818-921-3624 RITALIA FUNDING Introducing a new financing product: FIBER ONLY PROJECT is back and Better! We want to provide this new solution to ALL members that are interested in implementing fiber in their area and want to finance the cost in an easier, quicker way, while at the same time being cost-effective and simple to qualify and apply. Ivan Crowe V.P. of Sales Email: icrowe@rtflease.com VISIT US BOOTH 515 Details: Up to 350K Approvals for Fiber Projects Max length of financing term: 5 years No Personal Guarantees Minimum 5 years in business Rates as low as 6% Soft Costs and labor can also be included AND GET TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYTHING WE CAN FINANCE FOR YOUR WISP Header... As a search committee continues looking to find a new President & CEO, the current leader of the organization, Claude Aiken, presides over this week’s WISPAMERICA 2022. He wants only one thing to occur: “I’d love to see this be a successful show both for WISPA and our industry.” After leading WISPA since March 2018, Aiken declined to renew his contract. He came to the organization after spending 10 years at the FCC as an adviser to Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, associate general counsel and deputy chief of the Competition Policy Division of the Wireline Competition Bureau. “Sometimes the decision to leave can be intensely difficult and personal,” Aiken said during a February interview with agl Media Group. “It certainly has been in the case of my decision to move on from WISPA, after four years of going gangbusters to help support the folks who are truly making a difference to close the digital divide.” WISPA Chairman Todd Harpest told agl that Aiken has had a positive effect on WISPA and on thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs who provide connectivity. With his departure date lurking, Aiken’s immediate focus is on WISPAMERICA 2022. He told the WISPA Daily that he believes this show will be successful if the organization is “able to provide top-level education and access for our members to the latest knowledge, gear, and networking that will make their businesses better and their lives easier.” He also shared some of his thoughts about (Continued on page 10) DAY 2 NEW OR L EANS , LA Aiken Stays Focused as Departure Date Lingers By Bruce Christian

4WISP Program Get on our sites easier and faster. © 2022 ATC IP LLC. All rights reserved. WISPAMERICA® is a registered trademark of Wireless Internet Service Providers Association. Visit booth #407 at WISPAMERICA® or americantower.com/4WISP to learn how we can accelerate your rural broadband deployments. Site #373105, 130’ Guyed Tower, Alton, NH

4 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 PPC Broadband (“PPC”), a developer and manufacturer of connectivity solutions for broadband and wireless applications, announced the unveiling of its WISP Power Cabinet during WISPAMERICA 2022 at its booth, 706, on the WISPA show floor. Designed to meet the needs of wireless internet service providers (WISPs), PPC’s WISP Power Cabinet features modular DIN rail mount components in a secure outdoor enclosure optimized for a range of wireless applications. The cabinet includes AC outlet, DC power supply, power-over-ethernet (POE) switch and battery backup and includes passive cooling with air flow on all sides. The DIN mounting brackets provide ample clearance and access to the components. Two cable glands accommodate cables .250”-.490” that allow for separate routing of power and communication cables in and out of the cabinet. The solution is constructed of robust .125” aluminum and is sealed to protect vital network components from environmental exposure. The WISP Power Cabinet is the latest entry in PPC’s growing wireless solutions portfolio. It is one of many integrated cabinet designs available from PPC, along with a breadth of fiber terminals, fiber to the antenna (FTTA) cable assemblies, indoor and outdoor category cable, category assemblies and connectors, and outside plant enclosures. This range of solutions encompasses fiber product and copper product categories, enabling PPC to support customers regardless of network design, component needs and future plans. Whether for a next generation wireless application or a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) architecture, PPC is positioned to support wireless service providers, regardless of need, in all regions of the country. PPC Broadband, a Belden Brand, was founded in 1940 and has been a leading manufacturer and developer of connectivity solutions for more than 80 years. An industry leader with more patents in coaxial connector technology than any other company worldwide, PPC is credited with many of the major broadband advancements made in the decades since its founding. Customers include wireless internet service providers (WISPs), broadband network operators, telecommunications providers, satellite companies, and other wireless industry organizations. m PPC Broadband to Present WISP Power Cabinet During WISPAMERICA 2022 this week, the organization has launched a charity auction for one of its own, Sheryl Watson, who photographs the organization’s events. Two days before Christmas, Watson learned signs of breast cancer and in the lymph node were evident from an ultrasound and mammogram. Since that time, she has gone from tests to screenings, scans and treatment. She began chemo on January 17. She was scheduled for 12 treatments every two weeks. Three different chemo medications are being used. “If the chemo works quickly then the oncologist and surgeon could determine it’s no longer needed and to go forward with surgery,” Watson has shared. “It’s going to be an intense time as the chemo is so rough on me physically. Next step will most likely be a double mastectomy because of this type of cancer that has higher chances of returning. “The diagnosis is of most concern is the type of cancer rather than its stage (which is 2B) which is called ‘Triple Negative.’ It tests negative from the three hormone inducing cancers and is more aggressive and rare. This is why I am being treated quickly and aggressively,” Watson explained. She added that because she is trying to operate as normal, professional and “save as much hair as I can, I have started a special cold cap treatment that helps preserve as much of my hair as possible.” The company that provides the cold cap treatment is out of Dallas and is called Dignicap. “I have already supplied myself and paid for the equipment and one treatment, because it must be used during every treatment,” she shared, adding insurance has so far not agreed to cover the cost, which has been $265 for the equipment and $300 for each treatment. Other needs also arise and Watson acknowledged she will need nutritional supplements, quality electrolytes, meals and snacks during the six-hour treatments, as well as help with occasional household chores. Watson’s condition causes her to miss work for doctor appointments, port placement surgery, testing and recovery. As a mother of two daughters (19 and 17) both in a local college, “It’s sometimes a challenge having them help out, but they are adjusting to the extra work” She also has what she calls “an amazing significant other in my life, Aaron Cooper, who has been there for every appointment and holding me up when I can’t, encouraging me and keeping me laughing and smiling.” Despite her condition, Watson continues to run her own business as a photographer and portrait maker, as well as works a couple days a week at a restaurant in Bentonville, Arkansas. To help Watson, you can participate in the Charity Auction, and to see what available in the auction, go to https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/30850/auctions/120573?r=1&t=all. Watson concludes, “Thanks to everyone including my family for your love, prayers and support. You have no idea how much any support means. Love you all!” m Charity Auction Raising Funds for WISPA Photographer

LEARN MORE AT LIGHTYEAR.AI TELECOM MADE EASY. HERE’S WHAT ONE OF OUR ISP CUSTOMERS HAS TO SAY... “Lightyear’s software ran an RFP for us in two weeks that would have taken our engineers two months. We consider ourselves a very cost conscious ISP, and still Lightyear was able to achieve 20%+ cost savings for us. So for us it’s a no brainer, the Lightyear ROI is instant.” Prashanth Vijay CEO, Flume Lightyear's free software allows WISPs to buy and manage their network services (IP Transit, Backhaul, and Data Center Interconnects) on a ridiculously easy-to-use online platform. WASTING TIME SOURCING IP TRANSIT?

