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research analyst at the CSA. “Only through the thoughtful use of disruptive technologies such as big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence can we help build a better, safer and more secure connected vehicle ecosystem.” “In the near future, connected ve- hicles will operate in a complex ecosys- tem that connects vehicles not only with each other and the traffic infrastructure but also with new forms of connectivity and relationships to cloud-based servic- es, smart homes and even smart cites,” said Brian Russell, chair of the CSA IoT Working Group. “For a safe and secure transportation system, the community must take a fresh look at the larger pic- ture and develop the policies, designs and operations that incorporate security throughout the development.” Another part of the challenge in securing devices is fragmentation. There is no blanket way to prevent gadgets from being hacked or held for ransom – nor to prevent your personal information to leak from them. These have to be secured – and updated – on a vendor- by-vendor basis. There is also to date little protocol standardization (there are 11 different protocols in the mix), so the market faces a situation that’s reminiscent of early technology de- bates like the ones between GSM/ CDMA and Betamax/VHS. The holes that this leaves in the security fabric can be especially problematic in busi- ness environments, where one data breach can result in lost revenue, lost customers, lost competitive advantage and significant brand damage. “End users [are] saturated with tools that don’t interoperate, alert fatigue from numerous tools and an insufficient supply of skilled personnel,” said Tera Davis, managing director at Critical Start, a security channel partner. As a result, Zion Market Research expects the global IoT security market to reach $464 million in 2020, growing at a compound annual rate of 42.4 percent. An Opportunity for the Channel According to a report from Share- Tracker, a mixture of network-based managed security services offered on a subscription basis will challenge home- grown device-specific approaches – a trend that has resulted in more managed offerings for channel partners. Cyber Patrol Source: AlienVault survey of 1,900 cybersecurity pros What benefits have you achieved/do you expect to achieve as a result of partnering with a security expert to run or augment your security operations? July - August, 2017 | Channel Vision 31 9 THE CH NNEL MANAGER’S PLAYBOOK