818-921-3624 RITALIA FUNDING Introducing a new financing product: FIBER ONLY PROJECT is back and Better! We want to provide this new solution to ALL members that are interested in implementing fiber in their area and want to finance the cost in an easier, quicker way, while at the same time being cost-effective and simple to qualify and apply. Ivan Crowe V.P. of Sales Email: icrowe@rtflease.com VISIT US BOOTH 515 Details: Up to 350K Approvals for Fiber Projects Max length of financing term: 5 years No Personal Guarantees Minimum 5 years in business Rates as low as 6% Soft Costs and labor can also be included AND GET TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYTHING WE CAN FINANCE FOR YOUR WISP Header... With anticipation of more than $65 billion approved through the federal bipartisan infrastructure bill passed last year, WISPAMERICA 2022 returns to New Orleans for the annual conference and trade show. More than 1,000 people are expected to attend with more than 100 exhibitors showcasing their latest products, software and services and more than 50 panels will be discussing the latest news in the industry ... and what to do with all that money. But this year’s event also will have a pinch of emotion attached to it, as it will be the last for WISPA President & CEO Claude Aiken, who announced in February that he would step down at the end of April. Still, leading into the event, Aiken remained committed to seeing WISPAMERICA 2022 be a success. “We have done something new this show by putting a show within a show, so to speak – our Broadband Billions Bootcamp,” Aiken said. “This was a full day event on Monday, which we designed to help our members understand at a deep and practical level what’s needed to take advantage of, or defend against, the massive new funding coming through the NTIA [National Telecommunications and Information Administration] to the states to deploy broadband. “We had industry experts, government officials and others really take a comprehensive look at what’s in store,” he said. Another highlight of this week’s event, he said would be the keynote presentation on Wednesday, featuring Calix CEO Carl Russo and Cambium CEO Atul Bhatnagar. “These companies are at the forefront of the fixed wireless/hybrid broadband revolution, and so it’ll be very interesting to hear their takes on where the industry is now and where it’s likely to go,” Aiken said. “The format will be a fireside chat, with moderated questions and then some Q&A from the audience. We’re going to get a lot of audience interaction on this one.” (Continued on page 6) DAY 1 NEW OR L EANS , LA NOLA Welcomes WISPAMERICA 2022

4WISP Program Get on our sites easier and faster. © 2022 ATC IP LLC. All rights reserved. WISPAMERICA® is a registered trademark of Wireless Internet Service Providers Association. Visit booth #407 at WISPAMERICA® or americantower.com/4WISP to learn how we can accelerate your rural broadband deployments. Site #373105, 130’ Guyed Tower, Alton, NH

4 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 Nexusguard, a DDoS cybersecurity solution provider, launched the Nexusguard’s VoIP Protection Solution, a cloud-based managed anti-DDoS solution to protect the three critical VoIP components: IP Links, Session Border Controllers (SBC) and DNS domains for wireless internet service providers (WISPs). According to Nexusguard’s research data, the past couple years have been hectic for ISPs and users because of a rise in DDoS attacks aimed at VoIP providers. Bad actors adopted a combination of TCP, UDP, SIP and DNS attacks to bring down targeted VoIP services. Attacks were seen over 100Gbps with high packet rate over millions per second, resulting in network congestion, call failure and poor quality. “Attackers recognized the importance of SBC and to bring down SBC, they sent multi-vector attacks towards the target using a mixture of TCP, UDP and SIP attacks. Besides SBC and IP link being the victims, SIP domains are also under attack,” said Juniman Kasman, chief technology officer of Nexusguard, “When SIP domains become unavailable, users are unable to register themselves for SIP calls. To ensure uptime availability of VoIP services, IP link, SBC and DNS are the critical elements that require protection.” Wireless internet service providers with VoIP services could be at risk of the same type of DDoS attacks and a well-planned defense strategy will help WISPs avoid unnecessary service issues. Nexusguard’s VoIP Protection Solution involves two flagship DDoS protection products: Origin Protection and DNS Protection. Nexusguard’s Origin Protection is designed to protect mission-critical services across a network from L3/4 and L7 attacks. When a VoIP network is under attack, the Cloud Diversion App will trigger auto-announcement of the VoIP service block. A /24 BGP route will be announced through Nexusguard, diverting attacks to Nexusguard’s globally distributed network of scrubbing centers. Clean traffic can then be returned to customers through the Direct Connect/GRE tunnel. VoIP providers can implement Nexusguard DNS Protection as their authoritative or secondary DNS, either by replacing or augmenting their existing DNS infrastructure. In either case, organizations receive a scalable and secure DNS network to ensure the best possible experience for their users. To help simplify the DDoS problem, Nexusguard has launched the “DDoS Simplified Program” for WISPs. This solution includes: • Protection that WISP’s need at a price that makes business sense • Fully managed DDoS protection solution to protect their network infrastructure and critical applications (websites, DNS) • 24 x 7 monitoring, attack detection and auto-diversion • Optional partnership program that enables WISPs to sell new cybersecurity services within 15 days • NO CAPEX purchase m To learn more about the DDoS Simplified program for WISPs and the Nexusguard’s VoIP Protection Solution, visit https://www.nexus guard.com/wispa or contact the solution team at contact@nexusguard.com or visit booth #708. Nexusguard Launches Managed DDoS Protection Leading into WISPAMERICA 2022, Aiken said the industry faces the same major issues it always has including access to capital, access to spectrum and grappling with regulatory environments designed for much larger companies. “If government can recognize the specific needs of the community-based ISP industry and develop policies that encourage those folks to improve and grow their businesses, America as a whole will be better off,” Aiken said. The months of planning have paved off, as WISPAMERICA has had to add exhibitor space for the show, to get all the new hardware, software and services displayed so attendees can see the latest advances in the ecosystem, Aiken related. “I am very excited about the way we’ve built the agenda so that attendees really get a lot of value for their stay here in New Orleans,” he