6 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 Paymentus Ranks No. 1 Provider in Aite-Novarica’s Billing Report PerfectVision Connects Consumers, Businesses Worldwide Paymentus Holdings Inc., a provider of electronic bill presentment and payment solutions (EBPP), announced it is the only vendor to achieve an overall best-in-class status in AiteNovarica Group’s “2021 Aite Matrix: Biller Direct EBPP Solutions” landscape report. The combination of Paymentus’ innovative payments platform, its proprietary Instant Payment Network and exemplary customer service and support led to Paymentus’ overall No. 1 ranking in the Aite Matrix, Aite-Novarica Group’s comprehensive vendor evaluation methodology. The Aite-Novarica Group report highlights the critical role that modern bill payment capabilities play in the overall customer experience, “with choice in payment method, frictionless payments experiences and security the top of mind for billers and consumers.” As the only vendor to approach the best-in-class status, Paymentus’ leadership in key areas was highlighted by Aite-Novarica EBPP experts, including: • “Client satisfaction with the level of service provided is … the number one criterion that prospects use for determining engagement in strategic vendor relationships. Paymentus leads in this category, with clients expressing very high levels of satisfaction with service from sales through delivery, the ability to deliver on promises, and cost to value.” • “[The] Product Features [category considers] ease of integration, deployment options, and the breadth of e-bill delivery, payment, and supported notification channels and payment methods. It also considers the vendor’s ability to stay ahead of the curve with forward-looking capabilities such as alternative payment methods and channels and add-on capabilities such as disbursements, collections, subscription billing, cross-border bill pay, and B2B bill pay capabilities. Paymentus is the leader in this category, providing the strongest EBPP payment platform with multiple channels, payment options, and next-generation capabilities.” • “Paymentus is the only vendor evaluated that is approaching a best-in-class EBPP biller direct solution. The company has a solid score in all categories and among the vendors evaluated, can be considered the best strategic partner.” Paymentus’ founder and CEO Dushyant Sharma said, “For 17 years, Paymentus has focused on one singular goal, to build the world’s most intuitive, integrated, and frictionless billing and payment ecosystem. This report establishes an important benchmark for the industry and underscores our vision for the future of bill pay.” m To review a summary of the February 2022, Aite Matrix: Biller Direct EBPP Solutions report please visit: https:// www.paymentus.com/2022/02/best-in-class/. For more than 40 years, PerfectVision has connected businesses and consumers across the world to information, education and entertainment through voice, video, and data technologies. Helping to solve customers’ most difficult challenges is what strengthens PerfectVision’s customers’ success. PerfectVision is a full solution provider offering a line of quality products for consistent installations, fewer truck rolls and controlled cost. It manufacturers and distributes the products needed for any WISP install including cable, grounding, fiber, towers, safety and mounts. PerfectVision can support with solutions to grow your business. For the past 40 years, it has worked with customers to offer turnkey solutions. Reduce Deployment Costs and Protect Your Network • PerfectVision is a global leader in infrastructure product solutions as a manufacturer and distributor supporting wireless deployments, internet service providers, fiber applications and wire-line products. Expand Your Installation Network • PerfectVision has a network of certified technicians that provide professional installation and service work nationwide to reduce install stress and cost at the premise. Its certified technicians provide installation for satellite television, satellite internet, fixed wireless and more for residential and commercial customers. Increase Your Revenue Through Product Diversification • More than 5,000 authorized dealers partner with PerfectVision to earn revenue through the sale of TV services, wireless mobility, home automation, monitored security and high-speed internet outside of your footprint for the nation’s leading providers. PerfectVision uses nationwide distribution centers to customers’ benefit, resulting in 90 percent of its orders being delivered the next day. The company has more than 500,000 square feet of dry storage, third-party logistics 3PL, kitting services and more to provide distribution services that help its customers grow their businesses. m For more information, visit booth #301. Martin Vilaboy Editor-in-Chief martin@bekabusinessmedia.com Bruce Christian Senior Editor bruce@bekabusinessmedia.com Brady Hicks Contributing Editor brady@bekabusinessmedia.com Percy Zamora Art Director percy@bekabusinessmedia.com Rob Schubel Digital Manager rob@bekabusinessmedia.com Jennifer Vilaboy Production Manager jen@bekabusinessmedia.com Berge Kaprelian Group Publisher berge@bekabusinessmedia.com (480) 503-0770 Anthony Graffeo Publisher anthony@bekabusinessmedia.com (203) 304-8547 Nazal Parvin Associate Publisher nazal@bekabusinessmedia.com (415) 516-7053 Claude Aiken President & CEO caiken@wispa.org Louis Peraertz Vice President of Policy lperaertz@wispa.org Eric Slee Director of Government Affairs eslee@wispa.org Richard Bernhardt National Spectrum Adviser rbernhardt@wispa.org Mike Wendy Director of Communications mwendy@wispa.org Steve Schwerbel State Advocacy Advisor sschwerbel@wispa.org Gary Helmers Sales Manager ghelmers@wispa.org Alysha Zang Digital Marketing Associate azang@wispa.org Denise Kovacs Office Administrator dkovacs@wispa.org Jennifer Lisaius Member Relations Specialist jlisaius@wispa.org Contact WISPA 712 H Street NE Suite 1888 Washington, DC 20002 Tel: (866) 317-2851

