WISP Financing has never been easier with us! Ability to fund ANY project/purchase starting at 10K up to 1.5 million Ability to approve and fund transactions without personal guarantees on unsecured finance agreements. A credit rates starting at 4.5% 24 hours or less response time for approvals. Ability to fund Fiber Only projects and Software only as well. Ability to fund any soft costs like maintenance, support and renewals. Ivan Crowe Icrowe@rtflease.com 818-921-3624 WISPA BROADBAND WITHOUT BOUNDARIES Visit us booth 319 AND GET TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYTHING WE CAN FINANCE FOR YOUR WISP For the past 10 years Ritalia Funding has been a part of this event and industry with an astounding success rate. We have an approval ratio of 85% with all applications in this vertical because we are not your typical finance company. We specialize in creative financing structures that allows you to finance anything you need from a small router or CPE to a large Fiber Project, and everything else that goes with it. With flexible payment options, fast response time and few documents required. WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 DAY 1 DAY 2 As the curtain rises on WISPAPALOOZA 2022 it is under the leadership of WISPA’s new CEO, David Zumwalt, who acknowledges he’s “tremendously excited.” “It’s the ISP show of the year, and it offers so much for all sorts of interests in the ISP industry,” Zumwalt said. “We’ve got over 90 educational panels with tracks on technology, business practices, operations, regulatory, policy, etc. You name it, we’ve got it.” Zumwalt took the WISPA reins on June 1, replacing the organization’s first CEO, Claude Aikens, who left the organization earlier this year. While WISPA continued operating during the transition, it never lost its focus on WISPAPALOOZA, the large annual Las Vegas gathering. WISPAPALOOZA is considered one of the most important gatherings in the wireless industry. It is at this four-day event where WISPs can network with other professionals and learn about new technologies that are shaping today’s internet service provider. Zumwalt said at this year’s event WISPA is expecting more than 2,200 attendees. The WISPAPALOOZA 2022 Exhibit Floor will feature more than 170 exhibitors, making this show the largest ever. On display will be hardware, software and services that are needed to run a successful ISP. (Continued on page 4) L Z OO 2022 WISPA CEO Advises Attendees to ‘Have Fun and Learn’ By Bruce Christian

Get a limited-edition T-shirt to celebrate 10 years of our 4WISP program. Visit American Tower at Booth #121 to pick up a T-shirt and find out how to win additional prizes. Our 4WISP program has been supporting customers for 10 years. The program makes it easy to build and expand networks, freeing time and resources, so customers can focus on delivering critical broadband in communities. Stop by and learn how 4WISP can work for you. 4WISP Program Celebrate With Us at Booth #121 americantower.com/4wisp © 2022 ATC IP LLC. All rights reserved.

ARE YOU READY FOR 5G n48 CBRS ! Introducing AirConnect® 8231 5G CBRS Outdoor Router GET IN TOUCH +1 972 422 0877 sales@bectechnologies.net Visit us at https://bectechnologies.net or scan this QR code with your smartphone camera The AirConnect® 8231 unlocks diverse fixed wireless access (FWA) market opportunities and provides subscribers with a broadband experience surpassing your rivals. Invest in BEC’s technology innovation, which enables the delivery of extreme data speeds, lower latencies, broader coverage, and increased network capacity. AirConnect® 8231 BECentral® CloudEdge For zero-touch provisioning, visual dashboards with real-time analytics, detailed reporting, historical analysis, performance monitoring, proactive alerts/notifications, and API extensibility for deployments of any scale 3GPP Release 16 Complaint 5G n48 Standalone (SA) sub-6 GHz Carrier Aggregation Up to 100 MHz Spectrum Bandwidth FCC Part 96 CAT-B CPE-CBSD OnGo™ Certified Visit us & our partners AT BOOTH #127