said. “This is a must-attend event.” For WISPAMERICA newbies, Aiken said firsttime attendees can take some practical steps to maximize what they get from the show. Among his tips: • Have plenty of business cards • Wear comfortable shoes • Stay hydrated • Take advantage of co-located events “But really, I think the best advice is to map out where you want to go via our agenda on Attendee Mobile, especially for the panels,” Aiken said. “The exhibition hall is a spot – a big one, but it’s in one place. The panels and their times, you can’t attend them all, so an attendee needs to be a little more strategic in this regard. “There is literally something for every taste and interest in the industry – from the operational, to new equipment, to regulatory, etc. – and we’ve provided easy access to the information so an attendee can make the most of his or her experience here,” he said. Although COVID-19 finally has been regulated to a fourth- or fifth-tier story in the news because of rapidly declining case counts and hospitalizations, WISPAMERICA 2022 still has numerous precautions in place to keep all attendees safe. “Chief among these is partnering with Louisiana state, local and city officials, as well as with representatives of the hotel and exhibition space hosting the event, to ensure that all health codes and other COVID-related guidelines are strictly maintained and followed,” Aiken said. “Current COVID rules for the City of New Orleans can be found here: COVID Restrictions – NOLA Ready [http://ready.nola.gov]. All those exhibiting and attending WISPAMERICA 2022 will be required to comply with these, or other regulations (should they occur).” Aiken added that while New Orleans has lifted its mask requirement, it is likely its vaccine and negative COVID test protocols will remain. This is why attendees were screened when they registered to ensure they were either vaccinated or have tested negative for COVID-19. “As to the latter, test results are only good for 72 hours, so some attendees who depended on a negative test for entry will have to get another test for the remaining part of their stay,” Aiken said. “We we are offering those on-site for a fee.” Because this will be his final show as President & CEO, Aiken said he wants the event to be great. “I’d love to see this be a successful show both for WISPA and our industry. That means we are able to provide top-level education and access for our members to the latest knowledge, gear and networking that will make their businesses better and their lives easier,” he said. m (Continued from page 1) Claude Aiken, WISPA President & CEO

LEARN MORE AT LIGHTYEAR.AI TELECOM MADE EASY. HERE’S WHAT ONE OF OUR ISP CUSTOMERS HAS TO SAY... “Lightyear’s software ran an RFP for us in two weeks that would have taken our engineers two months. We consider ourselves a very cost conscious ISP, and still Lightyear was able to achieve 20%+ cost savings for us. So for us it’s a no brainer, the Lightyear ROI is instant.” Prashanth Vijay CEO, Flume Lightyear's free software allows WISPs to buy and manage their network services (IP Transit, Backhaul, and Data Center Interconnects) on a ridiculously easy-to-use online platform. WASTING TIME SOURCING IP TRANSIT?

6 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 Martin Vilaboy Editor-in-Chief martin@bekabusinessmedia.com Bruce Christian Senior Editor bruce@bekabusinessmedia.com Brady Hicks Contributing Editor brady@bekabusinessmedia.com Percy Zamora Art Director percy@bekabusinessmedia.com Rob Schubel Digital Manager rob@bekabusinessmedia.com Jennifer Vilaboy Production Manager jen@bekabusinessmedia.com Berge Kaprelian Group Publisher berge@bekabusinessmedia.com (480) 503-0770 Anthony Graffeo Publisher anthony@bekabusinessmedia.com (203) 304-8547 Nazal Parvin Associate Publisher nazal@bekabusinessmedia.com (415) 516-7053 Power & Tel Relieves Fiber Exhaust in the Harshest Environments WAV, MBSI WAV, Last Mile Gear Announce Agreements with Positron As consumers demand higher speeds and better reliability, innovative solutions are needed to provide dependable service for the customer and fast, cost-effective deployment for the service provider. This is true more-so for multiple-tenant units (MTU) than in any other network area. Space limitations and varying building layouts offer some unique challenges. Brownfield installations can require technicians to become creative with fiber routing. Network designs in greenfield buildings must focus on future-proofing the network as well as lowering the cost of maintenance. Once the MTU is built, the ability to provide simple, fast, non-disruptive upgrades and maintenance is imperative. For each of these, no one fiber network design will fit all. The model of a re-enterable pathway is the best option from a deployment and maintenance perspective. With that, common themes and similar product concepts/solutions can be utilized. Combining Clearfield FieldShield pathways with FieldShield fiber assemblies and WaveSmart optical components provide a comprehensive portfolio of field-tested solutions designed to reduce the costs associated with fiber deployment and management. Making sure service availability is never compromised. FieldShield microduct provides a rugged pathway that allows the pre-connectorized fiber to be pushed or pulled in easily. Eliminate the need to splice with pre-connectorized drops, saving time and money. This also means no added costs to equip each technician with fusion splicers. Additionally, because of its high column strength, FieldShield Microducts can be deployed as a rod directly within a larger occupied duct that was previously thought exhausted. WaveSmart components can aid in those areas where fiber is scarce. m Learn more about Power & Tel’s full range of products and services: visit ptsupply.com or email info@ptsupply.com or visit Table 10. WAV, MBSI WAV and Last Mile Gear, full-service distributors of LTE, wireless broadband, networking, and Wi-Fi equipment, and Positron Access Solutions, the manufacturer of carrier grade products that extend Gigabit wireless services to residential multi-dwelling units (MDUs), and business multi-tenant units (MTUs), announced distribution partnerships to supply Positron’s G.hn Gigabit Access Multiplexers (GAM) through their channels across North America. With this agreement, WAV will provide presales engineering, stocking, network design and post-sales services for Positron’s GAM product portfolio to enable ISPs to provide a scalable and cost-effective solution to extend Gigabit services in MDUs, MTUs, and public buildings over existing in-building wiring. Adding Positron’s GAM to WAV, MBSI WAV and Last Mile Gear’s portfolio of products will enable its customers to increase ROI, get the fastest time to revenues and increase market share at a fraction of the cost to install fiber. The GAM delivers managed real-time