8 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 FiberLight Powers Resound Networks to Expand to New Texas Markets FiberLight LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of experience building and operating missioncritical, high-bandwidth networks, announced it is partnering with Resound Networks, an internet service provider (ISP) based out of Pampa, Texas, to enable Resound to leverage its Rural Digital Opportunity Funds (RDOF) to enter new markets in the state where it will offer highspeed broadband solutions. The joint work between FiberLight and Resound will assist in closing the digital divide across some of Texas’ most rural communities. FiberLight’s new 100G fiber ring from Houston to Dallas supports an extensive microwave wireless network build and provides two large data center drop points to enable Resound to expand and strengthen its service offerings. The digital divide is wider than ever with the increased need for high-capacity connectivity in homes to support remote working, remote learning and the continual rise in connected devices. As data consumption accelerates, there is often insufficient capacity to support these high demands. RDOF funding has created an opportunity for companies like Resound to enter new markets to bridge this divide. FiberLight, with its existing high-bandwidth fiber infrastructure and extensive experience helping companies effectively use their funding, is positioned to help ISPs take full advantage of their funding to bring new broadband solutions to these communities. “We are pleased that our partnership with Resound is helping them serve their customers in these new markets who have a pressing need for capacity. Using a provider like FiberLight that already has the infrastructure, expertise, and experience enables ISPs like Resound to bring service to market quickly and economically,” said Chris Rabii, FiberLight’s CEO. “FiberLight has been a trusted partner to help us enter new markets to meet the growing demand for high-capacity services for our customers,” added Tyson Curtis, CEO at Resound. “By working with FiberLight, we can stay focused on giving our customers highquality connectivity and service excellence to ensure their satisfaction.” FiberLight enables ISPs to use their funding resources to deploy a multitude of solutions in their communities. With the changing landscape that calls for ever-increasing high-capacity connectivity and mobile data, FiberLight, with existing infrastructure and expertise, is positioned to help ISPs face this challenge head-on. m Siklu Introduces Customer Premises Equipment for MultiHaul TG Product Line Siklu, a leader in millimeter wave (mmWave) solutions for digital city and gigabit wireless access (GWA), introduced the MultiHaul TG small Terminal Unit (TU) or T260. The T260 is designed for faster and unobtrusive installation on the exteriors of homes, apartment buildings or street “furniture” such as streetlights. Siklu has incorporated two design features that reduce the installation time for this Terminal Unit from hours to less than 30 minutes. First, a T260 within 400m range of the network is pointed in the general direction of the antenna and it will connect automatically. And second, Siklu has eliminated the need to ground the T260 electrically. These features save significant time to the installer who can “point and move” to the next installation. The T260 is temperature and environmentally hardened and has been certified to the highest industry standards – IP67 and NEMA4. All in all, the addition of the T260 gives Siklu the most versatile terragraph-certified portfolio, with the widest range of terminal units for a variety of needs and applications, such as long-range and medium-range multiport and gigabit-speed medium-reach connectivity. With these features, the T260 will make it easier to provide a variety of gigabit-speed wireless services, true broadband internet, Wi-Fi hotspot backhaul and various smart city applications, such as security and traffic monitoring. Siklu’s MultiHaul TG family represents its third generation of terragraph-compliant, point- to-multipoint 60GHz products and enables a fully meshed network topology that reduces capital expenditure and operating costs for operators and offers several performance benefits. For instance, a network of T260 TUs connected to Siklu N36x distribution nodes creates a “self-healing” mesh topology featuring built-in redundant paths for traffic rerouting if an outage occurs in a given link. And by virtue of advanced scheduling algorithms and features such as narrow beam widths, the mesh offers maximum immunity to interference and bi-directional data rates between nodes are sustained as the network grows in size. “There can be no doubt that the smaller the TU is, the more options customers have for deployment – and the more likely they are to use it,” said Shimon Hochbaum, AVP Product Management of Siklu. “Typically, in wireless systems, going smaller means sacrificing performance. However, the T260 breaks new ground by delivering a full Gigabit in a form factor that is dramatically impressive on many levels.” To support the launch, Siklu has created a comprehensive MultiHaul TG Starter Kit to enable new customers to try the versatile, easy- to-deploy, multi-gigabit terragraph-certified wireless solution, which leverages a 60GHz wireless L2 mesh network. The Starter Kit includes a MultiHaul TG N366, a MultiHaul TG T280, a MultiHaul TG T265, the new MultiHaul TG T260 and accessories for $2,599. The offer is valid through until June 30, for first-time MultiHaul TG customers. More information is available at: https://go.siklu.com/siklu-multihaul-tg-starterkit-2022?utm_medium=WAPRBEKA or visit booth #517. m

HIGH PERFORMING NETWORK HIGH PERFORMING PEOPLE gpcom.com/carrier gpcwholesale@gpcom.com Multiple Wavelengths up to 100 Gbps Switched and dedicated Ethernet capable with network monitoring portal Extensive 13,500+ mile self-healing, diverse fiber network Connectivity to regional, national and global carriers Dedicated and shared Internet options Lit buildings and custom builds Connectivity to major cloud providers including AWS, MS Azure, and Google Cloud Carrier POPs including: Cheyenne, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Des Moines, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Omaha, St. Louis Nebraska statewide coverage-multiple routes with ability to bypass Omaha

1 0 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 the organization and the industry as he prepares to step down. “I’m gratified to see the amazing growth we’ve seen in staff, membership, financial bottom line and most of all, positive impact for our members,” Aiken said. “Very few associations our size can honestly say that they have achieved multi-billion-dollar positive impact for their industry: we can be proud that we have achieved that. “For our members, first, I would say keep your focus on your community and your customers,” he continued. “The reason our industry is great is because we care deeply about our communities, and it shows.” He said a second thing the industry must continue to do is to engage with government. “Your life is easier if you have positive relationships with your local, state, and federal officials,” Aiken said. “Especially as government is spending billions on connectivity, those engagements will pay off.” This second point especially is important because as Aiken said, “This is something WISPA worked hard on: to ensure that the money appropriated had flexibility to be used for all different types of technologies including fiber and fixed wireless.” As details of how the money