers and route it to the network of the service provider, performing subscriber management functions such as authentication, authorization and accounting of subscriber sessions. Once connected, a subscriber can access the broadband services delivered by their provider. vBNGs play a crucial role in ensuring optimal network performance. They act as a bridge between the service provider’s network and the subscriber’s devices, facilitating seamless connectivity and delivering high-speed internet services. The performance of vBNGs directly impacts overall network efficiency and the end-user experience. A high-performance vBNG can ensure lowlatency and high-speed internet services. On the other hand, poor performance can lead to network congestion, service degradation and dissatisfied customers. One key aspect of vBNG’s role in network performance is its ability to manage subscriber sessions efficiently. With an increasing number of connected devices and the growing demand for bandwidthintensive applications, vBNG plays a critical role in ensuring smooth and uninterrupted connectivity for end-users. By establishing and managing sessions between subscriber devices and the network, vBNG enables WISPs to allocate resources effectively and to prioritize traffic based on predefined policies. Given the importance of high-performing vBNGs, Intel and netElastic are working together to raise the bar on vBNG performance. In recent tests conducted by Intel, netElastic vBNG reached one terabit of throughput on a 2 RU server powered by 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. This is a new level of performance for vBNGs. While not all WISPs may need one terabit of throughput today, given Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth, the bandwidth demands of tomorrow may require all that capacity. Intel’s recent tests prove that at these terabit performance levels, netElastic vBNG should be considered when maximum performance and scalability are needed. m To learn more, visit netElastic at booth 629 on the show floor. netElastic vBNG Helps WISPs Achieve Terabit Speeds


WWW.WISPA.ORG 15 DAY 1 2pifi 707 9dot 508 A10 Networks 330 Acentury Americas 207 Adtran 250 AFL 511 AirWay Technologies 103 Alliance Communications 404 Almvoy 608 Alta Labs 109 American Power Systems 402 American Products 501 American Tower 431 Aradial Technologies 607 Arelion 348 Atheral LLC 429 Aviat Networks 613 AW Safety Services 211 Azotel / Solutions4ebiz 717 Baicells 349 Baltic Networks USA 417 BBT ANTENNAS INC 310 BeyondReach M2 BillMax Billing Solutions 512 Blinq Networks Inc 445 Blue Arcus Technologies 318 BTI Wireless 605 Calix 235 Cambium Networks 135 Casa Systems 307 CCI Systems, Inc. 502 cdg K901 Ceragon Networks Inc 121 Clearfield, Inc. 352 ChannelVision Magazine 449 Comtrend 451 Connectronics 624 Core Telecom Systems 601 COVENANT TELECOM 506 Crossover 509 Crown Castle 237 CTIconnect 129 DE-CIX North America 223 DIRECTV 320 DISH Network 610 DiviNetworks - Idle Bandwidth Monetization 634 700 DoubleRadius 328 Dura-Line 516 Dynamic Environmental Associates - Tectonic - VComm 204 Edgecore Networks Corporation 709 EDGETEAM TECHNOLOGY 541 Edgility by Telco Systems 301 ENGISO Engineered Magnetic Solutions 213 EPCOM 609 EPS Global 544 ESET 718 Eupen Cable USA 443 Exaware 720 Expera Online K902 Fiber Instrument Sales Inc. 517 FiberLight 637 Fibersmith 151 FirstWave 619 FISPA K912 Flytec Computers 101 GCG Communications and Network Solutions 617 GOCare 551 Grandstream Networks, Inc. 329 Graybar Electric 411 GS Yuasa Energy Solutions 208 GTC Technical Support 550 Hana Wireless 525 Harmoni Towers 603 HCI Energy 304 Hyperconn Pte Ltd 616 ICT 247 InCoax Networks AB 701 INSCAPE DATA CORPORATION 816 Intracom Telecom 335 IP ArchiTechs 545 IPpay 125 ISP Supplies 111 ISPN 510 Jonard Tools 716 KGPCo Canada ULC 450 KP Performance Antennas 346 Launch 3 Telecom 317 LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. 710 Link Technologies, Inc. 824 LinQ Antenna Technology Inc. 347 Live Oak Bank 420 - Lorex, Inc. 245 MDA SUPPLY 401 Microchip Technology Inc. 542 Micronet Communications, Inc. 107 Microsoft 719 Millennium 535 Mimosa 521 MimoTik Inc 412 Mission Critical Energy, Inc. / FlexSCADA / Wade Towers 117 MitoTec 229 Morningstar Corporation 416 Multilink Solutions Inc 221 Musco 636 NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association 618 NCTI K911 Nesevo Group 400 netElastic 629 NetPoint Antennas 519 Netskrt Systems 500 Newmar 308 Nokia 225 OnGo Alliance 350 PacketFlux Technologies 216 Paragon Navigator Inc. 209 Paraqum Technologies (Pvt) Ltd 149 Paymentus 441 Peraso Inc. 344 PerfectVision 246 Pharrowtech 507 Ping Gravity 713 PLP 405 Positron Access Solutions 345 Power & Tel 402 Power Storage Solutions 313 