symmetrical Gigabit speeds without rewiring to 800 feet on telco pairs or to 2,600 feet on coax. The GAM provides the same ARPU as fiber, installs in hours and is profitable from day one even with minimal initial subscriber take rates. It is the ideal solution to take advantage of the FCC ruling that provides open access to the wiring in all multi-tenant buildings. “WAV, MBSI WAV and Last Mile Gear are excited to offer Positron’s GAM solution to our valued partners in the United States, Canada and Caribbean,” said Bob Nelson, WAV’s COO. “The ability to offer Gigabit speeds in schools, hotels, historic buildings and MDUs where re-wiring is not an option is an absolute game-changer. Positron rounds out our portfolio of networking and WLAN solutions to provide our MSP, reseller and integrator partners a wide breadth of connectivity options.” Positron Access Solutions’ President and CTO Pierre Trudeau added, “These partnerships will enable innovative service providers to leap forward with a competitive edge and provide their subscribers with the best-of-breed internet services they demand quickly, cost effectively and without construction disruption.” m For more information, visit WAV, MBSI WAV & Last Mile Gear at booth #200. Claude Aiken President & CEO caiken@wispa.org Louis Peraertz Vice President of Policy lperaertz@wispa.org Eric Slee Director of Government Affairs eslee@wispa.org Richard Bernhardt National Spectrum Adviser rbernhardt@wispa.org Mike Wendy Director of Communications mwendy@wispa.org Steve Schwerbel State Advocacy Advisor sschwerbel@wispa.org Gary Helmers Sales Manager ghelmers@wispa.org Alysha Zang Digital Marketing Associate azang@wispa.org Denise Kovacs Office Administrator dkovacs@wispa.org Jennifer Lisaius Member Relations Specialist jlisaius@wispa.org Contact WISPA 712 H Street NE Suite 1888 Washington, DC 20002 Tel: (866) 317-2851

8 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 The Right Closure for the Right Network As demand continues to grow and expand, agile infrastructure is essential. Fiber-splice closures are used throughout the network and are suited for a variety of applications including aerial, pedestal, buried or underground. Closures need to be compatible with various types of cables and be accessible easily for maintenance, updates and expansions. The closures are designed to protect from water and harsh environmental conditions, keeping the components protected and the network up and running. Power & Tell is a stocking distributor for CommScope closures. Innovative gel sealing technology protects your connections inside from water, sand, dust and other contaminants that could degrade optical performance. Numerous re-entries are allowed due to its self-healing capability. his makes maintenance and adding extra customers fast and easy, long after deployment. Benefits of gel sealing technology: • Suitable for aerial, pedestal and underground (manhole or direct buried) • Available for spliced and connectorized closures • Compatible with all fiber types (G652D – G657 series) • Facilitates fast, reliable closure re-entry and re-sealing Outside plant conditions can be harsh. These closures are designed to work and are field tested for: • Moisture resistance — underwater and under pressure • Cable manipulation — axial pull, torsion, flexing, and impact • Optical torsion and bending • Resistance to vibration, temperature, chemical, and UV rays Power & Tel supplies cutting-edge products that provide superior value. For almost 60 years, the company has made it a priority to provide high-quality equipment, while growing as an industry leader in supply chain management, innovation and industry products. Each network has its own trait, Power & Tel can help you find the perfect solution and deploy the right closure in the right place. m https://www.ptsupply.com/manufacturer/ COMMSCOPE-CONNECTIVITY PointLiNQ Tool Reduces CPE Installation Time BLiNQ Networks’ PointLiNQ tool reduces OPEX costs and speeds up fixed wireless network deployments by reducing the installation time of customer premise equipment (CPEs). Its ability to estimate link performance, test throughput and optimize signal quality and then provide performance reports for automated submission to the SAS database makes PointLiNQ one of the most innovative fixed wireless tools in the market. By reducing the overall complexity of installations and automating the SAS registration process, PointLiNQ enables CBRS deployments to scale faster and easier. CPE installation and alignment time can be reduced by up to 80 percent for an inexperienced installer and demonstrates up to 25 percent better throughput in the downlink and 35 percent better in the uplink by using PointLiNQ. Considerable cost savings can be made without the need for ongoing support due to consistently correct and optimized installation for each deployment. Combined with the NetLiNQ Portal that provides location-based lists of active eNodeBs, PointLiNQ takes the guesswork away from an installer and allows those without prior wireless experience to obtain the optimal link performance when installing CPEs. The tool consists of a compact device which attaches to the CPE’s mounting bracket and an advanced app that uses machine learning to optimize the installation process. The device powers the CPE during the alignment process, thus allowing the installer to identify an optimal installation location free of any cabling or extension cords. The device can be recharged fully via USB cable and can support five to six installations with a single charge. The app connects to the device via Wi-Fi and features a user-friendly interface that runs on Android and iOS platforms. The app’s installation and CPE alignment wizard provides location serviceability, list of target eNodeBs and estimates of signal strength and link performance. During the installation, the app guides the installer with detailed alignment instructions and provides real-time KPI reporting to optimize RSRP and SINR. Once the alignment is completed, by a click of a button, all the required CPI information flows through the CPE CBSD agent and automatically requests a grant to transmit from the CBRS SAS. Installation ends with a real-time throughput test and a final report that records all the relevant information for the installation. For deployment of CBRS Band 48 CPEs, PointLiNQ provides single step registration and authorization capability to the SAS database. PointLiNQ is the optimal solution toolset to reduce installation times and eliminate the possibility of errors, in a repeatable practical manner that is unmatched. BLiNQ Networks is a pioneer manufacturer of CBRS-ready fixed wireless hardware, building the technology to provide essential internet connectivity. BLiNQ provides price and performance in LTE and 5G-ready solutions. m For more information visit blinqnetworks.com or visit booth #401.