is divided, Aiken said WISPAMERICS 2022 has panelists from the government who will help attendees understand the trajectory of the funds, suggesting that it likely will be “a patchwork of different approaches depending on the state and locality in question.” Aiken said, “Our members need to engage their elected and appointed representatives to ensure they’re understanding the contours of this funding, ensuring that they are ready to seek it or to ensure that they are defending against it. “This is exactly why we had a Broadband Billions Bootcamp at WISPAMERICA this year, to help folks understand the funding and provide practical advice on how to address the opportunities and threats,” he said of Monday’s special co-located event. The event brought together operators, government officials, and industry experts who presented a deep dive into the $65 billion of broadband deployment funding within the new Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act and other related funding programs. The Bootcamp provided attendees with a comprehensive blueprint on where that funding is and provided those seeking funds the framework to compete for the opportunities. “After working on these issues for almost 15 years, I can safely say even this amount of money will only go so far,” Aiken said. “This will be hugely impactful and will ensure many more Americans have access to robust connectivity, but it isn’t the one-shot permanent solution that policymakers hope it will be.” He explained, “The gaps are going to look different in the future, but I believe our industry is well-positioned to fill them. It will be more focused on affordability and digital literacy, as well as infrastructure sustainability: something customer-focused companies thrive at addressing.” With a little more than a month to go before he leaves, Aiken said he’d like to see full implementation of the WISPA Path to Gigabit plan. The plan (located at https://www.wispa.org/ path_to_gigabit_proposal.php) calls for: • A localized spectrum policy to supercharge competition • Use of best-in-class data to develop futureproof subsidy programs • An aligned infrastructure policy to unleash competition by small innovators • Promotion of digital adoption and inclusion “I’m gratified that aspects of this are in the works, but if policymakers can make spectrum available on terms that make sense for innovators and entrepreneurs, ensure subsidy programs are fair and equitable, streamline access to infrastructure, and partner with service providers to advance digital equity, we’ll all be better off as a country,” Aiken said. Aiken added that he is grateful for the opportunity to lead WISPA and he thanked the organization and its members for placing their trust in his leadership. “The future, of WISPA and its members, is bright. It continually amazes me how much our members can accomplish, and this role has been one of the greatest joys of my professional career. Incredible volunteer leaders and dedicated staff have come together to accomplish things that I couldn’t have imagined possible when I first started in 2018,” he told agl Media Group. Although he told the Daily he isn’t sure where he will end up after April 30, he is hopeful it is a role “where I continue to interact with the fantastic folks in WISPA.” As for his eventual replacement, Aiken said, “I’d say stay laser-focused on the needs of our industry. Our association needs to continue to grow and evolve and develop new programs to positively impact our members.” m (Continued from page 1)

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 1 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 Airties Showcases Smart Wi-Fi 6E Portfolio At WISPAMERICA 2022, Airties, a supplier of managed Wi-Fi solutions for service providers globally, is showcasing its Smart Wi-Fi 6E portfolio, including its versatile Wi-Fi 6E mesh router, extenders and cloud management platform for broadband operators at booth #816. In addition to increased speed and capacity, Wi-Fi 6E products support the growing density of connected devices within the home, delivering lower latency, enhanced battery life to IoT devices and reduced interference from neighboring Wi-Fi networks. Airties’ unique hybrid cloud-edge architecture leverages the embedded intelligence in customer premises equipment (CPE) and the cloud to maximize responsiveness and performance. For mid-sized operators, the Air 4980/4985 Wi-Fi routers are versatile Wi-Fi 6E mesh routers designed to support operators that plan to retain their existing cable modems or fiber terminations within the home. Instead of having three separate devices (a modem, router, and mesh extender), the Air 4980/4985 enable operators to have two devices, by integrating the router software into a Wi-Fi 6E mesh extender. The products are available as standalone mesh extenders. Both products are powered by Airties Edge, smart Wi-Fi software that intelligently directs consumers’ devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, IoT, smart home devices, etc.) to the best available channel and band (2.4GHz and 5GHz), based on real-time network conditions. Airties’ Wi-Fi 6E products have a compact industrial design, and a side ventilation system, with a pedestal design and optional wall mount. In addition, Airties will showcase its comprehensive home Wi-Fi management platform, Airties Cloud, which orchestrates Wi-Fi across homes, optimizing operator routers and extenders in real-time to ensure a better quality of experience for consumers, while providing insights on connected devices. It also allows operators to address evolving consumer needs, such as cybersecurity, through a suite of digital services. Airties Cloud manages more than 33 million homes and supports more than 646 million connected devices worldwide. The company also is demonstrating Airties Vision, a companion mobile app that provides an intuitive dashboard that allows consumers to manage their home connectivity, control who has access to the network via parental and guest controls, provides step-by-step guidance to onboard new mesh extenders, and more. With Airties’ solutions, service providers can ensure they get the best out of the Wi-Fi 6E technology, proactively managing Wi-Fi 6E and older, legacy devices in their customers’ homes to guarantee the best possible performance. Airties has been recognized with many prestigious industry awards for its innovative work serving broadband operators including: “Best Home Wi-Fi Solution Award” from Broadband World Forum; “Best Wi-Fi Service Provider Solution” and “Best Home Wi-Fi Product” awards from Wi-Fi NOW; “Best-In Home Wi-Fi Network” award from Wireless Broadband Alliance; “Best Broadband Customer Experience” award from Cable & Satellite International; and many others. m Additional information about Airties can be found at: www.Airties.com.

