BUILT IN AMERICA. BACKED IN AMERICA. www.winegard.com VISIT US AT BOOTH #307 innovations that go beyond > Portable Automatic Satellite TV Antenna Bundle PL7000R SCAN YOUR BADGE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN! For more than 60 years, Winegard high-performance antenna systems have brought everything from entertainment to critical data into homes, RVs, businesses and even NASA ® . It’s estimated there are 3 billion people in the world without internet access. Now you can get the same American-made technology and give Americans in remote locations access they need to the internet. FOR WORK AND PLAY CONNECT RW-2035 WIFI EXTENDERS | REFLECTOR DISH ANTENNAS | OVER-THE-AIR ANTENNAS | HARDWARE, MOUNTS AND ACCESSORIES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Winegard Outdoor Access Point/ Extender for WiFi where you need it. The RW-2035 connects to your existing network and creates an outdoor network to cover all the areas your indoor network can’t reach. Connectivity where you need it.