HIGH PERFORMING NETWORK HIGH PERFORMING PEOPLE gpcom.com/carrier gpcwholesale@gpcom.com Multiple Wavelengths up to 100 Gbps Switched and dedicated Ethernet capable with network monitoring portal Extensive 13,500+ mile self-healing, diverse fiber network Connectivity to regional, national and global carriers Dedicated and shared Internet options Lit buildings and custom builds Connectivity to major cloud providers including AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud Carrier POPs including: Cheyenne, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha, St. Louis Nebraska statewide coverage-multiple routes with ability to bypass Omaha

1 0 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 Winncom Becomes Distributer for Alpha Wireless Visp.net Helps Track Inventory, Network Monitoring, Mapping When you’re building a wireless network, work with a partner that knows antennas. Alpha Wireless advises you through your build, so you achieve the highest performance and the greatest return on your investment. Alpha Wireless listens to you, to your goals, your business needs, your unique network topology. It then collaborates with you to design and to deliver a network that will stand the test of time in an ever-changing industry. Consumers demand greater amounts of bandwidth for 5G, video, IoT applications and more. For operators, there is tremendous opportunity in the 3.5 GHz spectrum to meet these demands and close the digital divide. Yet, this opportunity comes with challenges. Building a new network or extending an existing network using 3.5 GHz is risky because it’s new. There are interference challenges, geographical barriers and zoning and concealment issues that can slow down the project and cost time and money. Working with an experienced partner instills confidence and the results needed. Antennas represent only two percent of a network budget. However, choosing the right antenna for the right application can have a huge economic impact. It can reduce the number of nodes needed and ease zoning and concealment issues. It also can increase your return by delivering the kind of performance that creates customer satisfaction and retention. Winncom, which has become a distributer for Alpha Wireless, has more than 15 years of global experience in all kinds of network builds, but especially 3.5 GHz. It has developed a broad antenna portfolio in response to the issues it has seen. Winncom Technologies, a premier valueadded distributor, partners with leading technology manufacturers to provide a global client base with cutting-edge network solutions and premium support services. Winncom’s senior-level RF engineers are experienced and proficient in start-to-finish RF design and engineering services. From link budget calculations and propagation coverage designs to Public Safety and Cellular DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), Winncom engineers are ready to offer their expertise to ensure your network runs efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. The company’s engineers have been through rigorous education and training courses, not to mention countless hours of experience in the field. With the best tools at hand, like Pathloss 5.0, trust in Winncom to design, maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot even your most complex wireless communications infrastructures in outdoor and indoor environments. Engineering services typically are used to help map out the indoor space in question to determine what equipment will be needed and to design the schematic of the cable runs and the location of splitters, Access Points and other key equipment. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Solon Ohio, Winncom is at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, demonstrating a reputation for quality products and a customer-centered business model. The mission of Winncom Technologies is to make your needs our top priority. As new & innovative wireless technologies transform the way we all live and work, m For more information, visit booth # 415 Tracking equipment in a growing network is challenging, and a reliable equipment management system showing hardware deployment sites is essential. Internet service providers invest a lot of capital in their network infrastructure. One major challenge is keeping track of what’s in stock or deployed and where that hardware is in the network. Visp.net’s infrastructure resource management (IRM) manages equipment and inventory and includes a network monitoring and mapping integration to help visualize, track and plan ISP networks. Equipment and inventory profiles are reusable user-defined templates that organize and store the information needed to keep on each component. This information includes infrastructure locations like wireless sites and settings, serial numbers, MAC and IP addresses. IRM stores the information unique to each device in the network. The system’s Inventory and Purchase Order component tracks the model, price, product SKU, purchase date and vendors. Additional features in the IRM system include a helpful map to view, manage, monitor and plan network infrastructure buildouts. Other valuable ISP tools are LOS qualification to new prospects and “what if” planning for things like point-to-point links between sites. IRM is the beginning of more exciting features: Visp.net’s Development Timeline includes more ISP features that will release soon. To learn more about Visp.net, call Dave Thomas at 541-955-6905 or email success@ visp.net. Established in 1989, Visp.net develops software to help ISPs streamline their billing, empower them to monitor, manage and control the network assets better and make it effortless to focus more time on growth to attract new subscribers. m For more information, visit booth #11.