Power Tec Solutions International 540 Powercode 553 PPC Broadband 408 Preseem 529 PSI 604 RaDD Network Solutions, Inc. 504 RADWIN 625 RED Technologies 306 Regulatory Solution, Inc 419 RemoteWinBox 444 RFelements 536 Ribbon 311 Ripley Tools 407 Ritalia Funding 147 RocNet Supply 606 Rosenberger Site Solutions 623 RTA - Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc. 201 SAF North America LLC 251 Safety One Training 518 Saisei Networks 620 Select Spectrum LLC 217 ServerPlus-Real Choice TV 725 Siklu 452 SkySwitch 520 Skywire LLC dba Gigstreem M3 Solara Technical 409 Sonar Software 446 Splynx 722 SPX Aids to Navigation (AtoN) 353 Streakwave 423 Subcarrier Communications, Inc. 708 Superior Essex Communications 300 Tarana Wireless 141 Team Cymru 200 TeleDynamics 319 Telrad Networks 316 Tilson Infrastructure 711 TOWER ONE INC 422 Tower Ventures 418 TowerCo 723 TP-LINK USA 547 TSR ComSupply 303 Tycon Systems, Inc. 205 Ubiquiti Networks 731 Unimus (NetCore j.s.a.) 321 UNITEL Insurance 728 Uniti 810 VIAVI Solutions 202 Vilo 312 421 WAV LLC 241 Wavelo 219 Wavenet, Inc. 305 WBE Technologies LLC 800 Wesco 513 Winncom 631 Winncom Technologies 341 WISDM 248 WISP Assist K922 WISPA M1 World Wide Technology 505 Xtreme Enterprises 325 Exhibitor ................................Booth # Exhibitor ................................Booth # Exhibitor ................................Booth # Exhibitor ...............................Booth # EXHIBITORS AT-A-GLANCE PARIS BALLROOM 629 631 529 431 329 328 129 536 237 135 335 634 636 635 535 541 543 545 547 551 553 141 246 248 247 245 241 348 346 450 341 345 446 349 443 542 441 540 449548 550 445 544 725 824 822 816 719 625 623 720 718 619 525 521 620 618 616 519 517 423 417 520 419 518 516 421 313 412 311 408 301 307 325 321 422 420 319 418 317 416 223 320 221 318 316 219 225 125 103 101 109 218 216 107 206 205 111 200 117 Entrance Session K901 K902 K911 K912 K922 202 208 213 211 209 207 204 306 304 312 310 201 308 402 305 400 404 303 613 710 601 609 403 401 409 407 506 505 411 500 502 508 513 511 509 507 504 606 604 610 501 608 702 605 700 704 603 713 711 810 701 709 802 705 800 806 703 405 510 512 607 706 708 707 808 804 121 217 624 617 716 717 723 731 728 429 330 229 235 147 149 151 250 251 350 352 344 353 452 347 444 451 453 552 709 808 707 806 705 804 703 802 605 704 722 300 M2 M3 M4

16 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 DAY 1 L Z OO 2023 TP-Link, global provider of consumer and business networking products, introduces this week at WISPAPALOOZA its DeltaStream line of XGS-PON/GPON Fiber Optical Line Terminals (OLT) and Optical Network Terminal (ONT) solutions. TP-Link’s fiber network solutions join Aginet, the company’s end-to-end Wi-Fi management solution for internet service providers (ISPs). The company’s Aginet service provider solutions cover a comprehensive range of carrier-grade routers and whole-home Wi-Fi systems for connected homes. TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud (TAUC) offers Wi-Fi management via the TR-369 USP cloud server, carriergrade TR-369 CPE, a customized mobile app, and tailor-made API services for ISP customers. Included in the Aginet solution is the newly launched Wi-Fi 7 product portfolio, and the new DeltaStream XGS-PON/GPON Fiber OLT and ONT offerings. XGS-PON is the mainstream fiber access technology with simultaneous 10 Gbps symmetric data transmissions, meeting higher demands for various bandwidth-intensive applications and triple play services. TP-Link’s XGS-PON solution offers service providers a one-stop solution to lead subscribers into the 10G era. The solution includes: • DeltaStream Chassis Optical Line Terminal (DS-P8000-X2) features six 10G SFP+ ports, one 1000M RJ45 port. The chassis supports dual power supplies and two service boards, each sold separately. • DeltaStream Chassis Optical Line Terminal Service Boards (DS-LGPA-08/16 and DS-LSGA-08/16), support 8/16 GPON ports or 8/16 XGS-PON and GPON Combo PON ports for added flexibility and port customizations. • DeltaStream 8-Port Pizza Box XGS-PON Optical Line Terminal (DS-P7500-08), offers eight XGS-PON and GPON combo ports, two 40 GE QSFP+ and two 10 GE SFP+ uplink ports. • DeltaStream 4/8/16-Port Pizza Box GPON Optical Line Terminal (DS-P7001-04/08/16), select between four, eight or 16-GPON ports with one, two or four10GE SFP+ and one or two GE RJ45 uplink ports. • Free Centralized Management with DeltaSteam PON Management System (DPMS) simplifies maintenance with remote batch configuration and updates. Additional management options include SNMP, CLI and WEB UI via the included RJ45 Console port or RJ45 Management port. • Redundant Power Supplies. Each DeltaStream product supports dual redundant power supplies, supporting