4 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 (Continued from page 1) “On top of all this, there’s tons of co-located activities. Great food, entertainment and of course, the Vegas night life,” Zumwalt said. He advised, “To get the most out of the four days, attendees should map out their stay through our Attendee Mobile App. We have so much going on. It’s a marathon of sorts. Though attendees can bounce from place to place, I suggest prioritizing the breakout sessions you want to see with the App. And the stuff you miss at the event – we’ll have all the slides and information available online which can be accessed afterwards.” Zumwalt said WISPA recognizes a lot of opportunity exists in coming years. Some of this is going to cause what he called “significant challenges.” “Core to our mission is growing our diverse and ever-changing membership base,” Zumwalt said. “As with any technology, broadband communications rapidly change, and that means our members change, too. “Wireless represents the bread and butter for most of our members – many of whom are small, local companies – but we see hybrid models playing an ever-bigger role in our members’ bottom lines,” he continued. “In this regard, the fiber marketplace will explode over the next five years.” A majority of WISPA already uses fiber, where it makes sense, he said. However, Zumwalt expects it continue will grow in popularity because consumers demand it. “So, we’ll have to expand our tent further to attract and serve that aspect of our membership,” Zumwalt said. “As with technology, this type of growth and evolution will never cease for the association.” Of course, if WISPA members can grow, then so will the organization. “The technology has never been better, and it keeps progressing,” Zumwalt said. “That boosts growth, clearly. But we see some moderate headwinds ahead which technology cannot really address. Government policy and its reach into our businesses has never been more formidable. The tens-of-billions of dollars of government subsidies and expanding regulatory mandates have had, and will continue to have, a tremendously distorting effect on our industry. “The key to mitigating this, as well as taking advantage of opportunities within this maelstrom, is expanding our advocacy efforts to more ably trumpet the interests of our industry at large to stay ahead of this tide,” Zumwalt said. “In this regard, and on top of our current federal advocacy efforts, we hope to develop a robust and truly proactive (not reactive) state team to help WISPA members realize all the opportunities pouring in on the state side.” He said this change will set up much of WISPA’s efforts during the next year or so, “especially as the subsidy spigot to the states – such as the NTIA’s $42 billion BEAD program – starts to flow.” In the meantime, Zumwalt is eager to meet and greet at WISPAPALOOZA 2022. “I look forward to getting to know this awesome community and am excited about new friendships which will emerge and flower from this conference,” he said. “We have such a great story to tell – that we can bring our communities new and ever-evolving levels of broadband connectivity quickly, virtually overnight, and at a cost that doesn’t break the bank. “It’s a product that almost sells itself,” Zumwalt added. “You know, I can’t wait to meet about 2,200 new friends – kind of like going to the first day of school. A little nervous, but totally eager to meet my new brothers and sisters out there.” His best advice for attendees, “Have fun and learn!” m L Z OO 2022 David M. Zumwalt WISPA President & CEO Dear WISPA and the WISPA membership that donated, When my wife first told me that we were in the running to get picked to receive a donation from your organization, with my luck, I couldn’t believe it. The thought of so many people that we had never even met before caring so much about what happened to me, was beyond compassionate. Shortly before the accident occurred, I had achieved financial stability for myself and my family for the first time in about a decade. I loved my job and was pulling my family out of debt. I was happy. We were happy. Then tragedy struck. When the doctors informed me that I had become a quadriplegic, I felt completely hopeless. I was no longer able to provide for my wife and three daughters nor to literally do anything for myself. Then I was told I had been selected to be the beneficiary of your organization’s charitable donation. I wept. I have never been selected for anything, let alone anything done out of such immense kindness. I have joined many social media groups to get in touch with other spinal cord injury and quadriplegics. I have learned how many of them have absolutely no quality of life due to their bodily limitations, financial insecurity, and lack of support. I too have extreme bodily limitations and very little support outside of my wife and children. This donation has given me opportunities and abilities that many quadriplegics don’t have and that nobody thinks about as basic day to day things we all do without thought, like turning on lights or the TV. The funds have been used in various ways. First and foremost, a well-built long lasting wheelchair ramp was installed which allows me to go outside in my power chair. Also, my wife purchased an Alexa device for me with light bulbs, so I can voice control my room and lights. We were able to acquire various medical equipment which was quite a relief as insurance covers very little in the day to day required needs such as bed pads, bed sheets, briefs, wipes, no rinse soaps and shampoos (as I do not currently have a way to shower), saline, catheter supplies, alcohol prep pads, and wedges to prevent bed sores. I was able to acquire a voice activated television which gives me not only some independence and entertainment but also some semblance of normalcy. The donation was also very helpful in keeping the bills paid, food on the table, and getting through the holidays with our three daughters while having no income and waiting on disability benefits to be approved. My favorite item purchased has been the hikers bladder that now hangs by my bed full of water. Being thirsty and always having to ask for a drink or wait until someone was awake to give me a drink was brutal. Now I can stay hydrated without the assistance. This tragedy floored our family and turned our lives completely upside-down. It has been a little over a year now and we are still heavily in an adjustment period, however, the WISPA donators have truly made a significant positive impact on this period of adjustment. Thank you all so much for your generosity and kindness. The donations you gave me were touching and more helpful than I can begin to describe. With deepest gratitude, Jason Bullock A Thank You Letter for a Generous WISPA Donation

Oh là là, have you heard about WispGO? Our WispGO program helps you meet your toughest deployment challenges so you can get on air faster with: > Exclusive pricing > Premier support > Flexible contracts > Value-add analytics and more Visit Booth #143 to learn more about how we can help expand your network—and your possibilities. 40K+ towers ~85K route miles of fiber ~115K small cells on air or under contract 1-866-238-8005