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 1 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 Total Highspeed Internet Chooses MACC’s Accounting Master Total Highspeed Internet recently completed its conversion to MACC’s Accounting Master. The company now is using MACC software to meet its accounting needs, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory and material management. Located in Nixa, Missouri, and locally owned, the company provides fiber and wireless internet, telephone and a variety of additional technology services to more than 90 communities in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. “Total highspeed internet is a growing company delivering great fiber and wireless internet service, plus outstanding support to their customer base.” said Craig Aman, MACC’s President and CEO. “We are excited to have the company join the MACC family of clients and look forward to seeing Accounting Master play a role in their future success.” MACC’s billing system is used by telecom companies of all sizes across the United States. Its products empower clients to reach efficiency through integration and process automation. MACC’s products are supported by professional and dedicated customer care teams to ensure outstanding servic. MACC also offer the stability of being a growing company with more than 45 years of experience. m For more information, visit booth #106. RemoteWinBox Launches Network Management Solution A cloud software provider that specializes in MikroTik Fleet Management has developed an all-in-one solution that provides MikroTik users the key to managing all their routers. In the last year, RemoteWinBox has launched the Admiral product, which provides users with dedicated cloud automation and orchestration of an entire MikroTik fleet. Admiral was developed by a U.S. team of certified MikroTik engineers who understand the hurdles that MikroTik users must jump through to manage their networks. These engineers constantly are looking for ways to maximize automation and minimize costs. Admiral allows users to mass update firmware, run bulk configuration, provides automatic backups, manage users, view bandwidth and usage, and monitor overall health of their network. The product can be deployed from the company’s co-lo or on-premise with the business’ hypervisor in their data center. It allows users to control their networks fully, just as an admiral commands a fleet. m Visit the RemoteWinBox Team at booth #618 or at remotewinbox.com.

1 2 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 BREAKOUT SESSIONS 2:15pm-3:15pm Spectrum Update: 2.5 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5.9 GHz, 6 GHz, CBRS, & More Beyond the Press Release to Achieve Brand Awareness Managing Your Supply Chain MPLS Use Cases & Strategies -48v DC Power DEEP DIVE 1 | 0-300 CUSTOMERS - HOW TO GET STARTED 2:15pm-4:45pm Second Floor Room 235 ABC - Just started your ISP? Learn how to grow it! This session includes best practices and areas (network, support, HR, legal, marketing, etc.) that require attention from the beginning to help you scale. SPEED DATING 10:45am-12:00pm BREAKFAST • OPENING SESSION • SPONSOR INTRODUCTIONS 8:00am-9:30am Second Floor, La Nouvelle Ballroom INDUSTRY PANEL 9:45am-10:30am EXHIBIT HALL • LUNCH First Floor, Hall D, Exhibit Hall 12:00pm-2:15pm Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm EXHIBIT HALL RECEPTION 4:45pm-6:30pm First Floor, Hall D BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3:45pm-4:45pm Rules to Know When Getting Started as an ISP Marketing Against Your Competiton - Both Big & Small Not Your Father's WISP Over-subscription & Capacity Planning Helium and IoT and your Network Room 238 Room 242 Room 244 Room 245 Room 243 Regulatory Marketing Business Advanced Tech Tech Room 243 Room 238 Room 242 Room 244 Room 245 INTERMISSION 10:30pm-10:45am INTERMISSION 3:15pm-3:45pm INTERMISSION 9:30am-9:45am Regulatory Marketing Business Advanced Tech Tech W I S P A M E R I C A DAY ONE M A R C H 1 5 BREAKOUT SESSIONS 2:15pm-3:15pm Spectrum Update: 2.5 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5.9 GHz, 6 GHz, CBRS, & More Beyond the Press Release to Achieve Brand Awareness Managing Your Supply Chain MPLS Use Cases & Strategies -48v DC Power DEEP DIVE 1 | 0-300 CUSTOMERS - HOW TO GET STARTED 2:15pm-4:45pm Second Floor Room 235 ABC - Just started your ISP? Learn how to grow it! This session includes best practices and areas (network, support, HR, legal, marketing, etc.) that require attention from the beginning to help you scale. SPEED DATING 10:45am-12:00pm BREAKFAST • OPENING SESSION • SPONSOR INTRODUCTIONS 8:00am-9:30am Second Floor, La Nouvelle Ballroom INDUSTRY PANEL 9:45am-10:30am EXHIBIT HALL • LUNCH First Floor, Hall D, Exhibit Hall 12:00pm-2:15pm Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm EXHIBIT HAL RECEPTION 4: 5pm-6:30pm First Floor, Hall D BREAKOUT SES IONS 3:45pm-4: 5pm Rules to Know When Getting Started as an ISP Marketing Against Your Competiton - Both Big & Small Not Your Father's WISP Over-subscription & Cap city Planni g Helium and IoT and your Network Room 238 Room 242 Room 244 Room 245 Room 243 Regulatory Marketing Busine s Advanced T ch Tech Room 243 Room 238 Room 242 Room 244 Room 245 INTERMISSION 10:30pm-10:45am INTERMISSION 3:15pm-3:45pm INTERMISSION 9:30am-9:45am Regulatory Marketing Business Advanced Tech Tech W I S P A M E R I C A DAY ONE M A R C H 1 5

