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Core Communications The merger was an ideal match. Both compa- nies’ platforms, for instance, happened to be built with the same FreeSWITCH RTC architecture. What’s more, as a hybrid provider, Star2Star used an edge device, while Blueface was purely cloud- based. So when the two companies joined forces, Star2Star was able to pivot into what the company calls a “Full Spectrum Communications” enabler. We spoke with Star2Star chief marketing officer David Portnowitz, who shed some light on what this powerful shift means for channel partners. “If you are a partner looking to sell UC, we now have a solution that fits every single customer type,” Portnowitz said. “We have a purely cloud- based solution, we have our hybrid solution, and we also have cloud and hybrid with SD-WAN. So if you want to add an extra layer to control the data or pipes, you have those options as well. Then we layer on top of that 4G LTE failover, and you really have a complete offering.” Full Spectrum Approach toUC E arlier this year Star2Star Communications merged with Blueface, Europe’s largest UC provider — a move that introduced a major global player into the rapidly growing unified communications (UC) industry. No longer just a hybrid provider, Star2Star is turning heads in the global UC arena By Garald Baldino ® David Portnowitz Channel Vision | September - October, 2018 74