Visit American Tower at Booth #431 to make your own T-shirt!* Thrive With Our Towers, Teams, and Tools Resources for WISPs Stop By Booth #431 Available during afternoon exhibit hall hours on Tuesday and Wednesday. Select Your Size Small through 4XL available, quantities are limited. Choose Your Design We’ll press it on your T-shirt in seconds. Show It Off If you’re spotted in your T-shirt on the show floor, you may win a prize! *One T-shirt per visitor. First come, first serve. Priority options go to WISP operators, the remaining will be made available to vendors and exhibitors. Only available during WISPAPALOOZA 2023 afternoon exhibit hall hours on Tuesday, October 10 and Wednesday, October 11. © 2023 ATC TRS V LLC. All rights reserved. 1 2 3 4

WWW.WISPA.ORG 3 L Z OO 2023 Welcome to WISPAPALOOZA 2023 “Come to work every day expecting to be surprised.” That’s my personal motto, and I believe it characterizes the daily lives of just about everyone in our vital industry. I know you will be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll see and experience this week at WISPAPLOOZA ’23, here in Las Vegas. WISPAPALOOZA has long been known for the benefits it delivers to attendees and exhibitors. From expert panels spanning all aspects of our industry spectrum; comprehensive exhibit floor with access to the latest hardware, software and services; welcoming and supportive environment to share trade stories and experiences; to the education fostered directly by your industry brothers and sisters – WISPAPALOOZA has it all. This year you’ll notice we’ve made some subtle but important changes, too. Our theme is “the right tool for the right job.” You’ve always evolved to meet the needs of your local communities, and especially during the pandemic. Employing new technologies, business models, partnerships, and doing whatever it takes to get your customers online and satisfied. This agility has created a “big tent,” a rich and diverse landscape, providing reliable, evolutionary solutions to millions across our great country. Far from being onesize-fits-all in approach, you have been and are doing it all – wireless, fiber, cable, satellite – and this is truly unique in the ISP industry. YOUR big tent will be on display for all to see, in our panels, exhibits and throughout the thousands in attendance over the week. To bolster this, we’re delivering some incredible and timely keynote presentations, featuring true pioneers and thought leaders in the Internet ecosphere, including George Finney on cybersecurity; Michael Gorton on telemedicine; and Peter Schultz, the co-inventor of optical fiber. And you’re going to hear some exciting announcements on innovative new collaborations which will be of particular interest and benefit to ISPs operators. Stay tuned! Finally, I want to give my heartfelt thanks to our sponsors. They all share a single-minded mission: to help your business scale. Special thanks to Ubiquiti – WISPAPALOOZA’s Premier Sponsor – who is returning to the show with new products and announcements. We are very excited about our vendors and exhibitor community. A very sincere “thanks!” for all that you do. So, dive in. Get active. Immerse yourself in WISPAPALOOZA. There’s so much here. Be ready to be surprised, amazed and enriched by everything WISPA’s got to offer at WISPAPALOOZA ‘23! Your business is vital to closing the digital divide. I’m honored to helm YOUR Association! Have a great week! Sincerely, David M. Zumwalt President & CEO David M. Zumwalt WISPA President & CEO


Monday, October 9 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 10 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, October 11 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Thursday, October 12 8 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Registration Desk Hours – Paris Las Vegas Conference Center David Zumwalt President & CEO Louis Peraertz Vice President of Policy Matt Mandel Vice President of Government Affairs Richard Bernhardt Vice President of Spectrum and Policy Mike Wendy Director of Communications Steven Schwerbel State Advocacy Manager Gary Helmers Sales Manager Jennifer Lisaius Member Relations Specialist 6 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 L Z OO 2023

WWW.WISPA.ORG 7 WISPA 2022-2023 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Officers Todd Harpest Chairman MetaLINK Technologies, Inc. Brian Young Vice Chairman IPpay Sam Curtis Treasurer AtLink Services, LLC Secretary Daniel White Atheral Directors Dave Giles Vistabeam Keefe John Ethoplex, LLC Jason Guzzo Hudson Valley Wireless Jeff Kohler Rise Broadband Josh Luthman Imagine Networks Nathan Stooke Wisper ISP EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Todd Harpest MetaLINK Technologies, Inc AGENDA COMMITTEE Nathan Stooke Wisper ISP BYLAWS COMMITTEE Brian Young IPpay EDUCATION COMMITTEE Mike Wendy WISPA FINANCE COMMITTEE Sam Curtis AtLink Services, LLC GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE JJ McGrath TekWav NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE Jeff Kohler Rise Broadband POLICY COMMITTEE Josh Luthman Imagine Networks STATE COORDINATOR COMMITTEE Keefe John Ethoplex, LLC WISPA COMMITTEE CHAIRS AGENDA COMMITTEE MEMBERS We would like to say thank you to the agenda committee for all of their hard work and dedication, with a special thanks to Nathan Stooke! We are always looking for people to join the agenda committee. We have small groups that work on the different tracks. Please email to be added to the potential committee list.

8 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 WISPAPALOOZA daily schedules are valid as of Sept. 26, 2023

Sail Internet Deploys our PoE Outdoor Midspans and Switches for Reliable, High-Bandwidth Internet Services Visit Us at Booth # 542 The Paris Horseshoe Hotel Las Vegas, NV October 9–12, 2023

10 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 WISPAPALOOZA daily schedules are valid as of Sept. 26, 2023

How will you: Fund the latest broadband technology? Deliver the services subscribers crave? Outshine the competition? Get the answers from Calix at booth #235.

