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however, is both highly resource-intensive and extremely dangerous. While it is possible to “jam” a satellite, for instance, it’s just about impossible to do so without being immediately traced. What’s more, the majority of satel- lites are equipped with safeguards, such as unique IDs and encryption, to protect against up-linking attacks. So even for experienced hackers, the idea of hacking a sat- ellite and getting away with it remains a pipe dream. “A business will be able to connect directly from their se- cure facility to our network infrastructure in space; that’s basi- cally a network around the equator of the earth,” explained Dennis Gatens, Cloud Constellation’s chief commercial of- ficer. “So, there is no terrestrial infrastructure between point A and point B. If you remove terrestrial infrastructure from the equation, you take away the significant risk of having to use a global network of networks, which requires multiple service providers to enable connectivity from various points on earth.” SpaceBelt also will use multiple encryption and will switch keys on a rotating basis, allowing customers to control the amount of time in between rotations. Plus, SpaceBelt will have real-time monitoring in place so that if interference is detected, it will be possible to quickly switch frequencies. Additionally, hackers will require special equipment to even access Cloud Constellation’s infrastructure. “There is not a piece of standard off-the-shelf equipment that can reach the network in space,” Gatens said. “It’s our proprietary solution at the customer’s physical location. Not only would hackers need our proprietary equipment, but they would also need to have access granted through our man- agement and operations center.” A network performs in space Skeptics also will be quick to men- tion SpaceBelt’s vulnerability to com- mon network issues such as latency. The network, however, will operate in the C band frequency, which the com- pany believes will provide the greatest resiliency to environmental conditions. C band also will provide the broadest signal footprint back to earth. As Gatens explained, though, the company is not trying to set any speed records. Worldwide True Private Cloud Revenue by Segment, 2016-2017 Source: Wikibon 25 20 15 10 2016 1 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2 3 4 Hosted True Private Cloud True Private Cloud On-premises 2017 5 0 5.0 8.1 9.7 10.6 Number of Network Device Source: Masergy Worldwide Cybersecurity Market Forecast ($B) Source: Cybersecurity Ventures; Gartner $600 $500 $400 $300 $200 $100 $- 2016 2016/17 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 Market Forecast Priorities for New IT sp Source: Computer Economics 5.3 9.4 12.9 14.9 1 N % of MSPs managing this number of vendors 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Percent of respondents 21 THE CHANNEL MANAGER’S PLAYBOOK