Channel Manager's Playbook - Volume 5: International Agent Opportunities

CV: What do you think are the greatest market opportunities for channel partners for 2017? CP: There is an incredible op- portunity in many of our channel partners’ existing customer bases, as well as opportunities to gain ex- pertise and help businesses expand into Asia. The market is expanding at double-digit rates, and U.S. business- es are either expanding in the region or looking to enter the market. Asia is the world’s largest eco- nomic region, and home to around half of the world’s Internet users. Telstra has decades of experience working with customers in the region, and continued growth is an integral part of our future. For example, we have been operating in China for more than 20 years, and today our joint venture Telstra PBS is one of the only partially foreign-owned companies providing value-added network and data center services on the Mainland. Opportunities in China have been a leading reason for agents to engage Telstra, and helping expand conver- sations with customers to drive new opportunities. We also continue to in- novate and support our customers with talent from around the world, creating exceptional experiences for them. CV: What about the greatest challenges? CP: The biggest challenge for channel partners and their custom- ers is often not knowing how to get things done in Asia, where they don’t necessarily have a lot of ex- perience. Unlike the U.S., where for the most part there is consistency over a large geography, Asia’s mar- kets are very diverse, and each has nuances and characteristics that create opportunities for Telstra to use its expertise to help. CV: How has your partner ecosystem changed in the past year or so, and what do you expect going into 2017? CP: Recently, we’ve been en- thusiastically pursuing relationships with strategic channel organizations, including adding channel managers to work with agents throughout the country. The U.S. market and how the channel community there is po- sitioned are unique and cannot be found on a large scale in the rest of the world. We are looking for ways to extend our focus from customers based in the U.S. to agents who are focused on customer opportunities in Europe and Asia. As a global service provider, the channel community is very important in helping us reach customers and leveraging relation- ships. When we get opportunities through our channel partners, we International Agents Vivial’s got the innovative solutions local businesses are looking for. Call to get started today! 800-518-2983 Partner with Vivial to deliver businesses the results they need. Websites Marketing Platform Social Media Help businesses make a good first impression. All-in-one marketing tool. Must-have engagement tools.