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 3 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 EXHIBITORS AT-A-GLANCE Visp.net 11 SBA Edge 13 Federated Wireless 15 Edgility by Telco Systems 17 Pace International 19 Dura-Line 21 Multilink, Inc. 23 Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC 25 Vidgo 27 ISP Wholesale Networks by Easy Systems, Inc 31 Link Technologies, Inc. 101 Mavenir 102 Live Oak Bank 103 ROHN Products, LLC 104 Mid America Computer Corp. (MACC) 106 Mimosa by Airspan 107 Ribbon 108 NetPoint Antennas 109 Tectonic 110 FiberLight 111 TP-Link 112 SiFi Networks 114 ICT 115 Safety One Training 116 ISP Supplies 117 Turris.com 118 OnGo Alliance 120 WAV, MBSI WAV & LAST MILE GEAR 200 XtremeLTE/Ericsson 201 BillMax Billing Solutions 208 Telrad Networks 209 DiviNetworks 210 Millennium 211 Preseem 215 Tillman Infrastructure, LLC 217 Azotel / Solutions4ebiz 219 Crown Castle 300 PerfectVision 301 WISPTV 302 CTIconnect, LLC 303 Baicells 307 Comsearch & CommScope SAS 309 DoubleRadius, Inc. 311 Nokia 315 INTRACOM TELECOM S.A 316 ChannelVision Magazine 317 AFL 319 BLiNQ Networks 401 IPpay, LLC 402 American Tower 407 ISPApp MikroTik Cloud Managment 408 Vilo 409 SAF North America LLC 411 Winncom Technologies 415 Metaswitch (A Microsoft Company) 416 RADWIN 417 NISC 418 ISPN 419 Hana Wireless 502 Streakwave 503 Atheral LLC 508 RFelements 509 Plume 510 IP ArchiTechs 511 RITALIA FUNDING 515 Ethernity Networks 516 Siklu 517 Inteserra, A FAStek Company 518 PacketFlux Technologies 519 Tower One Inc 601 Aviat Networks 603 Sonar Software Inc. 605 Micronet Communications, Inc. 609 ServerPlus-Real Choice TV 610 Select Spectrum 611 BEC Technologies 613 Tycon Systems 614 Paymentus 615 Tower Ventures 616 Adtran 617 RemoteWinBox 618 Fibersmith 621 Bark 700 Powercode 701 MIMOTIK INC 703 Eupen Cable USA 704 FiberFlash LLC 705 PPC Broadband Inc. 706 Nexusguard Inc. 708 Positron Access Solutions 709 NetSapiens 710 International Tower Lighting (ITL) 711 Parallel Infrastructure 712 Winncom Technologies 713 Lightyear 800 Tempest 802 Musco 804 Baltic Networks 808 Innovative Systems 810 Inteliquent, a Sinch Company 812 Moore Com Productions LLC 814 Airties Inc. 816 SAC 818 Clearfield, Inc. 820 CITIWAVE SYSTEMS LTD T1 alliantgroup T2 MTC Engineering T3 Expera Online T4 DIRECTV T5 EasyStreet Systems T6 LEAF Commercial Capital T7 World Wide Technology T8 A10 Networks T9 Power & Tel T10 Company Name �����������������������������������Booth # Company Name �����������������������������������Booth # Company Name �����������������������������������Booth # M4 M3 M2 M1 031 027 025 013 011 120 118 116 114 023 112 021 110 019 108 015 017 106 104 102 117 115 214 111 210 107 109 208 200 103 101 700 701 703 704 705 706 711 712 713 708 709 710 316 219 217 215 209 211 201 302 300 319 418 315 317 416 311 307 309 408 301 303 402 419 518 415 417 516 411 510 407 409 508 401 502 500 503 519 618 517 515 616 614 509 511 610 621 820 818 617 816 615 814 613 611 812 810 605 804 601 603 802 800 609 808 T 10 T 9 T 8 T 7 T 6 T 5 T 4 T 3 T 2 T 1 M5

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 5 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 SiFi Creates Open Access Networks for Service Providers With a commitment of $2 billion of private investment, SiFi Networks is slated to pass 40,000 homes per month with fiber by 2023 with an aggressive roll out of its open access, citywide, FiberCity networks to 30 U.S. communities by the end of this year. It also is in talks with nearly 100 more communities. SiFi Networks is seeking growth focused ISPs to come along on its journey in revolutionizing the American broadband market. SiFi Networks growth-focused provides all project finance, design, construction, maintenance and upgrades, and provides ISPs with a Layer 2 network from the data center to the ONT/residential gateway within the premise. The scalable network is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with stringent and responsive equipment vendor and construction engineering SLAs. The benefits to the ISP are simple – zero capital expenditure, access to new and existing markets upon a state-of-the-art network, enabling high margins and higher returns on investment – with increased competitive advantage offering 10Gbps capable speeds from day one and business services can be configured and delivered with five nine’s reliability. “Our open access model allows ISPs to enter new markets very quickly, with no capital expense. It also allows for the smaller companies that come up against big hurdles to enter the market and access a large customer pool. It’s a no brainer and we are keen to speak to ISPs” said Joe Patton, President Wholesale Sales at SiFi Networks. m To learn more visit sifinetworks.com or stop by SiFi Networks at Booth 114 on the WISPA showfloor. Musco’s Communication-Structure System monopole offers wireless providers that can be deployed in two days or less, simplifies site acquisition, creates a safer installation process and delivers better reliability and longterm peace of mind. The Communication-Structure System monopole features a unique design in the trademarked 5 Easy Pieces that includes a precast concrete base, galvanized steel pole, adjustable polemounted cabinet support, cable management and pole top assembly. Here is what customers can expect: • Deployed in Two Days or Less – The precast concrete base eliminates the need for a newlypoured foundation. • Easier Site Acquisition – The pole-mounted cabinet support eliminates the