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Educate Your Audience and Generate Leads with a Custom Webinar! ChannelVision Webinars are designed to educate your demographic around a clear and concise topic that connects you with partners who are looking for active solutions. Generally around 30-45 minutes, these live events are a fantastic way to demo a product, show off a new feature, offer tips, address pain points to partners, decision makers, and industry experts. Choosing ChannelVision as your webinar partner is a smart choice to generate new leads for your company while gaining mindshare in the industry. Target and educate partners with your content in front and center. ChannelVision’s reach of 70,000+ industry professionals, provides branding and lead generation opportunities, before, during and after the live event. ChannelVision’s Webinar Package includes: v 30-45 Minute webinar event specific to topic of your choice v Minimum of 6-8 Weeks of Promotion and Editorial Coverage v Weekly Email Promotion promoting the event to your target audience to an estimated 40,000 recipients v Two articles written by ChannelVision Editorial prior to the live event promoting the webinar on v Display banner advertisements running on v Weekly newsletter placement promoting the live webinar v Webinar content to be created by client, may include, industry data points and graph analysis, etc. v ChannelVision to provide Moderator for the live event v Client will be given additional time at the end of the webinar to answer questions/poll the audience v On-demand version available for download for 12 months FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US 480-503-0770