12 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 WISPAPALOOZA daily schedules are valid as of Sept. 26, 2023


14 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 WISPAPALOOZA daily schedules are valid as of Sept. 26, 2023

GROW YOUR REVENUE NO NEW INFRASTRUCTURE Add value without infrastructure changes. DIRECTV is delivered over your existing Internet platform. NO SATELLITE DISH REQUIRED The best of TV delivered over your Internet service. ATTRACT AND RETAIN RESIDENTS Increase value by offering super-fast Internet with superior video service. COMMITTED TO CONTENT Deliver premium content over your Internet service. VISIT OUR TEAM AT BOOTHS 320 & 322TO LEARN MORE YOUR INTERNET + DIRECTV THE PERFECT PAIR THE ONLY STREAMING BULK SOLUTION FOR MDU

16 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 WISPAPALOOZA daily schedules are valid as of Sept. 26, 2023

Welcome to Anytown—where connectivity knows no bounds. Your network’s success is shaped by strategic decisions and expert guidance. That’s where we come in. Gear up for an elevated network game with WispGO™—our exclusive program for ambitious WISPs like you. 40K+ towers ~85K route miles of fiber ~120K small cells on air or under contract 1-855-440-2103 Stop by booth #237 to learn how you can get GOing and enter to win some fabulous prizes. > Creative pricing > Premier support > Contract terms, on your terms > Value-add solutions, data analytics and more WELCOME TO Anytown

18 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 WISPAPALOOZA daily schedules are valid as of Sept. 26, 2023


20 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 WISPAPALOOZA daily schedules are valid as of Sept. 26, 2023

Come visit our team at booth 223. We make interconnection easy. Anywhere. DE-CIX: Peering, Cloud Connectivity and Private Interconnection FIND OUT MORE 7 DE-CIX IXs 500+ Network connections 70+ Served data centers

EXHIBITORS AT-A-GLANCE Exhibitor .......................................Booth # Exhibitor .......................................Booth # Exhibitor .......................................Booth # 2pifi 707 9dot 508 A10 Networks 330 Acentury Americas 207 Adtran 250 AFL 511 AirWay Technologies 103 Alliance Communications 404 Almvoy 608 Alta Labs 109 American Power Systems 402 American Products 501 American Tower 431 Aradial Technologies 607 Arelion 348 Atheral LLC 429 Aviat Networks 613 AW Safety Services 211 Azotel / Solutions4ebiz 717 Baicells 349 Baltic Networks USA 417 BBT ANTENNAS INC 310 BeyondReach M2 BillMax Billing Solutions 512 Blinq Networks Inc 445 Blue Arcus Technologies 318 BTI Wireless 605 Calix 235 Cambium Networks 135 Casa Systems 307 CCI Systems, Inc. 502 cdg K901 Ceragon Networks Inc 121 Clearfield, Inc. 352 Comtrend 451 Connectronics 624 Core Telecom Systems 601 COVENANT TELECOM 506 Crossover 509 Crown Castle 237 CTIconnect 129 DE-CIX North America 223 DIRECTV 320 DISH Network 610 DiviNetworks - Idle Bandwidth Monetization 634 700 DoubleRadius 328 Dura-Line 516 Dynamic Environmental Associates - Tectonic - VComm 204 Edgecore Networks Corporation 709 EDGETEAM TECHNOLOGY 541 Edgility by Telco Systems 301 ENGISO Engineered Magnetic Solutions 213 EPCOM 609 EPS Global 544 ESET 718 Eupen Cable USA 443 Exaware 720 Expera Online K902 Fiber Instrument Sales Inc. 517 FiberLight 637 Fibersmith 151 FirstWave 619 FISPA K912 Flytec Computers 101 GCG Communications and Network Solutions 617 GOCare 551 Grandstream Networks, Inc. 329 Graybar Electric 411 GS Yuasa Energy Solutions 208 GTC Technical Support 550 Hana Wireless 525 Harmoni Towers 603 HCI Energy 304 Hyperconn Pte Ltd 616 ICT 247 InCoax Networks AB 701 INSCAPE DATA CORPORATION 816 Intracom Telecom 335 IP ArchiTechs 545 IPpay 125 ISP Supplies 111 ISPN 510 Jonard Tools 716 KGPCo Canada ULC 450 KP Performance Antennas 346 Launch 3 Telecom 317 LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. 710 Link Technologies, Inc. 824 LinQ Antenna Technology Inc. 347 Live Oak Bank 420 - Lorex, Inc. 245 MDA SUPPLY 401 Microchip Technology Inc. 542 Micronet Communications, Inc. 107 Microsoft 719 Millennium 535 Mimosa 521 MimoTik Inc 412 Mission Critical Energy, Inc. / FlexSCADA / Wade Towers 117 MitoTec 229 Morningstar Corporation 416 Multilink Solutions Inc 221 Musco 636 NATE: The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association 618 NCTI K911 Nesevo Group 400 netElastic 629 NetPoint Antennas 519 Netskrt Systems 500 Newmar 308 Nokia 225 OnGo Alliance 350 PacketFlux Technologies 216 Paragon Navigator Inc. 209 Paraqum Technologies (Pvt) Ltd 149 Paymentus 441 Peraso Inc. 344 PerfectVision 246 Pharrowtech 507 Ping Gravity 713 PLP 405 Positron Access Solutions 345 Power & Tel 402 Power Storage Solutions 313 Power Tec Solutions International 540 Powercode 553 PPC Broadband 408 Preseem 529 PSI 604 RaDD Network Solutions, Inc. 504 RADWIN 625 RED Technologies 306 Regulatory Solution, Inc 419 RemoteWinBox 444 RFelements 536 Ribbon 311 Ripley Tools 407 Ritalia Funding 147 RocNet Supply 606 Rosenberger Site Solutions 623 RTA - Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc. 201 SAF North America LLC 251 Safety One Training 518 Saisei Networks 620 Select Spectrum LLC 217 ServerPlus-Real Choice TV 725 Siklu 452 SkySwitch 520 Skywire LLC dba Gigstreem M3 Solara Technical 409 Sonar Software 446 Splynx 722 SPX Aids to Navigation (AtoN) 353 Streakwave 423 Subcarrier Communications, Inc. 708 Superior Essex Communications 300 Tarana Wireless 141 Team Cymru 200 TeleDynamics 319 Telrad Networks 316 Tilson Infrastructure 711 TOWER ONE INC 422 Tower Ventures 418 TowerCo 723 TP-LINK USA 547 TSR ComSupply 303 Tycon Systems, Inc. 205 Ubiquiti Networks 731 Unimus (NetCore j.s.a.) 321 UNITEL Insurance 728 Uniti 810 VIAVI Solutions 202 Vilo 312 421 WAV LLC 241 Wavelo 219 Wavenet, Inc. 305 WBE Technologies LLC 800 Wesco 513 Winncom 631 Winncom Technologies 341 WISDM 248 WISP Assist K922 WISPA M1 World Wide Technology 505 Xtreme Enterprises 325 22 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 L Z OO 2023 All information provided is valid as of Sept. 15, 2023