1 2 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 W I S P A M E R I C A M A R C H 1 6 7:00am-8:00am, Room 343 Women of WISPA (WoW) is open to all who want to support the advancement of women in the industry. WOMEN OF WISPA BREAKFAST INTERMISSION 9:15am-9:45am EXHIBIT HALL • LUNCH First Floor, Hall D, Exhibit Hall 12:00pm-2:15pm Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm DEEP DIVE 2 | BUYING & SELLING A WISP 8:00am-10:45am Second Floor Room 243 BREAKOUT SESSIONS 8:00am-9:15am Fiber and Wireless Deployments: Regulatory Focus Customer retention and Keeping Them Engaged Billing Best Practices and Policies Network Topologies Animal Farm - Cambium Room 242 Room 238 Room 235 Room 244 Room 245 Regulatory Marketing Finance Tech Animal Farm BREAKOUT SESSIONS 9:45am-10:45am Getting a Grip on RF Quality: Proactively Manage RF Access Networks Getting ready for Financing Automation Everywhere Using Flowcharts to Visualize Network Connections Animal Farm - RFelements Room 235 Room 238 Room 242 Room 245 Room 244 Advanced Tech Finance Business Tech Animal Farm BREAKOUT SESSIONS 2:15pm-3:15pm BYOD and Corp Computer Policies/Cyber Security Design Tools for Fiber Supporting 50 Devices in the Home Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst Animal Farm - Mimosa by Airspan Room 238 Room 235 Room 243 Room 244 Room 242 HR Fiber Tech Business Animal Farm DEEP DIVE 3 | UNDERSTANDING THE BROADBAND FUNDING LANDSCAPE: HOW GOVERNMENT BILLIONS ARE AFFECTING YOUR BUSINESS 2:15pm-4:45pm Second Floor Room 245 INTERMISSION 3:15pm-3:45pm BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3:45pm-4:45pm Holding People Accountable Fiber Outside Plant How to Troubleshoot Subscriber Connectivity Issues: WAN vs LAN Run Your ISP like a Tech Startup Animal Farm - ExtremeLTE/Ericsson Room 235 Room 244 Room 242 Room 243 Room 238 HR Fiber Tech Business Animal Farm WEDNESDAY EVENING RECEPTION INTERMISSION 10:45am-11:00am Keynote | Future of Internet Access: A Conversation with Leading CEOs Second Floor, La Nouvelle Ballroom KEYNOTE 11:00am - 12:00pm DAY TWO W I S P A M E R I C A M A R C H 1 6 7:00am-8:00am, Room 343 W men of WISPA (WoW) is open to all who want to support the advancement of women in the industry. WOMEN OF WISPA BREAKFAST INTERMISSION 9:15am-9:45am EXHIBIT HALL • LUNCH First Floor, Hall D, Exhibit Hall 12:00pm-2:15pm Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm DEEP DIVE 2 | BUYING & SELLING A WISP 8:00am-10:45am Second Floor Room 243 BREAKOUT SESSIONS 8:00am-9:15am Fiber and Wireless Deployments: Regulatory Focus Customer retention nd Keeping Them Engaged Billing Best Practices and Policies Network Topologies Animal Farm - Cambium Room 242 Room 238 Room 235 Room 244 Room 245 Regulatory Marketing Finance Tech Animal Farm BREAKOUT SESSIONS 9:45am-10:45am Getting a Grip on RF Quality: Proactively Manage RF Access Networks Getting ready for Financing Automation Everywhere Using Flowcharts to Visualize Network Connections Animal Farm - RFelements Room 235 Room 238 Room 242 Room 245 Room 244 Advanced Tech Finance Business Tech Animal Farm BREAKOUT SESSIONS 2:15pm-3:15pm DEEP DIVE 3 | UNDERSTANDING THE BROADBAND FUNDING LANDSCAPE: HOW GOVERNMENT BILLIONS ARE AFFECTING YOUR BUSINESS 2:15pm-4:45pm Second Floor Room 245 INTERMISSION 10:45am-11:00am Keynote | Future of Internet Access: A Conversation with Leading CEOs Second Floor, La Nouvelle Ballroom KEYNOTE 11:00am - 12:00pm DAY TWO Room 238 Room 242 Room 244 Room 245 Room 243 Room 243 Room 238 Room 242 Room 244 Room 245 EXHIBIT HALL • LUNCH First Floor, Hall D, Exhibit Hall 12:00pm-2:15pm Lunch 12:30pm-1:30pm Getting a Grip on RF Quality: Proactively Manage RF Access Networks Getting ready for Financing Automation Everywhere Using Flowcharts to Visualize Network Connections Animal Farm - RFelements Room 235 Room 238 Room 242 Room 245 Room 244 Advanced Tech Finance Business Tech Animal Farm BREAKOUT SESSIONS 2:15pm-3:15pm BYOD and Corp Computer Policies/Cyber Security Design Tools for Fiber Supporting 50 Devices in the Home Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst Animal Farm - Mimosa by Airspan Room 238 Room 235 Room 243 Room 244 Room 242 HR Fiber Tech Business Animal Farm DEEP DIVE 3 | UNDERSTANDING THE BROADBAND FUNDING LANDSCAPE: HOW GOVERNMENT BILLIONS ARE AFFECTING YOUR BUSINESS 2:15pm-4:45pm Second Floor Room 245 INTERMISSION 3:15pm-3:45pm BREAKOUT SESSIONS 3:45pm-4:45pm Holding People Accountable Fiber Outside Plant How to Troubleshoot Subscriber Connectivity Issues: WAN vs LAN Run Your ISP like a Tech Startup Animal Farm - ExtremeLTE/Ericsson Room 235 Room 244 Room 242 Room 243 Room 238 HR Fiber Tech Business Animal Farm WEDNESDAY EVENING RECEPTION Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant 6:30PM - 8:30PM 200 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 Two drink tickets & appetizers provided. INTERMISSION 10:45am-11:00am Keynote | Future of Internet Access: A Conversation with Leading CEOs Second Floor, La Nouvelle Ballroom KEYNOTE 11:00am - 12:00pm Room 243 Room 235 Room 242 Room 238 Room 244 Room 244 Room 242 Room 235 Room 238 Room 243 Tuesday Afternoon Snack Break 1:30pm-3:30pm Wednesday 7:00am-5:00pm Thursday 7:00am - 4:00pm CONCESSIONS LUNCH TUESDAY,WEDN SDAY, THURSDAY Exhibit Hall 12:00pm-2:15pm Lunch 12:30pm - 1:30pm

