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And so far this year 2.6 billion records have already been exposed in data breaches, said U.S. infosec firm Risk Based Security.  At the root of the problem is the fact that hackers have a massive number of global ter- restrial access points to exploit across corporate networks, service provider networks, end user machines and everything in between. There are simply too many entry points to safeguard, which is why most cybersecurity experts today be- lieve that it’s impossible to totally prevent a data breach. The general consensus is that at some point, your network will get hacked. The satellite communications industry is now looking to address this issue by helping business- es reduce their reliance on terrestrial infrastruc- ture, and paving the way is Cloud Constellation with its space-based SpaceBelt DSaaS solution. SpaceBelt, which is currently still in develop- ment, aims to put data storage into low-earth orbit (LEO) along with the support of multi-satellite redundancy. The goal of the project is to prevent breaches by totally isolating data from terrestrial infrastructure. A startup founded in 2015 by a team of experi- enced satellite communications industry veterans, Cloud Constellation is in the process of closing on Series B funding, making key technology ven- dor selections and selecting a satellite manufac- turer and launch partner. SpaceBelt is expected to be available in 1Q21. How SpaceBelt protects The project will certainly have its share of skeptics, as satellites are not impervious to cy- berattacks. The process of hacking a satellite, By Gerald Baldino Out of ThisWorld DSaaS B reach prevention, identification and containment remain top chal- lenges for enterprises. The mean time to identify a data breach is now 197 days, according to The Ponemon Institute, while contain- ment takes an average of 69 days. Cloud Constellation’s Spacebelt puts a unique spin on data security 20 THE CHANNEL MANAGER’S PLAYBOOK