6 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com L Z OO 2022 DAY 1 CTIconnect has partnered with Tarana to be the exclusive distributor of Tarana’s Gigabit (G1) in North America, helping providers deliver fiber-class service speeds with broader market reach while significantly reducing their costs and deployment times. Tarana’s G1 is a next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) platform designed explicitly for operators to overcome previously insurmountable obstruction challenges. “We are thrilled to help our customers expand their performance and reliability into areas that were previously only reachable through costly and time-intensive fiber installs,” said Tyler Larkin, CTIconnect Senior VP of Revenue. “This opens a whole new world of possibilities for customers.” Case Study: NMSurf, Overcoming Obstacles Using ngFWA One of the toughest challenges for outdoor wireless is obstruction: buildings, trees, moving vehicles and more. Achieving clear line of sight (LoS) is great when it happens, but most wireless links will be near-or-non line of sight (nLoS, NLoS). It is imperative for large-scale fixed-wireless access deployments to have a way to handle obstructions, ideally without sacrificing speed or reliability. A Local Internet Pioneer NMSurf is a wireless internet service provider based in New Mexico covering Albuquerque, Bernaillom Española, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, and the surrounding rural communities. A local internet pioneer, NMSurf was the first company in the Santa Fe area to deliver fixed- wireless broadband technology to its customers. As an operator with plenty of wireless experience, NMSurf knows what it takes to design and deploy a reliable, high-speed connection. It knows obstructions are a significant reason why many wireless links either perform poorly or are not possible at all. It was with this in mind that an NMSurf technician attempted to bring up a wireless connection for a local business. Distance was not a problem, but there were many mature trees surrounding the building and along the street as shown in the photo. “This kind of link wouldn’t have happened before Tarana,” said Albert Catanach, president and founder of NMSurf. “There would have been no way through.” Getting Around Obstacles with G1 When the technician first brought up the link, he saw a decent alignment metric (a number indicating wireless connection strength) with the Tarana remote node (RN). Then he remembered one of Tarana G1’s strengths – perfect multipath integration – and turned the RN 180 degrees away from the direction of the tower, pointing at a nearby building instead. Suddenly, a good link became a great link. G1 is designed to take advantage of multipath environments to get around obstacles. It collects multiple versions of the signal as it bounces off obstacles to recreate a better, stronger signal. Legacy FWA equipment does not have this capability which is why it seldom performs well in NLoS conditions. This is a big drawback when most connections are obstructed to some degree. NMSurf’s experience is not unusual. Operators are discovering how G1 conquers previously insurmountable barriers to connectivity. This opens new markets for operators to reach subscribers that were unreachable before. Currently, NMSurf is in the process of switching its 5,000 customers to G1. These customers will get more reliable service at greater range, and they will get higher data rates, translating to higher ARPU. With G1, NMSurf can deliver speeds of 250 Mbps at distances of 12 miles with higher speeds (600+ Mbps) closer to the tower. With G1’s easy installation, NMSurf was able to deploy almost 200 subscribers as of May 2022, with many more to follow as their expansion continues. The table below summarizes the benefits G1 has delivered in NMSurf’s network. Rising demand for high-speed broadband presents wireless operators with a fantastic opportunity to grow their businesses in number of subscribers and ARPU, which drives profitability. However, this opportunity only exists if the operator can reach new customers and deliver greater speeds reliably. Obstacles are a significant barrier that must be overcome for true growth. G1 turns opportunity into reality through: • Superior coverage, especially in NLoS and nLoS conditions • Reliable, high performance: 2.4 Gbps sector capacity (9.6 Gbps per tower) • Up to 800 Mbps combined UL/DL per-link rate with resulting higher-speed service tiers • High subscriber counts (up to 250 per sector/radio) • Interference and noise cancellation enabling full k=1 spectrum reuse • Near-licensed spectrum performance with unlicensed spectrum • Simplified radio planning, installation and management Less hardware (radios, switching ports, etc.) These features were crucial for NMSurf and represent a new paradigm for designing and operating large scale fixed-wireless networks. “Tarana works better than any other tech we’ve tried,” said Catanach. Thanks to G1, NMSurf is well positioned to expand their coverage, offer higher ARPU plans and increase customer satisfaction. CTIconnect works as an extension of your organization to provide technical expertise, hardware and services that help grow your business and crush your financial goals. They dedicate an experienced team of engineers, product managers and sales reps to your project to tailor solutions to your specific needs. Learn more at CTIconnect. com or visit the company at booth 145 on the Exhibit Floor. Tarana Wireless Inc. is a leader in nextgeneration fixed wireless access network solutions (ngFWA). The company is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., with additional research and development in Pune, India. For information, visit taranawireless.com or stop by booth 149 on the Exhibit Floor. m Legacy G1 Highest speed tier 25/7 Mbps 400 Mbps Tower capacity 1 Gbps 9.6 Gbps Max subscribers (per tower) 250 1,000 Propagation LoS LoS, NLoS Radioplanning k=2 k=1 CTIconnect Offers Tarana’s G1 as Next-Gen Fixed Wireless Access

CBRS and 6GHz in One Box LTE Turbo Series What happens when you aggregate CBRS LTE with 6GHz Wi-Fi? Magic happens. You get a turbo-charged, plug-and-play LTE and 802.11ax radio that can do up to a Gigabit in throughput in LOS and NLOS deployment scenarios when used with an LTE Turbo CPE. NOVA430T ATOM OD15-T Want to learn more? Stop by our Booth #221 and ask about LTE Turbo. baicells.com

8 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com L Z OO 2022 DAY 1 BEC Technologies Shares AirConnect Outdoor Router BEC Technologies Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of LTE and 5G wireless broadband network connectivity solutions, has launched its latest addition to the registered AirConnect Series 5G portfolio. The AirConnect 8231 5G CBRS Outdoor Router enables 5G standalone (SA) network connectivity over n48 CBRS, an industry first. The AirConnect 8231 unlocks diverse fixed wireless access (FWA) market opportunities unlocking the full potential of 5G. Operators can harness the power of 5G standalone (SA) over CBRS delivering ultra-fast data rates, lower latency, and unmatched coverage for a subscriber broadband experience surpassing rivals. The AirConnect 8231 is 3GPP Release 16 compliant, an FCC Part 96 authorized CAT-B CPE-CBSD, and the trademarked OnGo Certified to ensure multi-vendor interoperability for 5G n48 CBRS deployments of any scale. Designed for performance, the AirConnect 8231 will deliver maximum channel bandwidth and support sub-6 GHz carrier aggregation providing increased capacity with higher data rates. The rugged IP68 enclosure integrates BEC’s patented antenna technology with 15.5 dBi gain, 38 dBm maximum EIRP, and enhanced uplink 2x2 MIMO and 4x4 MIMO downlink ensuring fast efficient bi-directional transmission. The AirConnect 8231 seamlessly connects to BECentral CloudEdge. BEC’s industry-leading cloud-based service platform provides valuable insights and essential network visibility at the edge. In addition, operators will benefit from zero-touch provisioning, SAS domain proxy, real-time analytics dashboards, detailed reporting, historical analysis, performance monitoring, and a host of additional functionality to improve operational efficiencies and optimize service delivery. “Our connectivity solutions are trusted and widely deployed by leading telecommunications providers. As a result, we expect to see continued growth in adopting our AirConnect 8231,” said D’Andre Ladson, VP of Marketing. “We are committed to driving the adoption of fixed wireless access with innovative hardware, software, and next-generation technologies such as 5G n48 SA.” To learn more, come by booth 127 on the Exhibit Floor or go to https://bectechnologies.net/devices/8231/. BEC also will be attending the OnGo Alliance October Members Meeting, Oct 18-20 in St. Louis. m Winncom Technologies Vendor spotlight session at WISPAPALOOZA 2022 takes place at 4:30 p.m., Wednesday on the Paris Breakout Room Champagne 1. Winncom will be joined by co-presenter Nokia to discuss challenges when building complex networks to bring broadband connectivity to underserved communities. The discussion will share what to look for, how to design and manage the project, and how to determine which products are the most beneficial for your build out. Open Broadband will contribute to this discussion and offer a customer testimonial on a recent project working in cooperation with Winncom and Nokia. Winncom’s CBRS and LTE product portfolio will be highlighted, as well as the company’s engineering support and technical design services. • Speakers scheduled are: • Mike Cook, VP Business Development – Winncom Technologies • Fayyaz Patwa, Sales Engineering Leader – Nokia • Sunu Simon, Sales Leader Regional Accounts – Nokia • Kent Winrich, CTO – Open Broadband • Kyle Barnes, Regional Technical Manager – Winncom Technologies Millennium Shows off Virtual Repair Game Think you’ve got what it takes to be the fastest splicer at WISPAPALOOZA? Millennium unveils a new virtual reality game: “The Broken Mile,” which is being showcased in booth 434 on the Exhibit Floor. The game takes a player through the eyes of an ISP contractor repairing a broken fiber optic network. From starting at the ISP contractor office to performing an aerial inspection, through fixing the fiber break, players will experience the full journey of repairing an actual fiber to home network. This Millennium virtual game is premiering at WISPALOOZA2022 at Booth 434. Swing by to see if you can beat the fastest time on Millennium’s broken mile. m Winncom, Nokia Spotlight Open Broadband