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 3 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 EXHIBITORS AT-A-GLANCE Visp.net 11 SBA Edge 13 Federated Wireless 15 Edgility by Telco Systems 17 Pace International 19 Dura-Line 21 Multilink, Inc. 23 Rosenberger Site Solutions, LLC 25 Vidgo 27 ISP Wholesale Networks by Easy Systems, Inc 31 Link Technologies, Inc. 101 Mavenir 102 Live Oak Bank 103 ROHN Products, LLC 104 Mid America Computer Corp. (MACC) 106 Mimosa by Airspan 107 Ribbon 108 NetPoint Antennas 109 Tectonic 110 FiberLight 111 TP-Link 112 SiFi Networks 114 ICT 115 Safety One Training 116 ISP Supplies 117 Turris.com 118 OnGo Alliance 120 WAV, MBSI WAV & LAST MILE GEAR 200 XtremeLTE/Ericsson 201 BillMax Billing Solutions 208 Telrad Networks 209 DiviNetworks 210 Millennium 211 Preseem 215 Tillman Infrastructure, LLC 217 Azotel / Solutions4ebiz 219 Crown Castle 300 PerfectVision 301 WISPTV 302 CTIconnect, LLC 303 Baicells 307 Comsearch & CommScope SAS 309 DoubleRadius, Inc. 311 Nokia 315 INTRACOM TELECOM S.A 316 ChannelVision Magazine 317 AFL 319 BLiNQ Networks 401 IPpay, LLC 402 American Tower 407 ISPApp MikroTik Cloud Managment 408 Vilo 409 SAF North America LLC 411 Winncom Technologies 415 Metaswitch (A Microsoft Company) 416 RADWIN 417 NISC 418 ISPN 419 Hana Wireless 502 Streakwave 503 Atheral LLC 508 RFelements 509 Plume 510 IP ArchiTechs 511 RITALIA FUNDING 515 Ethernity Networks 516 Siklu 517 Inteserra, A FAStek Company 518 PacketFlux Technologies 519 Tower One Inc 601 Aviat Networks 603 Sonar Software Inc. 605 Micronet Communications, Inc. 609 ServerPlus-Real Choice TV 610 Select Spectrum 611 BEC Technologies 613 Tycon Systems 614 Paymentus 615 Tower Ventures 616 Adtran 617 RemoteWinBox 618 Fibersmith 621 Bark 700 Powercode 701 MIMOTIK INC 703 Eupen Cable USA 704 FiberFlash LLC 705 PPC Broadband Inc. 706 Nexusguard Inc. 708 Positron Access Solutions 709 NetSapiens 710 International Tower Lighting (ITL) 711 Parallel Infrastructure 712 Winncom Technologies 713 Lightyear 800 Tempest 802 Musco 804 Baltic Networks 808 Innovative Systems 810 Inteliquent, a Sinch Company 812 Moore Com Productions LLC 814 Airties Inc. 816 SAC 818 Clearfield, Inc. 820 CITIWAVE SYSTEMS LTD T1 alliantgroup T2 MTC Engineering T3 Expera Online T4 DIRECTV T5 EasyStreet Systems T6 LEAF Commercial Capital T7 World Wide Technology T8 A10 Networks T9 Power & Tel T10 Company Name �����������������������������������Booth # Company Name �����������������������������������Booth # Company Name �����������������������������������Booth # M4 M3 M2 M1 031 027 025 013 011 120 118 116 114 023 112 021 110 019 108 015 017 106 104 102 117 115 214 111 210 107 109 208 200 103 101 700 701 703 704 705 706 711 712 713 708 709 710 316 219 217 215 209 211 201 302 300 319 418 315 317 416 311 307 309 408 301 303 402 419 518 415 417 516 411 510 407 409 508 401 502 500 503 519 618 517 515 616 614 509 511 610 621 820 818 617 816 615 814 613 611 812 810 605 804 601 603 802 800 609 808 T 10 T 9 T 8 T 7 T 6 T 5 T 4 T 3 T 2 T 1 M5

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 5 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 Fujitsu Equips FiberLight with Next-Gen Technology Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. announced that network services provider FiberLight LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of experience building and operating mission-critical, highbandwidth networks, has selected the modular Fujitsu 1FINITY platform to enhance its highbandwidth fiber network. Upgrades include deployment of leadingedge 1FINITY T700 transport blades and L130/ L140 ROADM blades to empower improved performance, efficiency and speeds up to 400G. FiberLight designs, builds and deploys mission-critical networks, operating 17,000 miles of fiber networks in more than 30 U.S. metropolitan areas. With 400G wavelength capability and next-generation ROADM technology in a compact blade, Fujitsu enables FiberLight to deliver high-capacity 400 GbE services over its existing fiber network serving major and rural markets throughout Texas. Offering easy integration with FiberLight’s existing 1FINITY L100 blades and Virtuora Network Management software, this network upgrade enables high capacity backhaul connectivity and seamless bandwidth on demand to better serve Tier 1 telecoms, enterprise and cloud provider customers. The latest 1FINITY innovation, the T700 transport blade enables flexible, cost-effective C-Band and L-Band optical connections to be deployed across new or existing regional and metro networks. With sophisticated modulation techniques and variable Forward Error Correction (FEC), the T700 blade delivers exceptional balance of reach and capacity, extending the life of legacy infrastructure with 200, 300 and 400 Gbps line rates and up to 1.6 Tbps capacity per blade. FiberLight is the first network operator in the United States to deploy the T700 transport blade in combination with the L130/ L140 Colorless-Directionless-Contentionless (CDC) ROADM solution. “We continue to invest in one-of-a-kind fiber networks that ignite digital transformation and meet our customer’s growing network demands,” said Jay Anderson, CTO-Chief Engineer, FiberLight. “Since 2019, FiberLight has relied on the Fujitsu 1FINITY platform to support the speed, performance, and agility of our next-generation transport network. Coupled with our extensive fiber assets, we are enabling exceedingly fast and competitively priced network connectivity services.” Fujitsu’s head of sales and marketing Annie Bogue added, “Working closely with FiberLight, Fujitsu created an upgrade solution that meets the speed and scalability needs of their customers as efficiently as possible. With the 1FINITY T700, FiberLight will have industryleading performance in a modular platform that easily integrates with their existing infrastructure, providing future-proof evolution.” m If you need an accounting solution, you need to talk to MACC. MACC's Accounting Master keeps fixed and wireless internet companies running smoothly and efficiently. Our software's general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, and material management features are all tailored for the needs of internet service providers. Be sure to ask about MACC Mobile, which gives your team in the field the ability to manage inventory using their smart phone. MACC can solve your accounting and inventory challenges BOOTH 106 1-800-622-2502 | www.MACCnet.com | 111 Admiral Drive, Blair NE