AC, DC or mixed power inputs. m To learn more and to see the products in action, visit booth 547., powered by Lorex, showcases its DataSnap customer profiling tool this week during WISPAPALOOZA 2023. The trademarked DataSnap statistically profiles all or a sub-set of your customers. Your market penetration in key attributes, demographics and lifestyle segments is identified and then scored against all of these to build the profile. The profile then can be used to find look-alike prospects within your service area. “It is common for ISPs to consider everyone their prospect,” said Ken Janc, president of Lorex, the company behind “To some extent, that is true. But unless you have an unlimited budget, identifying prospects like your best customers can often yield better ROI and lower churn.” DataSnap is a quick and inexpensive path to determining if using scored, lookalike — or even modeled — data likely will pay off. DataSnap does not build a predictive model. These are more complex and can run well into the thousands of dollars in upfront cost with no guarantee that target marketing in this fashion is necessary or will pay off. An A/B Test using DataSnap scored data against a control group of generically targeted direct mail or digital advertising quickly identifies whether this strategy is more efficient for an organization. “This is not a long or expensive process. You know quickly,” Janc said. “Plus, DataSnap is just one of many tools ISP’s have to better understand their customers. New Mover data can also provide great insight into why customers disconnect from service. By identifying which disconnects are due to moves and which are just plain disconnects can be eye-opening. “If none of your disconnects are move related, you may have more of a competitive problem than you think. The more you know about your data and your customers, the more effective your marketing will be,” Janc added. m will be offering attendees a discounted rate on DataSnap, New Mover Append and other data targeting and data enhancement tools for ISPs during WISPAPALOOZA at booth 245. Or for more information, visit or contact the company directly 800.792.8812 or Announces Budget-friendly Customer Profiling Tool TP-Link Highlights DeltaStream Line RemoteWinBox introduces two features to its MikroTik Network Management product: Tenancy and Branding. These additions empower service providers with customization and control over their MikroTik Network Deployments. Tenancy: The Power of Segmentation – maintaining multiple clients or departments on a single platform can be a challenging task. RemoteWinBox understands the significance of seamless management, which is why it introduced the Tenancy feature in Admiral. Tenancy allows you to create virtual environments, effectively segmenting users, departments or clients on the same Admiral instance. Each tenancy operates independently, independently for enhanced security, flexibility and organization, streamlinging admin tasks and providing a tailored experience. Branding: Make Admiral Your Own – Customization is key when it comes to establishing a strong brand identity. With Admiral’s Branding feature, you can tailor the remote access portal to reflect your organization’s branding and corporate image. Add your logo and apply custom messages to subscriber emails to create a tailored user experience. The Branding feature ensures every touchpoint, instills confidence, and fosters trust among your users. This personalized touch enhances your organization’s reputation and allows you to create a cohesive experience. m Discover the power of Tenancy and Branding with Admiral. Sign up for a trial on the RemoteWinBox cloud platform at or stop by booth 444 and experience how these new features can revolutionize the way you manage your MikroTik network. RemoteWinBox Unveils Tenancy, Branding Features

WWW.WISPA.ORG 17 DAY 1 Telco Systems T-Metro 8106 Redefines Connectivity In telecommunications, the demand for faster and more efficient connectivity solutions continues to surge. Telco Systems has stepped up with its T-Metro 8106, a compact solution for high density aggregation of 1/10/100G carrier Ethernet services. The 8106 boasts a fully non-blocking architecture and flexible transport protocol options including Ethernet, IP and MPLS needed for today’s networks. The T-Metro 8106 marks a significant milestone in Telco Systems’ journey to redefine connectivity solutions. With up to six times 40/100G and 64 timies 1/10G ports and 1.2 terabits per second switching capacity, it’s made to handle the demand for 100G links in the metro edge. In an era where data consumption grows exponentially, the T-Metro 8106 ensures seamless connectivity without compromise. What truly sets the T-Metro 