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Sennheiser has announced a trade-in program whereas businesses have the option to replace existing headsets with Sennheiser’s SDW 5000 Series communications hub. The company’s SDW 5015 and SDW 5016 headsets allow users to connect via desk phone, cell phone, PC or other mobile devices through a unique base unit, accommodating high-quality communications from a variety of de- vices and environments. Through this promotion, Trade In & Trade Up, businesses that pur- chase Sennheiser products from an authorized reseller can trade-in com- petitive DECT or corded headsets and receive a Sennheiser SDW 5000 series headset at no cost. Similarly, businesses that utilize Sennheiser SD Series or D10 DECT headsets have the opportunity to “trade up” their past and new purchases to receive free unit/s of the new SDW 5000 Series headsets. The program requires eligible companies to pur- chase a corresponding amount of Sennheiser SDW 5015 or SDW 5016 headsets as part of the trade. According to global service pro- vider BT Business, 85 percent of callers who can’t communicate with a company on the first try won’t call back — evidence of the dire role that communications plays in growing the bottom line. “Today’s workplace is rife with innovation. Consumers will no lon- ger tolerate low-grade audio quality, which denigrates the customer en- gagement experience,” said Tori Se- liokas, channel manager, Sennheiser Enterprise Solutions. “Our new Trade In & Trade Up promotion makes it easy for companies to dis- miss inferior audio quality, renewing their commitment to customers and facilitating a state-of-the-art commu- nications experience.” Headset models to be traded can be in any condition: new, used or even damaged. “The Sennheiser SDW 5000 head- set is not just a DECT product,” Se- liokas added. “The device has been engineered as a communications hub to address the shifting variables of the contemporary workforce. This is an especially poignant feature since most users — especially tech-savvy millennials now entering the market- place — use different devices over the course of the day.” Did you know that according to the American Marketing Association, con- sumers are exposed to over 10,000 brand messages per day? It’s no wonder businesses are having an increasingly hard time getting their message noticed amid the clutter that bombards their customers daily. The good news is, inte- grating mobile into your digital market- ing program ensures that your unique message gets to your customers on any device or platform they may be check- ing—online, social or mobile. Meeting your customers where they’re searching, when they’re searching is the best way to power meaningful engagement. But what makes mobile so power- ful when integrated with an existing digital marketing platform? The aver- age consumer checks their mobile phone over 80 times per day. Putting your message in front of consumers on the very device they can’t live without offers the highest and best chance for connecting and engaging with them. You want to grow your revenue or generate more commissions. You want to provide customers or advertisers with the best products and solutions. But your success in achieving these goals lies in your ability to get your message seen. Whether your customers are con- sumers or other small businesses, the competition for their attention is steep. Vivial’s integrated approach to marketing will put you everywhere you need to be. And the bonus is that when you rely on Vivial, inte- grated marketing requires little effort or drain on your own resources. To learn more about how to get started with an online, social and mo- bile marketing plan, or for a chance to win a three-month free trial of our award-winning mobile-focused mar- keting package, visit Vivial at booth 930 or stop by Channel Futures The- ater at 3:20 p.m. on Thursday 10/11 at Channel Partners Evolution. Not attending Channel Partners Evolu- tion? Email for more information. Sennheiser Launches Headset Trade-in Program Why you need to integrate mobile into your digital marketing Core Communications Channel Vision | September - October, 2018 72