1 6 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 Telco Systems, Advantech Launch Platform to Streamline Virtual Services at Network Edge Ethernity Networks Announces New Edge Device Telco Systems, a provider of edge compute solutions, and Advantech, a leader in the industrial IoT sector, announced an enhanced joint solution for enterprises and service providers looking to simplify and streamline the management of edge devices and services across multiple sites. The solution is based on Telco Systems’ Edgility, a smart edge computing software, preinstalled on a variety of Advantech’s universal edge network appliances. As enterprises move business services to the edge and increasingly adopt remote work models, the complexity of deploying, managing and operating large numbers of edge devices and services at geographically distributed sites has increased exponentially. The joint Telco Systems-Advantech Edge Compute platform is ready “out-of-the-box” to support a range of edge usages, including work from home, uCPE, and Edge PoP. Designed for ease of use, this platform can be shipped with pre-installed operating systems and is connected to a cloud-based Monitoring and Orchestration (MANO) platform. Moreover, the pre-installed offering provides a range of preconfigured solutions optimized to support maximum functionality at the edge. The solution enables simple and intuitive deployment, management, and orchestration of thousands of devices running multiple applications. Fully automated service provisioning and activation enable enterprises to maximize operational efficiency. In addition, the offering meets customer demand for simpler logistics and end-to-end integration, removing “red tape” and enabling fast mass deployments. “Our enterprise and service provider customers are looking for cost-effective ways to simplify the deployment and management of edge devices at scale,” said Magic Pao, VP Cloud IoT Group at Advantech. “We are confident that this ready-to-deploy solution, combining our hardware with Telco Systems’ edge compute software, will facilitate our customers’ transition to flexible, efficient, and automated edge device management.” Telco Systems’ Edgility Edge compute software suite provides IT teams with a 360-degree toolset for deploying and managing thousands of edge devices across multiple branches, home and “mobile” offices forming the enterprise WAN. It comprises a high-performance, small-footprint operating system, together with a powerful Management and Orchestration (MANO) system. Advantech white-box network appliances scale from ultra-lightweight entry-level devices based on Intel Atom processors to high throughput platforms based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors. They provide ample connectivity choices including physical copper and fiber Ethernet interfaces and wireless 5G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi 6, and Wi-Fi 5 options. Service providers and enterprise customers can leverage their performance and reliability on a white-box device that is compatible with leading software solutions. In addition, Advantech white-box platforms for SD-WAN, SASE, and uCPE are supported by Advantech’s global logistics and service network. “We’re excited to take our current relationship with Advantech to the next level,” said Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems. “Based on the synergies we’ve seen between our products in recent enterprise deployments, we believe this joint offering will strengthen our ability to support customers looking to expand their ecosystems to support the nascent edge compute revolution.” m The solution is immediately available for customer evaluation. For more information about Telco Systems or Advantech platforms please visit www.telco.com, EdgilityOS.com, and www. ucpe.tech or visit booth #17.. Ethernity Networks, a supplier of data processing offload solutions on programmable hardware for accelerating telco/cloud networks, announced its forthcoming disaggregated UEP2025 Cell Site Router (CSR). The UEP2025 features clock sync, security, Power Over Ethernet and the company’s patented link bonding over a combination of wired or wireless links to any vendor’s radio units. It will serve as an ideal disaggregated, all-in-one, wireless backhaul indoor unit and cell site router. UEP2025 is an upgrade on the existing and available Universal Edge Platform that represents Ethernity’s line of programmable network appliances targeted for network edge infrastructure solutions. It supports multiple ports of 10/25GbE and is equipped with a single FPGA SoC implementing the CSR data plane and the link bonding. Ethernity’s link bonding solution differentiates itself from traditional L1 bonding in that it enables an open, unlimited connection that does not depend on a vendor-specific radio unit. The result is a non-blocking, disaggregated appliance that overcomes vendor lock-in at the network edge in line with the specifications of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Open Optical Packet Transport group’s Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG). The UEP2025’s programmability makes it futureproof and capable of incorporating any future feature requirements, as well as adaptable to include current add-ons such as GPS on-board, fronthaul interfaces, MACSec, IPSec, or any of the many other features from Ethernity’s rich FPGA firmware IP. Moreover, the same FPGA firmware can be integrated into the company’s ACE-NIC product line of SmartNICs to support cloudnative environments. The UEP2025 will be available for testing in July, with volume shipments in Q4. Preordering is available to secure delivery. Ethernity CEO David Levi said, “UEP2025 is the ultimate tool in enabling a truly disaggregated radio access network. While other vendors have L1 bonding features, they lock the service providers into using their proprietary radio. Ethernity offers service providers more flexibility and choice in which wired or wireless radios they use in planning their network infrastructure.” m Ethernity is promoting UEP2025 and its other 5G system solutions at Booth #516 on the WISPAMERICA show floor.

