Channel Manager's Playbook - Volume 5: International Agent Opportunities

ChannelVision: Tell me a bit about your channel growth in the last few months. Cardi Prinzi: Over the past four years, vice president of channel sales Jason Kitzmiller has worked with chan- nel partners to help focus on the grow- ing opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. Following the Pacnet acquisi- tion, he has added channel managers Kit Carker in Dallas and Anthin Zito in the Pacific Northwest. They join Den- nis Calderwood in California and Marco Mancuso in New York to form a dedicated channel team with access to in-region experts in 22 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific. CV: What benefits do you offer the channel from a product and port- folio perspective? CP: As many U.S. companies are expanding into the growing markets throughout Asia, Telstra has the ex- pertise to help its customers execute their business plans. Many solutions combine multiple services – private line, MPLS, data center, managed and cloud services, and Internet services. Our subsea network represents up to 30 percent of total active ca- pacity in the Asia-Pacific region and connects all of the major markets in Asia. Unlike the U.S. and Europe, virtually all of the largest markets in Asia are connected with sub-sea networks, and Telstra has multiple routes and segments connecting the region together. With more than 2,000 global points of presence (PoPs), Telstra can work with agents and customers to offer global solu- tions. Importantly, with China con- tinuing to draw considerable interest, our joint venture in mainland China, Telstra PBS, has a network with 26 PoPs in China’s 21 key cities, provid- ing MPLS, managed network and data center services. By Tara Seals A ustralian powerhouse Telstra has invested heavily to become a major channel player in the United States, expanding its U.S. agent program after acquiring Pacnet in 2015. Telstra’s Cardi Prinzi discusses opportunities inAsia for U.S. channel partners Access toAsia International Agents That acquisition was part of Telstra’s significant investment in product and network upgrades to help U.S. multinational companies connect to customers in the Asia-Pacific region. The result is that through Telstra, channel partners can ac- cess the largest sub-sea fiber network in that region, as well as data centers in key markets such as mainland China. And, the company has built a dedicated channel team with a presence in California, New York, Texas and the Pacific Northwest to support those efforts. We sat down with Cardi Prinzi, head of U.S. sales at Telstra, to find out more about the company’s U.S. strategy and latest portfolio initiatives that would be of interest to the channel community. Cardi Prinzi, head of U.S. sales at Telstra 20 THE CHANNEL MANAGER’S PLAYBOOK