PARIS BALLROOM 629 631 529 431 329 328 129 536 237 135 335 634 636 635 535 541 543 545 547 551 553 141 246 248 247 245 241 348 346 450 341 345 446 349 443 542 441 540 449548 550 445 544 725 824 822 816 719 625 623 720 718 619 525 521 620 618 616 519 517 423 417 520 419 518 516 421 313 412 311 408 301 307 325 321 422 420 319 418 317 416 223 320 221 318 316 219 225 125 103 101 109 218 216 107 206 205 111 200 117 Entrance Session K901 K902 K911 K912 K922 202 208 213 211 209 207 204 306 304 312 310 201 308 402 305 400 404 303 613 710 601 609 403 401 409 407 506 505 411 500 502 508 513 511 509 507 504 606 604 610 501 608 702 605 700 704 603 713 711 810 701 709 802 705 800 806 703 405 510 512 607 706 708 707 808 804 121 217 624 617 716 717 723 731 728 429 330 229 235 147 149 151 250 251 350 352 344 353 452 347 444 451 453 552 709 808 707 806 705 804 703 802 605 704 722 300 M2 M3 M4

EXHIBITORS 2pifi Booth 707 2pifi helps large carriers and enterprises provide internet connections in their mission to provide internet services to countless diverse sites in North America. 2pifi now has 700-plus WISP partners helping to provide ubiquitous coverage. 9dot Booth 508 For more than 10 years of operation in the production of telecommunication devices, with special emphasis on the world of wireless, we design and provide innovative protection, monitoring and control systems for devices powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE), as we look to offer qualified and certified design solutions, which allow PoE systems protection and monitoring, for medium and large enterprises in a smart and simplified way. A10 Networks Booth 330 A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) delivers cybersecurity and infrastructure solutions for on-premises, hybrid cloud, and edge-cloud environments at hyperscale. Our mission is to enable service providers and enterprises to deliver businesscritical applications that are secure, available and efficient. We deliver better business outcomes that support investment protection, new business models and help futureproof infrastructures, empowering our customers to provide the most secure and available digital experience. Founded in 2004, A10 Networks is based in San Jose, CA and serves customers globally. Acentury America Booth 207 Acentury is a RF engineering company that builds testing tools and infrastructure equipment for wireless networks and labs, smart buildings, and aerospace communications. Adtrand Booth 250 Adtran is a US-based global supplier of AI-driven fiber networking solutions for the residential, enterprise and mobile services markets served by cable MSOs, incumbent telecoms, municipalities, utilities and electric co-ops service providers. Adtran offers the market’s most widely deployed fiber access platform, supporting thousands of Gigabit communities served by more than 500 broadband providers in North America. Complementing this fiber platform is a connected home solution providing a managed mesh Wi-Fi solution that extends the Gigabit service experience to every room in the home. Mosaic One rounds out the broadband solution. AFL Booth 511 Data demand drives the expansion of the wireless world. Operators worldwide need to increase their capacity as rapidly as possible to meet the increasing demands of their customers and to provide the quality of service that is expected. AFL has the expertise to build a customized solution for you. Providing a high level of service and the right products has been a hallmark of AFL success within Long Haul Applications, Central Offices, Data Centers and now in Wireless – Macro-Network, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), Small Cells and Wi-Fi. AirWay Technologies Booth 103 AirWay is a provider of network infrastructure products and services to wireless telecom and broadband operators worldwide. Since 1992, AirWay has provided infrastructure equipment, professional services and support to wireless carriers throughout the world. Its products have been sold to more than 500 customers in 70-plus countries. AirWay’s customers range from large tier-one carriers to small startups, and it services them all with the same commitment and quality. Alliance Communications Booth 404 Please join us at our booth to see the Storm Proof Racom Ray3 24GHz microwave radio. Almvoy Booth 608 Our team has changed the way that wireless infrastructure projects are built. We’ve accomplished this by positioning our customers and their needs first and placing ourselves at the forefront of technological advancements in the wireless industry. We focus on what’s next rather than what is now. We make manufacturing about you and change the way things are done with our expertise. Alta Labs Booth 109 Alta Labs is brought to life by leading network pioneers, reimagined for the next generation of networking and technology. Backed by more than 24 years of manufacturing experience from SVT – Alta Labs is new – but the people behind the brand are the most experienced in the industry. Alta Labs’ goal is to elevate your network experience with leading-edge products and software – all guided by real professionals. Real people work here. Altitude Benefits & Consulting Booth 206 https://www. Insurance benefits including group health insurance, group life, dental and vision, 401K, HSA, 125 plans, voluntary benefits, and enrollment services. We also offer an association plan for health insurance