WWW.WISPA.ORG 9 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 Hurst-Euless-Bedford District Renews 20-year Contract with FiberLight FiberLight LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of experience building and operating mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks, announced the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District (HEB ISD), has signed a 20-year contract to continue its partnership with the infrastructure provider. FiberLight began working with HEB ISD nearly 25 years ago when the school district needed a fiber provider to service kindergarten through high school students across a 40-acre region in northern Texas. Over the years, FiberLight worked with HEB ISD to scale to meet the growing needs of its school community as it expanded across new campuses and introduced next-generation technology – including a major upgrade that enabled the district to deliver cloudbased learning across 30 campuses. When the original agreement expired and the contract went to RFP, HEB ISD signed a new 20-year contract with FiberLight citing its consistent up-time, scalability and superior service in meeting the demands of a forwardlooking school community. “FiberLight and the district have been partners for well over 20 years,” said Scott Forester, director of technology at HurstEuless-Bedford Independent School District. “When we went out to RFP, one thing we looked at was the benefit of uptime. A large proportion of our infrastructure is cloud-based and hosted in the cloud, and without a solid foundation that our cable plant provides, we would be sunk. FiberLight’s 99.9% uptime is invaluable. All our scaling up has been seamless, and the backbone layer that supports our growth has been smooth and consistent. FiberLight has been excellent in getting that done.” HEB ISD uses a Metro model that relies on FiberLight’s 10-gig backbone to connect to the district’s internet provider and delivers Ethernet point-to-point access to its 30 campuses. HEB ISD also relies on FiberLight’s 20-gig connection between its two data centers that mirror one another for redundancy and provide critical backup for the district. “Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District is one of FiberLight’s largest networks supporting K-12 education in the state of Texas,” said Mike Ellison. vice president of Public Sector for FiberLight. “We’re proud to work with them to enable a hub and spoke model that delivers internet to their school community and enables next-generation learning for more than 23,000 students.” For additional information on FiberLight and its successes, visit booth 208 on the Exhibition Floor. m After an internship working with traumatized children was cut short because of the COVID pandemic, Sarah Pugliese missed being able to help kids who had been through extreme hardships. Instead of letting the pandemic stop her passion, however, she brainstormed a project to help kids by sending them care packages through the mail. That is how the Topaz Fairy Project was born. The Topaz Fairy Project is now a nonprofit that sends kids going through trauma and hardships a care package. A few examples of situations include medical trauma, bullying, loss of family members, surviving abuse and more. For a magical twist, these care packages come from a fairy friend named Topaz. Each care package is customized to the respective recipient child, so it is as unique as the child receiving it. The package contains toys based on the youngster ’s interests, tasty treats and a personalized note to help encourage her or him. After learning what the children are going through, Topaz writes notes full of customized compliments and encouragements, so the youngsters feel acknowledged and know someone believes in them. What started as a hope of helping a few kids in a small hometown has turned into a nationwide mission to send magic to kids in need. To date, more than 460 children throughout the United States have received a box from Topaz. Pugliese even keeps in touch with some of them regularly as a “fairy pen pal.” Along with making care bags for officers and justice centers to keep on hand, TFP also has sponsored a Christmas party for a justice center. One hundred percent of the donations goes toward the kids in this project. m WISPA Asks for Your Support of Topaz Fairy Project for Kids