need for a separate pad. • Safer Installation Process – All wireless equipment and radios are assembled on the ground along with the steel pole for a safer installation process for workers. More Reliable Performance – The system’s slip-fit design, integrated grounding, enclosed cabling, and corrosion mitigation provide superior long-term reliability. m Check out http://promo.musco.com/wispa to learn more or visit booth #804 for more information. Musco Deploys Wireless Service in Two Days or Less If you need an accounting solution, you need to talk to MACC. MACC's Accounting Master keeps fixed and wireless internet companies running smoothly and efficiently. Our software's general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, and material management features are all tailored for the needs of internet service providers. Be sure to ask about MACC Mobile, which gives your team in the field the ability to manage inventory using their smart phone. MACC can solve your accounting and inventory challenges BOOTH 106 1-800-622-2502 | www.MACCnet.com | 111 Admiral Drive, Blair NE

1 6 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 BEC LTE-A Outdoor CBRS Router Receives OnGo Certification SAF Tehnika Teams with GeoLinks to Provide Access to Spectrum BEC Technologies Inc., a developer and manufacturer of 4G LTE and 5G wireless broadband solutions, announced OnGo certification for its latest high-power LTE-A Outdoor CBRS Router, the BEC RidgeWave 7000R28-G. For operators, OnGo certification ensures the 7000R28-G has met a high set of quality, interoperability, and security standards for multivendor, large-scale deployments. The 7000R28-G is a high-performance CAT B CPE-CBSD explicitly designed to deliver enhanced uplink performance for CBRS Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployments. The 3GPP compliant platform provides LTE Category 15 peak downlink data rates of up to 580 Mbps. It includes carrier aggregation up to 4CA DL / 2CA UL, uplink MIMO, and integrated high gain 15.5 dBi 4X4 MIMO directional antenna providing a maximum of 38 dBm EIRP. CBRS deployments with the 7000 R28-G will experience increased capacity, higher downlink and uplink throughput and extended coverage. “By achieving OnGo certification, we are further demonstrating our commitment to CBRS ecosystem interoperability as well as ensuring customers’ confidence that our solutions will operate flawlessly in any network deployment,” said D’Andre Ladson, vice president of marketing. BEC outdoor devices are unique for their use of GORE Vents that allow for pressure equalization, humidity management and airflow, thus improving performance reliability and longevity. In addition, the enclosures are IP68/UL 50E rated for protection against dirt, water ingress and operation in extreme temperatures. Furthermore, enhanced safety lighting/ESD protection and wind loading operation up to 216 kph (135 mph) ensure years of dependable operation. The 7000R28-G integrates seamlessly with BECentral, the proven cloud-based remote management platform for managing largescale UE deployments. The platform includes SAS domain proxy and full interop with the top four SAS vendors. Administrators can view multiple visual dashboards with realtime analytics intelligence, detailed reporting, performance monitoring and complete lifecycle management. m The BEC 7000R28-G is available in North America through BEC distribution partners. If you would like to learn more about the solution, get in touch with sales@bectechnologies.net or visit booth # 613. SAF Tehnika JSC, a leader in microwave date transmission equipment internationally, announced GeoLinks has selected SAF Tehnika as a strategic partner to provide multi-gigabit, low-latency point-to-point microwave radios in the LMDS 29-31 bands. “The local multi-point distribution service – LMDS band is a great option in markets where traditional MW bands 11, 18, and 23 GHz have very limited availability,” said SAF Tehnika President Janis Bergs. SAF Tehnika’s Integra X dual-core radio platform is designed and built for exceptional performance and reliability delivering multi-gigabit throughput with superb spectral efficiency and industry leading transmit power. The Integra X platform in 6–23 GHz has a proven track record with deployments around the world. GeoLinks is a large holder of licensed spectrum in the 29-31GHz band (29.5-31.3GHz) throughout the contiguous United States. GeoLinks, through a partnership with Double Radius, a 20-year distributor of microwave equipment, will offer long-term leases of the LMDS spectrum at terms accessible to most broadband providers. The Double Radius team brings considerable expertise in helping broadband providers with equipment acquisition. “This go-to-market strategy will enable us to expand our existing market leadership into the licensed millimeter wave spectrum segment, which is poised for growth,” said Gerry Ford, President, DoubleRadius. The collaboration among these three companies combines frequency access, high-capacity radios and exceptional service in expanding broadband networks. “We are excited about the opportunity to extend to service providers reasonably priced access to licensed spectrum. Combining the cost-effective coverage potential of the spectrum and the low latency and high-capacity capabilities of the radios – we’re doing our part to bring better broadband to America” said GeoLinks President, COO Ryan Adams. m For information, visit booth #804.