and individual insurance. Altitude Benefits & Consulting also writes business insurance like commercial property, liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, commercial umbrella and many more coverages for the industry. American Power Systems Booth 402 Backup Power Needs! Batteries – Batteries – Batteries American Power Systems is owned by one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world (East Penn Manufacturing – Deka Batteries – Made in the USA) and is the largest stocking distributor in the USA. APS is also the largest stocking distributor of C&D batteries in the nation. We are experts in batteries! Lead acid, sealed, VRLA, AGM, high temp, pure lead, flooded and lithium – We have them all. American Power Systems also has the power equipment you need, including rectifiers, converters, inverters, UPS systems, DC power, monitoring and chargers, we stock tons of systems. American Products Booth 501 For more than 30 years, American Products has been dedicated to producing quality enclosures that help network providers protect their equipment and provide service to their customers. We build all of our own enclosures at our facility in Strafford, Mo. This means we can work directly with our customers to design and craft cabinets and/or shelters that meet their specific needs just right. It also means that we personally can assure the quality of our products, which then provides our customers further peace of mind for years to come. American Tower Booth 431 American Tower is committed to helping bring connectivity to rural and underserved areas in the United States. With our industry-leading portfolio of 42,000-plus tower sites across the United States, including towers in geographically challenging areas with vantage points targeting the most remote populations, we are uniquely positioned to support your rural broadband buildout. Visit us at Booth #431 to see how our towers, teams and tools can accelerate your network deployment. Aradial Technologies Booth 607 Aradial develops for ISPs an endto-end OSS and BSS that includes CRM, billing, AAA and policy control servers. Aradial solution provides automated billing platforms for growing service providers and next-generation networks. Aradial Converged Billing includes CRM, billing and invoicing, captive portals for subscriber registration, AAA servers and service provisioning, inventory management, workforce scheduling, PCRF (policy charging rule function), payment processing, reporting, subscriber self-care portals, resellers and partner management and integration with deep packet inspections of multiple vendors. Arelion Booth 348 From humble beginnings in the early 1990s, we have become the connectivity partner of choice to the world’s largest content providers, operators and enterprises. In the past, our network laid the very foundations of the Internet revolution and today it’s enabling digitalization throughout business and society. Atheral LLC Booth 429 Founded and managed by WISP veterans since 2018, Atheral has built a customer-centric, white-label voice solution for ISPs and MSPs. We aim to provide you with a world-class, voice-switching platform with industryleading support that decreases enduser churn while being geo-redundant, highly available, and scalable. Our platform is deployed by more than 150 fixed wireless and FTTH ISPs, ranging from privately held ISPs to municipal and utility-owned providers. Our passion is to grow with our clients by concentrating on your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your end-users. Aviat Networks Booth 613 Aviat Networks is the world’s most trusted expert in wireless backhaul and transport, with more than 1 million systems sold. Aviat provides microwave and networking solutions to service providers and private network operators including state/local governments, utilities, federal government and defense organizations, and is a market leader in providing high capacity microwave, E-band and multi-band radio links to the WISP market in the United States and Canada. AW Safety Services Booth 211 Offering safety manuals and training for certifications, awareness, special services, OSHA 10 & 30. We prepare your company to be in full compliance with OSHA. Azotel/Solutions4ebiz Booth 717 Azotel sets the global standard in providing subscriber management to the WISP industry. The Azotel software product is more than a billing and operational support system (BOSS) in that it can automate many of the processes and procedures needed to run a WISP. Solutions4ebiz is the North American distributor of Azotel as well as distributor of Bequant, Preseem and Saisei products. Solutions4ebiz also has the capability to create API code to assist in integrating many different products that are common to the WISP industry. Baicells Booth 349 Baicells is an international company, providing disruptively priced and technically innovative 4G LTE and 5G NR access solutions that connect more than 50 countries globally. Our goal to “Connect the Unconnected” has led to the establishment of offices across five of the seven continents and the development of more than 300 patents since our inception in 2014. Working alongside our ecosystem partners, Baicells sets the pace for 5G and future technologies with wireless solutions. 24 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 L Z OO 2023 All information provided is valid as of Sept. 15, 2023

