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Mobile & Wireless Spyglass Consulting has released a new report that explains how mo- bile devices are shaping the future of the hospital industry. In the study, 90 percent of hospitals indicated they are making enterprise-wide investments in smartphones and secure mobile com- munications platforms to drive clinical transformation and improve mission and patient-critical communications. At the same time, hospitals are up- grading their technical infrastructure to improve care quality, lower costs and increase satisfaction for patients and staff members, all of which are nec- essary for achieving the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple AIM framework. There is growing interest in supporting technologies such as uni- fied communications, enterprise-wide directories, event-driven communica- tions, reporting and analytics tools as well as cross platform enablement, Spyglass analysts attest. The study also found that 73 percent of hospitals have devel- oped mobile strategies to streamline communications, collaboration and computing for clinical professionals and mobile workers, while 68 per- cent of hospitals use middleware to collect, manage and monitor data, alarms and alerts from legacy-based systems. About half (48 percent) of hospitals have created ROI models to prove cost reductions, outcome Hospital Mobility is Skyrocketing, Study Shows Channel Vision | July - August, 2018 30