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 7 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 Baicells Technologies, a global leader in cost-effective fixed wireless LTE solutions, announced its newest indoor CPE model at WISPAmerica 2022. The AtomID15MHP is an indoor CPE running on 3GPP Release 12, CAT15 standards and will include an embedded Wi-Fi AP to support Wi-Fi 6 operations in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz range. The unit will operate in LTE bands 41, 42, 43, and 48 making this compatible with the growing number of networks deploying CBRS spectrum, comes equipped with a DL 4x4 MIMO, and support Carrier Aggregation to provide a peak downlink rate of up to 580 Mbps. The indoor, CAT15 CPE is the next generation of indoor CPE offered by Baicells and will provide significant increase in performance over the previous CAT6 indoor CPE models. Notable enhancements include the transition from 802.11b/g/n to Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), an increase in modulation from 64QAM to 256QAM, channel bandwidth up to 80MHz with carrier aggregation, an increase of 32 active connections to 128 active connections, and the ability to set an EasyMesh configuration with the simple push of a button. The AtomID15M-HP will support a maximum TX Power of 30dBm (1W) to provide a higher data rate at the network’s edge and be remotely configurable through the Baicells OMC/web GUI to give network operators greater insight into their end-user’s connectivity situations. Another example of Baicells plug and play approach to delivering these advanced wireless networks. “Our team has been hard at work developing this new indoor CPE to provide WISPs the ability to setup a network and get customers connected incredibly quickly, without sacrificing quality of service,” said Boun Senekham, Baicells VP of Sales. “We’ve seen a large segment of the market using our cost-effective base stations coupled with our indoor devices to provide quick connectivity for campgrounds, mobile home parks, and local communities and this new, indoor CPE model should continue to drive this trend forward.” The AtomID15M-HP will be available for purchase in April through Baicells authorized distribution and reseller partners. m To learn more about the new AtomID15M-HP please visit Baicells booth #307 at WISPAmerica or visit https://promo.baicells.com/id15m-hp. Baicells Announces Indoor CAT15 CPE Launch “We’ve seen a large segment of the market using our cost-effective base stations coupled with our indoor devices ...” Boun Senekham, Baicells VP of Sales

1 8 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 Surpassing your deployment milestones by doubling the rate of your PON cabinet deployments is possible. Clearfield customers do it every day with modular, building block architectures using in-cassette splicing. No Splice Case. No Vault. No Inventory Management. Splicing inside the Clearview Cassette will: • Cut in half the time to place a cabinet • Minimize your labor costs • Reduce operational/maintenance costs How is this possible? Let’s dive in. Fiber distribution hub (FDH) cabinets come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Most popular sizes range from 144 to 432 count FDH cabinets. A common legacy method of FDH cabinet deployment ships with a high-count fiber tail from the factory that gets spliced into the feeder (F1) and distribution (F2) fibers in the field within a splice case at a vault near the cabinet. This operation requires opening the vault, pumping the manhole, setting up safety cones and signs impacting traffic, prepping multiple F1 and F2 cables, opening the splice case, tray preparation, bringing the fiber tails to the splice point, splicing the fibers, closing the splice case, and properly securing the F1 and F2 cables. Depending on the size of the cabinet and whether it is an aerial or pole mounted cabinet, the total installation time takes between six to nine hours. Clearfield supports this type of installation using our modular, 12-port patchonly Clearview Cassette with the fiber tail spliced in at the factory. Alternatively, to stay competitive and reduce operational costs inherent with legacy technologies, service providers are turning to patch and splice deployments using Clearfield’s in-cassette splicing as they upgrade their outside plant to an all-fiber network. With Clearfield’s in-cassette splicing, the FDH cabinets ship from the factory without fiber tails but equipped with Clearview cassettes ready for splicing in the field. The Clearfield cabinet is safer for the technicians as there are no traffic concerns. The F1 and F2 fibers terminate directly in the cassette. Many installation sites start with a cabinet that is 50 percent loaded with cassettes. The beauty of this setup is that providers can align their capital costs with subscriber take rates. This operation requires prepping only as many F1 and F2 cables as there are cassette ports, prepping the cassette, bringing the cassette to the fiber tails for splicing, splicing the fibers in the cassette, putting the cassettes back in the cabinet, and properly securing the F1 and F2 cables. Depending on the size of the cabinet and whether it is an aerial or pole mounted cabinet, the total installation time takes between two to five hours. That’s a 50 percent savings in installation time, and we all know that time is money. With homes passed affecting service provider success, rapid service turn up has become a necessity. Increased market demand for gigabit-class services is driving greenfield deployments, competitive overbuild and replacement of legacy copper and coax with future-proof networks. At the same time, given that skilled fiber technician shortages continue to persist, carriers look for ways to overcome deployment challenges by taking advantage of new techniques and craft-friendly technology. Using products tailored to simplify installation by reducing complexity can significantly cut installation times. Clearfield’s improved fiber cabinet designs eliminate the need for a splice case and the additional installation time. By taking advantage of more efficient technologies, carriers can cut fiber cabinet installation times in half — speeding time to revenue. m For more information visit booth # 820 Doubling Rate of Fiber Homes Passed is a Matter of Time By Kevin Morgan Clearfield Chief Marketing Officer Payment processor for ISPs and telecommunications companies IPpay is launching a product in conjunction with its bank sponsor, Fresno First Bank. Building on the payment processing relationship with offering loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), this program is an advancement in supplying operators with funding opportunities for project buildouts, acquisitions and the ability to purchase real estate. Using IPpay’s SBA offering will make it easier for operators to obtain cost-effective capital to grow their businesses more rapidly and with more profitability. Leveraging the history IPpay has with the industry, Fresno First Bank is excited to partner with the solution. “Fresno First Bank has seen this vertical as one needing additional financial services like SBA loans, and we cannot be happier than have the ability to do it with a partner like IPpay,” said Steve Miller, the bank’s CEO and President. Through the program, loans are offered up to a $5 million and terms setting the interest rate at a fixed amount above prime, with repayment times of 10 and 25 years, should it be real estate. “Supporting and innovating solutions and products for our customers is at the core of ConVergence’s companies; this is yet one more way we work to make our customers bigger, better, and stronger. With the team at Fresno First Bank sharing this vision, we have been able to make this possible.” Marc Kruer, CEO ConVergence Technologies IPpay was founded to solve card-notpresent (CNP) issues for recurring payments for ISPs, cable, and telecommunications providers. IPpay’s platform provides simple implementation and seamless integration that allows merchants to benefit without negative impact to cardholders. m IPpay is a member of the ConVergence Technologie Inc. family of companies. Additional information is available from IPpay’s website at www.IPpay.com or by calling 561-513-8778 or visit booth #402. IPpay Introduces Product to Help Operators Obtain Funding