26 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 L Z OO 2023 Baltic Networks USA Booth 417 Baltic Networks, a leading distributor of cost-effective networking solutions, offers a complete line of products for WISPs, expert consulting and training certifications. Areas of expertise include high-end routing/switching, LTE, mmWave backhaul and fiber products. BBT ANTENNAS INC Booth 310 BBT ANTENNAS INC is an antenna manufacturer in China. Our antenna products included WISP, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 7,5G, 6G, 4G-LTE, VHF/UHF, MIMO, LoRa, IoT, RFID. etc. We can provide OEM & ODM customized service and solutions. BeyondReach M2 BeyondReach spends more than $2 million a year with WISPs. We connect WISPs to larger business opportunities free of charge. By combining your network with our tools, processes and people, we build a partnership that results in increased B2B opportunities. We’re here to help you grow. BillMax Billing Solutions Booth 512 For two decades, BillMax Billing Solutions has supported successful internet service providers through our comprehensive software and consulting services. We offer superior service as well as flexible software to implement a consistent and easy to administer workflow. We allow you to host our solution in your own network or in ours. Come by and see how we have your business covered. BLiNQ Networks Inc. Booth 445 BLiNQ Networks solutions are designed to cater to internet service providers and anyone looking to deploy a private network with connectivity that meets the demands of today. Our custom 5G fixed wireless products are tailored to your most complex challenges, helping you build, expand and optimize your networks. Blue Arcus Technologies Booth 318 We connect you to the world by building future-proof telecommunication networks that are robust, reliable, and affordable to deploy. BTI Wireless Booth 605 BTI Wireless was founded in the United States in 1999 and rapidly built a global reputation as a worldleader in power amplifier technology, having supplied as the OEM to most major RAN and DAS vendors since 2001. The mBSC DAS platform was introduced in 2008 and has been successfully deployed in Asia, Australia and North America Calix Booth 235 Cambium Networks Booth 135 Cambium’s ONE Network makes the network operate with the efficiency of a utility. The solution lets you manage the network as a whole rather than the individual elements, enabling you to focus more resources on your business to deliver best-in-class total cost of ownership that just works. Cambium’s ONE Network provides a complete networking infrastructure portfolio along with cnMaestro X single pane of glass management for the entire network that enables enterprises and service provider operators to: • Simplify operations with a secure converged network. • Implement intelligent automation across all elements. • Deliver consistently predictable performance. Casa Systems Booth 307 Casa Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CASA) delivers the core-to-customer building blocks to speed 5G transformation with future-proof solutions and cutting-edge bandwidth for all access types. In today’s increasingly personalized world, Casa Systems creates disruptive architectures built specifically to meet the needs of service provider networks. Our suite of open, cloud-native network solutions unlocks new ways for service providers to build networks without boundaries and maximizes revenue-generating capabilities. Commercially deployed in more than 70 countries, Casa Systems serves more than 475 Tier 1 and regional service providers worldwide. CCI Systems Inc. Booth 502 CCI Systems Inc. is a full-service company that has been providing customized communication network solutions on a national level for more than 60 years. Our innovative and experienced team of more than 1,400 professionals are dedicated to helping develop tomorrow’s solutions throughout the telecommunications, power, CATV, municipal, educational institution, tribal communities and private sectors. CCI Systems provides a multitude of services, including but not limited to, consultancy services and assessments, engineering services, such as environmental studies and review, aerial and UG permitting, network design services, field routing and review, 3D point cloud and mapping, fixed wireless design and spectrum planning, make-ready assessments, OSP walkout, and fiber splicing/network activation services, as well as post construction sustainability solutions including cybersecurity measures, call center and network operation center services, and more. cdg K901 We are an operator-driven OSS/BSS provider with 250+ years combined support experience at your fingertips. Our top executives don’t just run cdg, they also run a service provider. As a company owned and operated by a broadband provider, we have real-time market experience, just like the rest of our client community. We think that matters. We think that it makes a difference in how we listen, respond, and plan for the future. Ceragon Networks Inc. Booth 121 Ceragon Networks (NASDAQ: CRNT) delivers innovative wireless connectivity solutions that help you connect residents and businesses even in the most remote areas. Our high-capacity, easy to install solutions increase your operational efficiency to save you money, enhance your end-customers’ quality of experience, extend your fiber, and ensure your peace of mind. Our mission is resolving your connectivity challenges, while helping you achieve the highest value and quickest time to market! Ceragon solutions are deployed by more than 460 service providers, as well as hundreds of private network owners, in more than 140 countries. ChannelVision Magazine Booth 449 ChannelVision is a bi-monthly magazine and website read by channel partners selling all manner of voice, data, access, managed and business services — both on premise and “in the cloud” — as well as technology gear and equipment primarily in the small/medium business space. Clearfield Inc. Booth 352 Clearfield is “Enabling the Lifestyle that Better Broadband Provides”. Our fiber to anywhere platform serves the unique requirements of leading wireline and wireless carriers and MSO/cable TV companies, while catering to the broadband needs of utility/municipality, data center and military markets. Clearfields product suite, designed with labor lite technologies, reduces labor costs and time to deploy. Comtrend Booth 451 Comtrend is a top-tier provider of access (last mile) hardware and software solutions including ONTs, gateways, networking, and management software solutions. Our unwavering commitment to broadband technology ensures that our customers have access to reliable, high-speed connectivity that will meet the growing demands of their customers. Connectronics Booth 624 Connectronics is a North American channel distributor of wireless and connectivity products selling to VARs, ISPs and system integrators since 1982. Our mission is to distribute industry-leading wireless and connectivity products which exceed our customers’ expectations; including assistance in the design and development of wireless backhaul, DAS, PtMP, mesh and client access solutions. We accomplish this through our dedication to providing professional customer service, prompt delivery and manufacturer certified technical support. Core Telecom Systems Booth 601 Core Telecom Systems is a valueadded distributor that offers solutions and services for broadband service providers. We provide top-notch passive and active network technologies to optimize network deployment, maintenance, growth with a focus on value. Our solutions include FTTH and outside plant, fixed wireless and Wi-Fi, DC power, optical transport, integrated access and test and tools. Covenant Telecom Booth 506 Wholesale national wireless internet service offerings and CPE equipment to WISPs, regional MNOs and ISP companies for resell to residential and business end users. Crossover Booth 509 home/ Crossover is more than a distributor for many of the world’s top 5G wireless and networking manufacturers. Crossover is more than an engineering firm with world class engineers, utilizing powerful software tools like iBwave and Pathloss. We are your “5G Wireless Technology Partner” for solutions that just work. Crossover was founded in 2007 by a group of industry veterans looking to bring a new approach to how wireless and networking solutions are sold and supported in North America. With best of breed vendor partners, Crossover provides skilled design and implementation engineering expertise with every product sold to ensure your network build is a success. Crown Castle Booth 237 Crown Castle owns, operates cell and leases more than 40,000 cell towers and approximately 85,000 route miles of fiber supporting small cells and fiber solutions across every major U.S. market. This nationwide portfolio of communications infrastructure connects cities and communities to essential data, technology and wireless service bringing information, ideas and innovations to the people and businesses that need them. CTIconnect Booth 129 CTIConnect is a dedicated organization focused on robust connectivity. More than just hardware, they emphasize trust and commitment. Acting as an extension of their clients, they offer tailored technical expertise, services, and hardware to boost growth and meet financial targets. With an adept team for each project, CTIConnect fosters lasting partnerships, aiming to craft a seamlessly connected world together. DE-CIX North America Booth 223 DE-CIX North America Inc., established in 2013, is a wholly owned subsidiary of DE-CIX International AG, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator. Together, the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Phoenix and Richmond create the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America. With access to DE-CIX North Americas Internet Exchanges, customers gain more control of their networks and access to world-class content providers. All information provided is valid as of Sept. 15, 2023