1 0 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com L Z OO 2022 DAY 1 Siklu, a global leader in millimeter wave (mmWave) solutions for the “Digital City” and gigabit wireless access (GWA), has launched its MASON (management, automation and selforganizing network) application and major enhancements to its Wireless Network Design Engine (WiNDE). These applications, part of the enhanced SmartHaul Network Operations applications suite, have been optimized through years of field experience, designed to lower the operational burden, and maximize the return on investment of advanced wireless networks. Siklu’s SmartHaul MASON provides complete network information at the network operator’s fingertips – topology and connectivity, inventory, faults data, performance and more. It is a modular system that operates in cloud or VM environments and streamlines operations by supporting faster troubleshooting via an improved correlation among ports, links and devices with hierarchical propagation, identifying capacity bottlenecks or availability with user defined KPIs and by the automation of repetitive tasks. Specifically, SmartHaul MASON includes Siklu’s “Runner” subsystem, which is a software-defined network (SDN) controller for self-organizing network (SON) operation of the mmWave network, covering device onboarding, with additional features including RF and traffic optimization to be launched early 2023. Siklu’s WiNDE is a SaaS platform that automates the design process to build a new network or to expand an existing one in a “5-click” process. It also continuously is updated to account for new products and features, changes in regulations or the introduction of new regional broadband connectivity programs, such as the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) in the United States. As a result of these updates, WiNDE automatically improves network efficiency and/or coverage. The enhancements of WiNDE integrates with MASON and the network as part of an end-to-end hands-off management model, operating the network automatically and matching exactly the design, with optional resilient mesh 2.0 topologies. In fact, this integration is so thorough it results in an extremely easy, “screwdriver only” onsite installation process – meaning nothing to configure in the field. Siklu is hosting two product launch webinars for the SmartHaul MASON and WiNDE Network Operations Applications at 11 a.m. CET (go to https://register.gotowebinar.com/ register/4376154560363266830 to register) and at noon EDT (https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6616497462887148046) on Oct. 13. In addition, Siklu has introduced an addition to its trademarked MultiHaul TG Terragraph-certified series – the MultiHaul TG N367 node, which will be available this quarter. The N367 node offers enhanced 360-degree coverage flexibility with the incorporation of Siklu’s industry-unique four independent high-gain beam-forming RF2 antennas, yielding a range extension between 60 percent and 80 percent depending on target capacity and availability. RF2 antennas are embedded in many of Siklu products and will activate with a SW release available for download together with the release of the N367. Siklu offers a large selection of Terragraph-certified products for fixed 5G wireless access, Wi-Fi hotspot and small cell backhaul, smart city connectivity and other applications. The MultiHaul TG family consists of nodes operating over millimeter waves in a redundant mesh topology which connect a suite of terminal units. The MultiHaul TG family brings the advantages of mmWave spectrum – multi-Gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and massive amounts of available spectrum – to an easy-to-deploy solution with the addition of L2 SDN mesh, enabled by Siklu’s SmartHaul™ NMS with the Runner subsystem. Siklu is presenting its industry-leading mmWave product line at booths 249 and 251 on the Exhibit Floor. To schedule an F2F meeting with Siklu’s experts, go to this URL, https://go.siklu.com/wispapalooza-2022-virtual- m RemoteWinBox, the software provider that specializes in centralized MikroTik management, recently spoke to Clay Bales from Miles Out Internet and discovered a common problem within the LTE provider industry – not being able to access equipment on the other side of LTE. Bales said, “My customers are all rural and so remote that they’re hours of drive time away. I have to schedule my truck rolls and batch them all in together because they’re so far, so my biggest feature is remote access. Being able to remote into not only the MikroTik, but also my upstream LTE gateway or radio is huge.” One of the benefits of using RemoteWinBox is that you can add an additional remote access pass-through to another device on the network. This could be an upstream gateway’s web GUI, SSH to a switch or server, or any other service that the remote MikroTik can connect to. Whether you’re delivering service over fiber, licensed or unlicensed radio, or LTE – packets are flying through your network at near the speed of light – 186,000 miles per second. That’s a fast truck roll. Save time and money with RemoteWinBox Remote Access, and check out the company’s website to see what the rest of its feature set is: remotewinbox.com, or come chat with the RemoteWinBox team at Booth 535 on the Exhibition Floor. m Siklu Introduces MASON Management Network Truck Rolls at 186,000 Miles per Second