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 7 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 Sequans Communications S.A., a provider of chips and modules for broadband, critical and massive IoT, announced that BEC Technologies, manufacturer of 4G/5G broadband networking solutions, is using Sequans’ Cassiopeia Cat 4 CBRS module to connect a new 4G/ LTE router that is designed to be a cost-effective solution for schools to facilitate distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. “We are proud to work with BEC to connect their new router that makes it possible for schools to set up distance learning in a way that is not only high speed and reliable, but cost-effective, giving schools exactly what they need to teach classes remotely using private CBRS networks,” said Bertrand Debray, VP and GM, Broadband IoT, Sequans. “The global pandemic has created high demand for distance learning solutions using CBRS networks, and the BEC Mini 4G/LTE CBRS Wi-Fi Router is the perfect solution.” BEC Technologies VP Marketing D’Andre Ladson added, “Sequans is an expert in cellular IoT connectivity, and their module has all the right features at the right price to make distance learning work for schools and their students. Using Sequans’ CBRS module, we can offer a very highvalue router that keeps students connected without interruption. Education organizations deploying private LTE CBRS networks now have a solution for secure, reliable high-speed connectivity with complete flexibility and control.” BEC Mini 4G/LTE CBRS Wi-Fi Router The BEC MX-241NP Mini 4G/LTE CBRS Wi-Fi Router supports the LTE Category 4 data rate and is compliant for operation on the 3.5 GHz CBRS band. Designed for fast deployment, the router supports hassle-free subscriber selfinstallation whereby users simply power on and instantly connect. Anyone with some basic tech knowledge should breeze through it. To ensure reliable, consistent connectivity for distance learning and other advanced services, the MX-241NP offers dual-WAN functionality with automatic failover to another internet provider, multiple gigabit Ethernet interfaces for wired device connections, high-power longrange Wi-Fi, and power over Ethernet (PoE) for flexible placement or redundant power. A versatile and feature-rich platform, the BEC MX-241NP is a best-in-class solution combining carrier-grade functionality with robust LTE connectivity at a competitive price. Sequans Cassiopeia CB410L Module Sequans’ Cassiopeia CB410L module is a standalone all-in-one module solution delivering LTE Cat 4 throughput and robust LTE network connectivity. The module design benefits from Sequans’ long and extensive experience in 3.5 GHz solutions. The module supports CBRS networks in the United States on LTE band 48 and MNO networks worldwide on LTE bands 42/43. The Cassiopeia CB410L features unique LCC (leadless chip carrier) packaging and a compact size. “The pandemic has already had a profound effect on our educational systems, showing us that distance learning solutions like BEC’s new router can be very useful for schools and their students, with benefits that will continue even after the pandemic ends,” said Debray. m For more information, visit booth #613. BEC Technologies, Sequans Deliver Distance Learning Solution for Schools

1 8 WISPAMERICA 2022 I MARCH 14 - 17, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 2 Telco Systems, a provider of edge compute solutions, announced it has been selected by e-Qual to transform the management and orchestration (MANO) platform for its managed enterprise services with Telco Systems’ “Edgility” – for improved control and flexibility. e-Qual is a global managed services provider (MSP), managing the network and security for medium to large organizations in the private and public sectors. The company is based in France and operates in 55 countries. E-Qual experienced gaps in the Management and Orchestration (MANO) system of its SD-WAN platform, which affects its ability to serve its clients. Seeking an alternative, e-Qual examined various solutions and selected Edgility for its “All in One” set of tools for its Edge Compute needs, real Service Lifecycle Management, from initialization phase through monitoring and ongoing maintenance. Telco Systems Edgility is an edge compute platform that addresses e-Qual objectives. Specifically, e-Qual will benefit from Edgility’s ability to launch chain and monitor multiple VNFs using templates, remotely manage multiple VNF’s via console and IP connectivity, and monitor, manage and upgrade multiple hosts. With Edgility, e-Qual will be able to onboard additional SD-EDGE platforms and any future service, based on VM’s and Containers. The agreement’s initial phase includes a commitment to use minimum of more than 50,000 monthly licenses throughout thousands of e-Qual managed sites. These volumes are expected to grow significantly. “Our main expertise is to run the network edges of our customers, and we truly value the need for a powerful MANO system”, said Philippe de LUSSY, CEO of e-Qual, “We selected Telco Systems’ Edgility for its distinctive superiority over all the alternatives we examined. Edgility gives us flexibility and full control over our VNF’s and CNF’s, as well as significant operational tools that speed up and streamline our work.” “We are extremely proud to partner with e-Qual on their MANO transformation and see our solution addressing all their key objectives”, said Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems. “A powerful, flexible, and efficient MANO is a critical component for every successful business, and moreover – at global and advanced corporates like e-Qual. We are happy to have e-Qual joining our growing Edgility Edge Compute customer base. Edgility literally revolutionizes the customer experience in the modern enterprise WAN environment.” m e-Qual Transforms Enterprise Services Management with Telco Systems Total Highspeed Internet recently completed its conversion to MACC’s Accounting Master. The company now uses MACC software to meet its accounting needs, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory and material management. Located in Nixa, Missouri, and locally owned, Total Highspeed provides fiber and wireless internet, telephone and a variety of additional technology services to more than 90 communities in southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. “Total Highspeed Internet is a growing company delivering great fiber and wireless internet service, plus outstanding support to their customer base.” said Craig Aman, MACC’s President and CEO. “We are excited to have the company join the MACC family of clients and look forward to seeing Accounting Master play a role in their future success.” MACC’s billing system is used by telecom companies of all sizes throughout the United States. Its products empower clients to reach new levels of efficiency through integration and process automation. MACC’s products are supported by professional and dedicated customer care teams to ensure outstanding service. Plus, the company has more than 45 years of experience. m For more information, visit booth #106. Total Highspeed Internet Chooses MACC’s Accounting Master Marketbroadband.com, powered by Lorex, offers address-level targeting of OTT video advertising for ISP’s and other related clients. OTT video runs on streaming services like Hulu, Tubi, Roku, TLC and Discovery+. It is expected that 25 percent of Americans will be OTT streaming by the end of the year. Because OTT ads are un-skippable and full screen, the ads only play when the audience is engaged with the streaming content. “Address-level targeting of OTT, like all advertising, is critical for ISP’s,” said Ken Janc, Lorex’ President, the company behind Marketbroadband.com. “The goal is to have every lead you generate come from a serviceable business or residence. While no one wants to waste their marketing budget on unserviceable leads, there is a real negative image for your brand if you tell a lot of prospects that you can’t service them.” Marketbroadband.com uses its GIS for Marketing platform to identify residential prospects in an ISP’s service area. Proprietary technology then links the physical address with the IP address of the modem in the home. Address-level OTT ads are served in the same fashion that MarketBroadband. com has been serving digital display ads for several years. “Address-level targeting means that we can run address-level attribution on ad campaigns”, Janc explained. “The advertiser sees actual cost per sale data by marketing tactic by campaign.” In addition to OTT, Marketbroadband.com provides address-level targeting of direct mail and digital display ads with the use of its proprietary GIS Mapping platform. m MarketBroadband.com specializes in providing turnkey marketing programs for wireless and wireline Internet Service Providers. For more information, visit MarketBroadband.com; by phone at 800-792-8812 or by email at customerservice@lorexinc.com. . Marketbroadband. com Adds Address-Level OTT Advertising to Digital Ad Tech