WINA FREE TRUCK SPONSORED BY: Grandstream &. Streakwave

DIRECTV Booth 320 Since our launch in 1994, DIRECTV has evolved our product, best-inclass content and service to provide customers an industry-leading video offering. When it comes to the best in entertainment, we offer nearly every American the ability to beam it or stream it. If you beam it over satellite, you have access to the industry’s best picture format and exciting content in 4K HDR. We’re also the undisputed leader in sports bringing NFL Sunday Ticket customers every live out-ofmarket NFL game, every Sunday during the NFL season. DiviNetworks – Idle Bandwidth Monetization Booth 634 DiviNetworks offers a novel revenue stream for ISPs, WISPs and Wi-Fi operators by monetizing their unused bandwidth, requiring no investment or maintenance efforts. This bandwidth is monetized by our enterprise customers who collect public web data from diverse GEO locations. More than 150 ISPs worldwide (including 40-plus in the United States) use Divi securely to generate extra revenue. The integration is quick and straightforward, taking only 15 minutes with Mikrotik, Cisco or Juniper. Booth 700 Welcome to the DLA Digital Forest. Where data is cool, fun, and a passion. The DLA network is a mesh of brilliance for the hybrid ISP world and beyond. DLA is your bridge ‘interface’ between the pressing demands of today’s network operations and the much-required automated solutions of tomorrow. We’re about education through consulting, so you can actually see the value in your dollars. Let’s find out where we can help. DLA is here to guide, educate, partner, and grow with you. Dynamic pricing structures based on your size and needs allow us, together, to build success faster than a serial 9600 baud rate. With 20+ years of collaboration, we are empowering dynamic solutions across a broad spectrum of applications. How about that for a real-world mesh? We specialize in ‘Data.’ Automating it, monitoring it, storing it, and sometimes even idolizing it. Collaborate with us at the WISPAPALOOZA show in Vegas. Leave your dial-up memories behind, and let’s start talking about those access-providing dreams, coming true... at hundreds of gigabit speeds. DoubleRadius Booth 328 Since 2001, DoubleRadius has been helping companies like yours build better networks across the U.S. and internationally. Our team’s purpose is to serve as your trusted partner, helping you succeed through every networking challenge and opportunity you encounter. Our team is committed to providing quality service that earns your business. Dura-Line Booth 516 Dura-Line is an international manufacturer and distributor of communication and energy infrastructure products and systems including conduit, cable-in-conduit, pipe, and accessories. At Dura-Line, we provide mission-critical elements of networks and infrastructure. Our experienced sales team and technical support staff, our commitment to product quality and availability, and our ongoing product innovation – coupled with our unmatched industry experience give us the ability to support your specific installation needs, wherever you need us. Dynamic Environmental Associates – Tectonic – VComm\ Booth 204 Tectonic’s Telecommunications Division has over 36 years of experience providing site acquisition, engineering, design, permitting, and construction services for new wireless deployments, equipment upgrades and network switch design. We have provided services to the nation’s leading tower companies, carriers, and program managers on more than 100,000 sites throughout the United States. We also performed NEPA/SHPO, and Phase I, II & III environmental studies, and photosimulation for both new and modified towers. Tectonic has been ranked on the Engineering News Record (ENR)’s list of the top firms nationwide since 2001. We work closely with municipalities to integrate fine lines of communication. Edgecore Networks Corporation Booth 709 Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, a leading network ODM. Edgecore Networks delivers wired and wireless networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for data center, service provider, enterprise and SMB customers. Edgecore Networks is a leader in open networking, providing a full line of open 1G-400G Ethernet OCP Accepted switches, core routers, cell site gateways, virtual PON OLTs, packet transponders and Wi-Fi access points that offer choice of commercial and open source NOS and SDN software. For more information, visit EdgeTeam Technology Booth 541 EdgeTeam specializes in network design, infrastructure, security and performance for mid-market. Edgility by Telco Systems Booth 301 The Edgility WAN Automation Platform is a converged environment for lifecycle management of whitebox infrastructure and software. Edgility delivers the flexibility and control to deploy and operate virtualized network functions or containerized functions with full orchestration and management for mass scale deployments on x86 or ARM edge environments. Edgility helps network operators take control of their WAN infrastructure, network functions, and IT workloads and helps avoid vendor lock-in. Telco Systems is also a market leader in Ethernet switch/router access and aggregation solutions. ENGISO Engineered Magnetic Solutions Booth 213 ENGISO is a global leader in magnetic mounting solutions for extreme environments. With a proven track record of magnetic installations within WISP, we support our client base with magnetic installation 28 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 L Z OO 2023 All information provided is valid as of Sept. 15, 2023

