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Improving the enterprise meeting room experience with so-called “Meet- ing Room of the Future” projects is climbing the IT priority list, suggests research from Nemertes. In some cases, outdated meeting rooms lack even the basic features of high-speed internet and convenient power outlets. Indeed, while most enterprises do not consider the buzziest technologies, such as digital whiteboards, voice as- sistants and artificial intelligence as must-haves in the modern conference room, they are placing priority on fast network connections, high-quality au- dio and lots of power outlets for meet- ing participants, suggests findings from Nemertes Research. The promise of emerging collaboration tools also is driving many conference room proj- ects, says the research firm. Two-thirds of the companies said they were planning or evaluating “confer- ence room of the future” projects, or had recently completed one. Just 4.9 percent had considered and rejected the idea. High-definition video conferencing is high on the list of upgrade plans among respondents, as well as inte- gration with calendaring applications and a consistent set of collaboration tools. Further down the list were digi- tal whiteboards – considered “vital” by 21.1 percent of enterprises – voice assistants (18 percent) and AI inte- gration (16.7 percent). Contact center suppliers are under pressure to connect quality customer care with revenue, by margins and profits, suggests findings by Rega- lixResearch. Organizations are realizing Conference Rooms Upgrading The Growing Role of ‘Customer Success’ 70% Portion of an IT buyer’s journey that is complete before first meaningful contact with a potential supplier, according to Techaisle analysts. Key Metrics Used to Measure Success of Customer Success Renewals 68% Customer churn rate 55% Customer health score 42% Net Promoter Score (NPS) 34% Customer Satisfaction level (CSAT) 31% Revenue generated 27% Engagement metrics 23% Adoption rate 19% Quantum of up-sell & cross-sell 16% Customer referral rate 10% ROI 10% Lifetime Value 5% Source: RegalixResearch Buyers Side Visit Us at Booth #3044 for Exclusive Show Specials +1 800-388-2475 Channel Vision | March - April, 2018 64