8106 apart is its full-rate OAM capabilities on 100G links. OAM plays a critical role to ensure the reliability and performance of network connections. For 100G links, which are precious and costly, having full-rate OAM with embedded 100G SLA test generator is a game-changer, according to Telco Systems. The company explains it allows service providers to monitor and maintain the high-speed connections at their peak efficiency, reducing downtime and ensuring a quality of service. The modular architecture of the T-Metro 8106 puts you in the driver’s seat and allows you to handpick the configuration that aligns with your specific requirements. From 100GE NID to high density 1/10G and 100G interfaces, the T-Metro 8106 offers the flexibility to adapt to your network demands. Telco Systems understands navigating the telecom landscape can be complex. That’s why its team of experts is readily available to provide you with all the information you need about the T-Metro 8106 and its comprehensive network edge portfolio. In Telco Systems’ quest to provide cuttingedge solutions to its customers, it invites you to join it on the 100G journey. Just as priority boarding allows you to skip lines and get to your seat faster, being an early adopter of the T-Metro 8106 service demarcation device (SDD) gives you a head start in harnessing the power of your network infrastructure. With up to 6 x 40/100 GE ports and 1.2Tbps of switching capacity, the T-Metro 8106 is your ticket to conquering the expanding realm of 100G links in the metro edge. Its modular architecture empowers you to choose the configuration that best suits your unique needs, ensuring that you stay ahead of the world of telecommunications. The T-Metro 8106 is your gateway to the future of metro edge networking, and Telco Systems is excited at the prospect of being able to support you as you sail towards a more scalable network. m For more information, visit booth 301. • Single CRM screen for all customer data and interactions (with integrated help/ticket system) • Automated billing, payments and network integration • Mobile-friendly interface for installers • Full electronic work flow • End User Portal provides 24/7 customer access and service updates • Auto-disconnect for non-payment and auto-reconnect when payment received via End User Portal • Financial Dashboard and comprehensive Business Reporting • Retro Wireless ▪ LTE & Traditional Fixed Wireless ▪ Cambium, UBNT, Telrad, Baicells etc. • Fiber Focus: ▪ DZS ▪ Calix ▪ UFiber ▪ Vetro ▪ Render • Other Integration Examples: ▪ VoIP: Alianza ▪ Bandwidth Control: Bequant, Preseem, Saisei, Cambium ▪ Mapping: Google Maps, TowerCoverage ▪ Scheduling: Google Calendar Azotel is more than a billing and operational support system. It's a powerful, flexible ISP automation tool that provides unparalleled efficiency and customer satisfaction. Developed by a WISP operator in 2002, Azotel has grown into a feature-rich, time- tested system in use by WISPs & Fiber Broadband Operators around the world. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 subscribers, Azotel can save you money and bring ease to your operations. Michael Sheward | CTO, Solutions4ebiz | Azotel N America Distributor SCHEDULEADEMO | sales@azotel.comor | Call +1 877-666-3249

1 8 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 DAY 1 L Z OO 2023 FiberLight LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of experience designing, building and operating mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks, has closed out the most transformative period of its history which he ad that has included the completion of its acquisition by Morrison & Co., the appointment of a new CEO and CRO, the expansion of its fiber network with a Charlotte to Atlanta route, and the announcement of strategic landing points that facilitate connectivity with Latin America. These milestones demonstrate FiberLight’s renewed commitment to accelerate the expansion of its state-of-the-art network infrastructure in fast-growing U.S. markets and to drive business performance for its customers and partners. Recent highlights from the organization include: New Leadership – FiberLight appointed industry veteran Bill Major as Chief Executive Officer upon the completion of its acquisition by Morrison & Co. FiberLight also hired digital infrastructure leader Tyler Coates as its new Chief Revenue Officer. The acquisition by Morrison & Co. affords FiberLight the financial flexibility to invest in strategic builds and expand its lit and dark fiber optical networks, and the executive team will focus on delivering end-to-end customer experiences and growing the company through success-based expansion. New Fiber Routes – FiberLight expands its fiber footprint