1 2 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com L Z OO 2022 DAY 1 Cambium Networks, a global provider of wireless networking solutions, release its cnHeat network planning software, which makes it easy for all fixed wireless broadband service providers to meet their FCC-mandated Broadband Data Collection (BDC) reporting requirements. cnHeat and the integrated BDC reporting is manufacturer agnostic and can be exercised with Cambium Networks fixed wireless broadband infrastructure, as well other available fixed wireless infrastructure providers’ solutions. The platform is beneficial for service providers seeking to deliver reliable fixed wireless connectivity using the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) frequency band in the context of the NTIA Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) program. “Broadband service providers are deploying fixed wireless connectivity to rapidly provide cost-effective connectivity,” said Scott Imhoff, SVP of Product Management and Planning. “The precise information provided by cnHeat enables a great opportunity for broadband service providers in the United States to extend their network coverage using PMP 450 technology in the CBRS spectrum while making it easy to meet BEAD program reporting requirements. In addition to CBRSbased networks, cnHeat can be applied to networks utilizing 2 GHz, 5 GHz, 60 GHz, and 28 GHz including Cambium Networks ePMP and cnWave platforms.” Evertek Wireless Broadband Support Specialist Caleb Wieman added, “We have been serving thousands of business and residential subscribers with fixed wireless technology for over 20 years. Cambium Networks’ cnHeat improves the efficiency of providing connectivity to our customers and future growth. End customers will have better connectivity faster and this is good for everyone.” The BEAD program defines “Reliable Broadband Service” as broadband service the Broadband Data Maps show is accessible to a location. Service providers can use cnHeat planning software with integrated automatic Broadband Data Collection (BDC) to submit high quality data to the FCC and to save time and resources meeting the bi-annual FCC reporting requirements. “Reporting requirements can be an obstacle. cnHeat with BDC gathers the reporting data we need and enables our planning team and technicians to get installations planned precisely and done right the first time,” said Kevin Simms, wireless director, GTEK Communications. “We can rapidly expand our coverage and deliver broadband that makes for happy customers.” Service providers can use cnHeat with integrated Broadband Data Collection to provide one-meter precise coverage predictions based on LIDAR data that meets BDC requirements and delivers consistently reliable service to subscribers. Built upon Cambium Networks’ expertise in fixed wireless Radio Frequency (RF) planning, propagation, and modeling and integrated with GIS data down to one-meter precision, cnHeat enables network operators to generate highly accurate RF predictions and offer reliable service with fixed wireless broadband technology. Cambium Networks provides a comprehensive suite of hardware, software and managed solutions that support multi-gigabit connectivity for service provider, municipal, enterprise and federal defense applications. The comprehensive wireless fabric portfolio of Wi-Fi access points, switches and fixed wireless technologies — all unified by the cnMaestro cloud management system — enables networks to run efficiently and easily scale to meet increasing demand. Find out more about fixed wireless solutions for the CBRS frequency band by visiting Cambium Networks at booth 135 on the Exhibit Floor. m Marketbroadband.com, powered by Lorex, now offers a client relationship management (CRM) toolbox for ISP’s that are building a homes-passed database. As more non-Tier I ISP’s build their homespassed database, they are running into many data standardization and data quality issues. These include non-USPS mailing addresses, duplicate data, poor data quality and lack of any data standardization. “Everyone knows the garbage-in adage,” said Ken Janc, president of Lorex, the company behind Marketbroadband.com. “But it has never been more true than here. Building a homespassed database with no plan for starting with clean data and a strategy for keeping it clean is going to cause problems. Big ones.” Marketbroadband.com uses its complex set of tools to standardize and validate address data offline. Records also can be flagged for additional processing based on a client’s rules. An example would be when duplicate structures are associated with a specific parcel and address. An ISP may or may not want to consolidate those records to the one address. This process answers that question and more like it. “Once the data is clean, there are literally thousands of data attributes that can be appended to the records before we return it to the ISP,” Janc said. “These attributes can relate to the location like rooftop geocodes for accurate mapping or they could be the demographics of the residents or business at the address.” Once the cleaned, standardized and appended data is returned to the ISP’s CRM Platform, they are able to run more targeted and strategic marketing campaigns on their own or with the help of MarketBroadband.com. MarketBroadband.com specializes in providing turnkey marketing programs for wireless and wireline internet service providers. More information may be obtained by visiting MarketBroadband.com at booth 732 on the Exhibit Floor or by contacting the company at at 800-792-8812 or customerservice@ lorexinc.com. m Cambium Releases cnHeat with Integrated Broadband Data Collection Marketbroadband.com Releases CRM Toolbox

Call Now! 800-792-8812 Learn More: Visit MarketBroadband.com Authorized ISP Marketing Portal: MarketBroadband.LorexExpress.com Digital D2D™              ­ ™  ™  Address Match™ € ‚ ƒ €   „ „ …    ™ ™    ™          ™   PIXEL IP PIXEL TO ADDRESS LIST 2 1 4 3 6 5 8 7 9 A B C D E F G ADDRESS 121 STREET 122 STREET 123 STREET 124 STREET 125 STREET 126 STREET 127 STREET 128 STREET STATE MN MN MN MN MN MN MN MN CITY ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ZIP 55330 55330 55330 55330 55330 55330 55330 55330 Geo-Replay™ € ƒ € ‚  †  …       ‚      ‡ „ ˆ ˆ ˆ „      ‡ „ ™     €   ‚     ƒ „ … Address-Level Digital Advertising Digital Toolbox ‡  ‰ IP Match™ € ‚ ‚† ™          Š        ‹ Œ   † ‹ †Œ †   Ž ™    „  †  ‡ €    ‚ ˆ „ „ ‰ BUY BUY NOW NOW IP IP IP IP IP IP YOUR ADDRESS LIST 2 1 4 3 6 5 8 7 9 A B C D E F G ADDRESS 121 STREET 122 STREET 123 STREET 124 STREET 125 STREET 126 STREET 127 STREET 128 STREET STATE MN MN MN MN MN MN MN MN CITY ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ELK RIVER ZIP 55330 55330 55330 55330 55330 55330 55330 55330 IP BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW CONNECTED TV OTT APP BASED VIDEO ADS DISPLAY ADS Only Target Your Serviceable Addresses Booth 732