products as well as submittal packages to local municipalities, structure owners and professional engineers. EPCOM Booth 609 Epcom is a value-added distributor of security and telecommunications products. EPCOM offers a comprehensive portfolio of products such as access control systems, energy systems, fire detection, alarms, networking, structured cabling and signaling devices, that can help you expand your business and increase your profits. We like to go further by providing the technical and ongoing support and service you deserve. EPS Global Booth 544 EPS Global delivers end-to-end open disaggregated network and wireless solutions for ISPs across America and throughout South America, Europe and Asia from our 28 locations worldwide. We provide network design, hardware configuration and deployment support to ensure success. We have sales, engineering and customer support teams based in Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas, ready to take your call. ESET Booth 718 Eupen Cable USA Booth 443 With more than 100 years of experience in cable development and manufacturing, Eupen Cable USA is proud to be a leader in quality and customer service. As a subsidiary of Kabelwerk Eupen AG, our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. Exaware Booth 720 Exaware is a global provider of open and disaggregated IP/MPLS networking solutions for CSPs in several categories. Expera Online K902 The Expera Company focuses on developing software solutions, helping to model and maximize the wireless network’s efficiency. Expera seeks to simplify the wireless network design process for the customer by professionally modeling the radio signal propagation, collecting radio equipment and geographic data, and providing efficient and easy-to-use software solutions. Expera Online is a cloud-based wireless network planning made specifically for WISP tasks and CBRS bands. In addition to wireless coverage mapping, the solution evaluates the network’s efficiency and quality, service level prediction at the customer point (CPE) and offers other useful tools. Fiber Instrument Sales Inc. Booth 517 Fiber Instrument Sales Inc. (FIS) has been a telecommunications distributor and focused manufacturer of fiber optic related test equipment, fusion splicers, pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies, termination tool kits, fusion splice on connectors, mechanical splice connectors, cleaning consumables and fiber interconnect panels. Look no further for your Fiber to the “X” solutions including outdoor cabinets for pedestal or pole mounting with preloaded fiber interconnect panels and cable stub. Select different sizes of outdoor network interconnect device (NID) boxes for Multi-Dwelling units (MDUs) or single residence or business buildings with individual preterminated drop cables or bulk cable and connectors. FIS is recognized for its fiber optic training programs, offering optional on site corporate trainings for fiber termination, FTTx architectures and operation of test equipment. FiberLight Booth 637 We build one-of-a-kind fiber networks that ignite digital transformation. With our customers and partners, we design, build, and deploy missioncritical networks and responsive customer experiences. Fibersmith Booth 151 Fibersmith was founded in 2013 by Donny Smith with a mission to expand broadband internet access to rural and historically underserved areas. Our team of seasoned professionals bring innovative ideas and wellearned expertise to each project they undertake. Fibersmith Engineering specializes in fiber network design and telecommunications grant and loan applications, focusing on providers aiming to close the digital divide in rural areas. Our engineers are experts at designing and expanding your fiber network to reach customers in more communities. Our plant management team can help you troubleshoot your existing network or shorten the window from design to construction. FirstWave Booth 619 At FirstWave, our passion is to create intelligent software that our service provider partners and customers love. With software used globally by more than 150,000 organizations including household names like Microsoft and NASA, we aim to be at the front of the wave of transformational change in the IT operations and cybersecurity world. FISPA K912 FISPA is a member-driven association dedicated to providing its members a platform to advance communication services and grow their businesses through education, advocacy and collaboration with industry executives across the entire telecommunications community. Flytec Computers Booth 101 We are Flytec Computers, a distributor of wireless, wired, and network equipment serving the United States, Canada and LATAM markets. Our origins trace back to Doral, Fla., 30 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 L Z OO 2023 All information provided is valid as of Sept. 15, 2023