with a to seek, N.C., to Atlanta route, featuring 100Gbps and 400Gbps Ethernet wavelengths. FiberLight’s newest route provides an option for customers seeks a direct path between the growing metro markets with fiber assets. FiberLight’s Charlotte-toAtlanta route offers customers additional resiliency and diversity, faster speeds with increased uptime and greater efficiency to drive business performance. New Strategically Placed POP – FiberLight announced new connectivity with Latin America at two strategic landing points: a Point of Presence (POP) in Miami’s NAP of the Americas and fiber delivery to MDC Data Center’s facility in Eagle Pass, Texas. By establishing these landing points, FiberLight will facilitate international trade by connecting customers from Mexico, Central and South Americas to anywhere FiberLight has on-net presence, including 184 data centers across FiberLight’s network. “With Morrison & Co’s investment in FiberLight, top-notch leadership in place, and unmatched fiber network assets, I’m excited to build on our momentum as we innovate and grow our business,” Major said. “In just a few short months, we’ve delivered on some significant goals - including network expansions in fast-growth markets, cross-border connectivity with Latin America, and a renewed focus on building a culture of excellence. Looking ahead, I’m confident in executing on our vision to provide world-class networking solutions and exceptional experiences for our customers, our partners, and our people,” m For more information or to meet with FiberLight’s team, visit booth 637. FiberLight Highlights Company Changes Enter to Win a PDS-204GCO – The Most Reliable Outdoor PoE Switch Stop by Our Booth #542 to Enter Your Name For the Raffle

WWW.WISPA.ORG 19 DAY 1 Exaware Completes Peering Proof of Concept at DE-CIX Laboratories Exaware, a provider of IP/MPLS network disaggregation solutions for communications service providers, completed a proof of concept (POC) with DE-CIX for network peering. In POC tests using Exaware’s model EXA5300-800G running on the DE-CIX Internet Exchange, Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching were provided at the productive peering LAN. Network peering enables two or more networks, including Tier 1 service provider networks and Internet Exchanges, to connect and exchange traffic directly, which is a critical requirement for internet access. Exaware’s disaggregated routing solution was tested in the DE-CIX Frankfurt production peering environment with a full routing table for all Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering routes at IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) and IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6). The POC took place between March and July. During that time, DE-CIX noted the insertion time to load IP prefixes in the BGP routing table was noticeably fast and latency was typically in the range of 1 or 2 msec. In addition, the scalable Exaware BGP router was demonstrated to be suited to operate with peering tables as well as with full internet routing tables. “Every millisecond counts, and it is essential that latency is kept to a minimum to provide high quality service,” said Dr. Thomas King, CTO of DE-CIX. “The results of our testing of the Exaware solution were impressive in terms of performance.” DE-CIX offers its interconnection services in more than 50 metro markets worldwide. Accessible from data centers in more than 600 cities, DE-CIX interconnects thousands of network operators (carriers), internet service providers (ISPs), content providers, and enterprise networks from more than 100 countries, and offers peering, cloud, and interconnection services. Exaware is a provider of disaggregated based networking solutions for carriers, service providers and data center operators. By separating hardware and software vendors, their disaggregated network peering solutions break vendor lock-in for service providers and enable innovation. With the ability to run on Broadcom DNXbased white box hardware available from a variety of global hardware manufacturers, disaggregated networking solutions save carriers up to 50 percent over traditional solutions and provide greater flexibility in network design. “Exaware’s disaggregated solutions for network peering have consistently demonstrated excellent performance,” said Ronen Hovav, CEO, Exaware. “By choosing Exaware, service providers can expand their networks for less cost and gain flexibility in network design.” For testing at the DE-CIX lab, Exaware provided its EXA5300-800G product, which integrates a white box router with ExaNOS, Exaware’s network operating system software. m For information, visit Exaware at booth 720 or DE-CIX America in booth 223.