1 4 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 L Z OO 2022

1 6 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 2pifi 717 9dot S.r.I. 614 A10 Networks 419 Acentury Americas 702 Advanced Media Technologies Inc. 403 AFL 406 Alliance Communications 315 Alliance Funding Group 548 Altitude Benefits & Consulting 415 American Tower 121 ARE Telecom 447 Astrome Technologies 515 Atheral LLC 443 Athonet 706 Aviat Networks 617 AW Safety Services 404 Azotel/Solutions4ebiz 412 Baicells Technologies 221 BBT Antennas Inc. 314 Bearcom 504 BEC Technologies 127 BeyondReach MR2 BillMax Billing Solutions 543 BLINQ Networks 702 Broadband Waves K30 BTI Wireless 601 Calix 243 Cambium Networks 135 Canopus Networks 501 CanWISP 704 Ceragon Networks Inc. 409 ChannelVision Magazine 507 Citiwave Systems Ltd. K10 Clearfield Inc. 602 Comsearch 621 CoreSite 117 Crossover 506 Crown Castle 143 CTIconnect 145 DE-CIX North America 107 DIRECTV 216,417 DISH Network 302 DiviNetworks 716 DoubleRadius Inc. 421 Dura-Line 313 DZS 814 EDGETEAM TECHNOLOGY 603 Edgility 201 ENGISO LLC 700 EPCOM 550 Eupen Cable USA 213 Experia Online K11 Federated Wireless 808 FiberLight 208 Fibersmith 551 FIBRAIN GROUP 701 Finley Engineering 549 FORVIS LLP 247 Galooli Inc. 606 Gamma Electronics 612 Globetel Holding 204 Grandstream 727 Graybar Electric 346 Hanna Wireless 220 Harmoni Tower 718 Horizon 616 ICT 309 IgniteNet 818 InSite Support Services Inc. 344 Intracom Telecom 235 IOIOBox 401 IP ArchiTechs 408 IPpay LLC 245 IPv4.Global 212 IQGeo 812 ISPApp 307 ISPN 634 ISP Supplies 301 ISP Wholesale Supplies 405 ITL 300 Jonard Tools 708 KP Performance Antennas 215 KSPCo 446 LEAF Commercial Capital Inc. K22 Lightyear 537 Link Technologies Inc. 509 Live Oak Bank 218 MarketBroadBand.com-Lorex 732 Mavenir 427 Meerkat Cx 721 MECSIL 733 Mercku Inc. K31 Micronet Communications Inc. 209 Mid America Computer Corp. (MACC) 544 Millennium 434 Mimosa by Airspan 351 MiloTec 627 MIMOTIK INC. 608 Mission Critical Energy & FlexSCADA 113 Mission Critical Facilities International 214 Multilink Inc. 705 Multilink Solutions Inc. 217 Musco 517 NATE 502 NCTI K21 netElastic 632 NetPoint Antennas 451 NISC 804 Nokia 321 OnGo Alliance 618 Outpost Plus LLC 703 Pace International 816 PacketFlux Technologies 720 Parallel Infrastructure 207 Paraqum Technologies (Pvt) Ltd 734 Paymentus 542 PerfectVision 343 Ping Marketing 219 PLP 203 Positron Access Solutions 345 Power & Tel 714 Powercode 304 Power Storage Solutions 600 PPC Broadband 413 Preseem 235 RADWIN 603 RemoteWinBox 535 RFelements 335 Ribbon 103 RINA Wireless 615 RITALIA FUNDING 319 ROHN Products LLC 418 Rosenberger Site Solutions 445 Safety One Training International Inc. 604 SAF North America LLC 347 Saisei Networks 806 Sandy Beaches Software 444 SBA Edge 105 Select Spectrum 109 Sera4 546 ServerPlus – Real Choice TV 513 Siklu 249 Sitetracker 802 Solara Technical 16 Sonar Software Inc. 39 Star Solutions 127 Streakwave Wireless 227 Subcarrier Communications Inc. 202 Superior Exxex Communications 553 Tarana Wireless 149 Team Cymru 200 Tectonic – Vcomm – DEA 607 Telrad Networks 521 Teltech Group 503 Tower One Inc. 350 Tower Ventures 416 TP-LINK USA Corp. 545 Trailrunner Marketing Services 127 Turnkey ISP – WISP Call Center & Staffing Services 305 Tycon Systems 609 Unaimus (NetCore j.s.a.) 633 UNITEL Insurance 101 UScellular M5 Visp.net 820 Vilo 308 WAV, MBSI WAV & Last Mile Gear 327 Wavelo 518 Wesco 713 Whalebone K20 Wireless Coverage Ltd. 414 Winncom Technologies 514,527 Wireless Insight LLC 127 World Wide Technology K31 XTREME5G 127 Xunison 726 Exhibitor ��������������������������������Booth # Exhibitor ��������������������������������Booth # Booth # ����������������������������������������Company Name Booth # ���������������������������������������Company Name EXHIBITORS AT-A-GLANCE L Z OO 2022

WWW.WISPA.ORG 1 7 www.bekabusinessmedia.com DAY 1 Netpoint Provides a Gigabit Solution L E T S H OW B U S I N E S S G R OW Y O U R B U S I N E S S DIRECTV STREAMSM Bulk Services is The Supreme TV Experience amenity for all your residents – all from the company that delivers innovative entertainment experiences where, when and how your residents want it! B U L K S E R V I C E S MDUCommunications@DIRECTV.com C OM E S E E WH AT ’ S N EW AT DIRECTV Booth #216 O R C O N TA C T U S AT by David Alvarez One of the biggest problems for ISP operators has become creating reliable backhaul that is cost-effective and cost-effective for a deployment that is equal to fiber optics, it now has been identified that most ISPs are looking for three benefits when installing wireless networks: 1. Low cost but high-quality equipment. Transferring higher bandwidth at strategic points where fiber becomes an option that is not for everyone. 2. Time is money, how long does it take to install your equipment? Each of these benefits are what NetPoint has been busy working on for each of its lines of dish antenna dishes in specialized bands in the 3 GHz, 4 GHz, 5 GHz and now in licensed bands from 10 to 11 GHz according to FCC specifications for the proper operation of ISPs in the United States. Generally, manufacturers create products according to the needs of each market, but what is the need? Has anyone bothered to ask the operator what they need to improve their deployments,? What is the best design build to use equipment in integration that is always available from a wholesaler, or worse still, does my equipment come with a warranty? We are concerned about bridging the digital divide in an efficient way with high quality antennas in extended frequencies and dish measures that the operator can handle without putting their workers at risk. That is why Netpoint has classified its satellite dishes after 50 years of manufacturing RF equipment and now in the ISP industry presenting a range of wide availability that manifests one of the many questions that are answered through tangible results: The availability Netpoint being manufactured in Mexico competes with the highest world standards in manufacturing that in its strategic point Guadalajara, land of tequila and headquarters of the Mexican Silicon Valley ensures to have stock in minimum times of one month. Given the availability of the equipment, we take seriously the challenges of zero loss by creating antennas with reduced secondary lobes is no secret that creating a parabolic dish antenna is not easy so we optimize the front back ratio of our antennas to avoid the loss of return and eliminate back lobes. This is why the NPGEN2 model antennas are ideal for those fast deployments in rural or high mountain areas where the versatility of using a radome to protect the antennas or shield against interference becomes a cost-benefit issue. One of the features we take care of in the same sense is to provide items such as low loss and flexible jumpers to avoid damaging radio connectors and thus prolong the life of the radios. Finally, we take advantage of joint developments with brands such as Mimosa Networks or Cambium Networks to optimize our products, such as creating antennas such as high gain NPPROS or large dishes for the innovative Twist-on solutions from Mimosa Networks, or making the most of the gain of the equipment to obtain better results with shielded antennas as well as higher performance rates with the integrated solution in all Cambium Networks lines with noise suppression with which our NPX antenna lines are ideal for deployments in urban areas. Undoubtedly the expense of acquiring licensed bands closes the availability of using conventional microwave equipment with this NP11 adds to our solution in 10 and 11 GHz for those ISPs looking to get rid of interference. We are ready to listen to you and create an antenna to suit your needs. We open our channels to support you in your every wish that telecommunications is not a job but a lifestyle and a passion. We look forward to hearing from you by email: David.alvarez@ antenas.com.mx or visit us at our booth, 451 on the Exhibit Floor. m