where we set out with a simple, profound mission: to connect with technology enthusiasts and foster growth together. Since our inception, we have experienced remarkable expansion and garnered invaluable insights. We appreciate your attention and are committed to assisting you every step of the way. Over the past five years, our company has witnessed exponential growth, and we are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of service and top-quality products to our valued clients. GCG Communications and Network Solutions Booth 617 Enabling A Connected World GCG Communications & Network Solutions is a national distributor of broadband, wireless, telecommunications products, including low-voltage cable solutions to meet project specifications for connected buildings. Our complete line of solutions, extensive supply chain, technical expertise and valueadded services set us apart. From simple to complex broadband and telecommunications projects, GCG Communications & Network Solutions is committed to enabling a connected world. GOCare Booth 551 GOCare provides a digital experience platform allowing service providers to interact with their customers when and how those customers prefer to interact – chat, SMS, email, social media or phone. GOCare combines the best of personal service with self-help, intelligent automations and proactive notifications to resolve customer inquiries in a single contact. GOCare clients enjoy improved operating margins with significantly fewer calls, higher appointment completions, faster collections, higher NPS scores and lower churn. Grandstream Networks Inc. Booth 329 Grandstream has been connecting the world since 2002 with unified communications and networking solutions that make communicating more impactful than ever before. Our award-winning solutions provide everything needed to build a seamless, easy-tomanage communication platform, offering a one-stop-shop for all networking, unified communications, collaboration and physical security solutions. Headquartered in Boston, Grandstream solutions are used in more than 150 countries and trusted by global enterprises and small businesses for their quality, reliability, and innovation. Graybar Electric Booth 411 Graybar, a Fortune 500 corporation and one of the largest employeeowned companies in North America, is a leader in the distribution of high quality electrical, communications, industrial, security and networking products, and specializes in related supply chain management and logistics services. Through its network of 289 North American distribution facilities, it stocks and sells products from thousands of manufacturers, serving as the vital link to hundreds of thousands of customers. For more information, visit or call 1-800-GRAYBAR. GS Yuasa Energy Solutions Booth 208 GS Yuasa Energy Solutions Inc. is an American subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation, the world’s second largest battery company and a 100-plus year old Japanese corporation. GS Yuasa Energy Solutions (GYES) was formed in 2019 to address the growing energy storage and reserve power markets. GYES brings together and leverages GS Yuasa Corporation’s advanced technologies with proven American market successes in lithium, telecom, UPS, alarm and security, and energy storage into a single business unit. GTC Technical Support Booth 550 In addition to GTC’s world-class technical support solutions, we assist our partners with a variety of tasks such as software and hardware support, billing and sales calls, call ticketing, dispatch and answering services, event registration, and appointment scheduling. Hana Wireless Booth 525 Hana Wireless provides quality components for indoor and outdoor wired and wireless broadband solutions. Product categories include antennas, enclosures, unique custom kits, mounts, adapters, power supplies and pre-made jumper cables. Harmoni Towers Booth 603 Harmoni’s mission is to provide the critical communications infrastructure needed to seamlessly connect the world. HCI Energy Booth 304 HCI Energy provides continuous, turnkey, eco-friendly power for critical missions around the world. We combine the latest in power technology and renewable sources to ensure round-the-clock, uninterrupted power that lowers operational cost while facilitating crucial business and community operations. Hyperconn Pte Ltd Booth 616 The wave of broadband upgrade brought by AI will require more convenient and stable device solutions. High-quality broadband connectivity starts with reliable and efficient infrastructure devices. With the increasing demand for innovative electronic products in WISP base stations and Data Center network equipment, Hyconext is committed to serving WISP operators, integrators, and data center facilities with advanced technology products and solutions to help build efficient foundational networks, enabling people to enjoy ubiquitous broadband connectivity. ICT Booth 247 Founded in 1986, ICT provides DC power conversion products and solutions for fixed wireless broadband, fiber, radio access networks and land mobile radio networks. ICT’s intelligent, Ethernet-enabled, modular N+1 DC power systems; intelligent DC power supplies; intelligent DC distribution panels; in addition to DC-DC converters, battery chargers and power inverters, are used by many WISPs to supply critical, uninterruptable DC power for their wireless communication sites. ICT’s focus is in using innovation to develop DC power products and solutions that help customers solve their power challenges, while providing the best value and lowest cost of ownership. InCoax Networks AB Booth 701 InCoax Networks is ‘Reinventing Connectivity’ in existing property coaxial networks for high performance broadband access by solving the ‘Last Mile Challenge’ in fiber-to-thehome (FTTH) and fixed wireless access (FWA) deployments for communication service providers (CSP) globally. The technology is a future proof, reliable and cost-effective complement, that reduces installation time and improves take-up rate, to boost digital inclusion and Internet access for all. Inscape Data Corporation Booth 816 Inscape Data Corporation is a U.S.- based specializing in weatherproof power over Ethernet (PoE) and fiber optic solutions manufacturer with 19 years of experience serving video security, WI-FI WISP and Smart City markets worldwide. Inscape Data’s All-in-One-Box outdoor 802.3af/ at/bt managed Gigabit PoE switch technology is at the forefront of technology, enabling a range of wired/ wireless, IP video and Smart City applications. More information about Inscape Data can be found at http:// Intracom Telecom Booth 335 Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems and solutions vendor operating for 45 years. The company has become the benchmark in fixed wireless access, and it successfully innovates in the 5G/4G wireless RAN transport and small-cell SON backhaul international arena. Intracom Telecom offers a comprehensive revenue-generating software solutions portfolio and a complete range of ICT services, focusing on IoT, SDN/NFV, big data analytics and data-driven intelligence, and Smart City solutions. Moreover, it addresses the energy and utilities industry, emphasizing on smart metering and end-to-end IT solutions. Intracom Telecom is also active in the defense sector providing security integrated systems for critical infrastructure protection and border surveillance. IP ArchiTechs Booth 545 IP ArchiTechs is a network consulting firm helping WISPs succeed using proven network designs to build scalable, redundant and manageable infrastructure deployments. We leverage cost-effective vendors, traditional and unorthodox to deliver cutting edge solutions. IPpay Booth 125 IPpay is an international payment processing company, supporting over 2,000 ISPs, Telcos, and Cable companies across the globe. Distinguished as an industry frontrunner, IPpay seamlessly integrates with over 75 Billing and OSS platforms, consistently elevating its stature as the most operationally efficient payment solution available for ISPs. ISP Supplies Booth 111 ISP Supplies is a provider of high quality wired and wireless networking equipment and services including all aspects of network design and deployment, RF planning, and frequency coordination. Centrally located in College Station, Texas, with a stocking warehouse in Ottawa, Canada, to serve your equipment needs. Our experienced team of network engineers are available to help customers build, operate and maintain point-to-point and point-to-multipoint licensed and unlicensed TDMA and LTE networks. ISP Supplies also specializes in provisioning Wi-Fi networks for small offices, outdoor venues and large enterprise deployments. As a solutions provider we can assist with every project from beginning to end. ISPN Booth 510 ISPN has been serving the WISP and broadband space since 1994. At ISPN, we understand how hard it is to fill highly technical positions and the complications that come with managing and maintaining an IT infrastructure as a WISP. We help leaders of community-focused ISPs elevate the customer experience and achieve growth through reliable, U.S. based, 24x7, support and IT solutions. Jonard Tools Booth 716 Founded in 1958, Jonard Tools manufactures tools for the telecom, CATV, fiber optic, home automation, security & alarm and electrical markets. Jonard Tools designs and engineers patented products by using customer partnerships to create innovative solutions for industry needs. New tools are released each month and are all ‘Made For Life’ with lifetime warranties. Through quality and innovation Jonard aims to move the industry forward and connect the world. KGPCo Canada ULD Booth 450 KGPCo is a leading communications and technology company in the business of providing the next generation of networks a strategic partner they can rely on strategic partner they can rely on to navigate change, implement innovation, and build the future. From ground to cloud, our approach to transforming networks is nothing short of transformational. KGPCo OneTouch is your single source for everything from design and architecture to production and sourcing to installation and support. As North America’s largest supply chain and network solutions partner, we’re the only ones that offer such comprehensive and integrated services. That’s why 32 WISPAPALOOZASHOW I OCTOBER 9 – 12, 2023 L Z OO 2023 All information provided is valid as of Sept. 15, 2023