1 8 WISPAPALOOZA SHOW I OCTOBER 3 – 6, 2022 www.bekabusinessmedia.com L Z OO 2022 DAY 1 Sandy Beaches Software announces the rollout of a new RESTful API. The API enables SBS clients and partners access to the always-on feature of the RESTful API, simplifying the interaction with the IntegriBill database. Sandy Beaches Software president and founder, Jeff Lytle, said he believes his clients will welcome this addition. “Our motto for the last 30-plus years has been that we can’t be ‘all things to all people’ – but enabling data to be exchanged from disparate software tools that clients are already using and the ability to share the 597 unique data points from our system, will ultimately contribute to their organizational efficiency and future growth. The flexibility allows clients to avoid requiring the time and expense of paying for custom code or data entry duplication efforts.” Sandy Beaches placed priority on clients’ multiple requests to provide a real-time interface with general ledger systems. “To that end, our team developed an API integration with QuickBooks Online and has plans to follow right behind with QuickBooks Desktop.” said SBS’ API lead developer Riley Pate. “Intuit’s QuickBooks products have over 40 percent market share equaling around 111k customers. Their product is often utilized by newer, smaller companies and has also been popular with ISPs who didn’t have to worry about taxes on metered usage. “However, WISPS, who have added voice to their product mix, quickly realize that QuickBooks isn’t written to handle all of the related invoice compliance, product bundles, and specialized taxing needed for voice providers. By combining IntegriBill and QuickBooks they’ll be able to generate clear, compliant invoices for their customers while still running the rest of their business with QuickBooks,” Pate said. The integration also will enable IntegriBill clients to see every line item from an end user’s invoice within their QuickBooks system. One of the main benefits to this is that accounting departments and outsourced accounting services will have access to the customer data without needing to access the IntegriBill program. Accountants are able to accomplish their tasks without the need to learn another program or troubling the ISP’s billing department for specialized reports – they can use the data that’s been loaded to generate reports from their general ledger program. The invoices may be exported into QuickBooks Online, including the charges and taxes, providing the ability to have a complete view of the business. QuickBooks will meet accounting needs and IntegriBill will handle the invoice compliance and taxes specific to the telecom industry. SBS clients and potential clients can look forward to several future integrations with work force management software, additional accounting systems, switch manufacturers, and VoIP carriers in the near future. For more information and to learn more about Sandy Beaches Software, visit Booth 444 on the Exhibit Floor. m No ‘Rest’ for New Integrations with SBS Baicells Technologies unveild a new product dubbed “LTE Turbo” that effectively aggregates CBRS and 5GHz or 6GHz Wi-Fi for both LOS and NLOS deployments to provide up to 1000Mbps of throughput. LTE Turbo is the first radio available from Baicells that can achieve 1,000 Mbps in downlink. This achievement is possible through the development of a proprietary tunneling protocol to allow for the successful aggregation of Wi-Fi 6 and LTE technologies. This aggregation successfully expands the broadcasting bandwidth to 100MHz, allowing the hardware to provide increased throughput and support up to 512 concurrent users per radio. To take full advantage of this technology, a network operator needs to use an LTE Turbo base station and LTE Turbo CPE. An LTE Turbo base station can be installed without the corresponding Turbo CPE, but it will be limited to broadcasting on either CBRS, 5GHz, or 6GHz spectrum and will not be able to aggregate the channels. “LTE Turbo marks the first case of Baicells being able to provide a gigabit of throughput for fixed wireless operators across the U.S.,” said Boun Senekham, Baicells VP of Sales. “We recognize that wireless operators are increasingly being asked to meet new, stringent requirements to qualify under the government’s definition of highspeed broadband and LTE Turbo is one of our attempts to make it easier to hit those demands, while remaining easy to install and deploy. “Beyond that, it’s no secret that internet demands go up almost daily and to support our customer we need to evolve into new technologies,” Senekham continued. “Our R&D team put a lot of effort into building a proprietary tunneling protocol to make Turbo happen and we’re incredibly excited to begin offering this new product to internet operators across the country.” LTE Turbo is undergoing QA testing and beta testing with select operators. If you are interested in being a beta tester for LTE Turbo, or have further questions on how the technology works, stop by the Baicells booth, 221, on the WISPAPALOOZA 2022 Exhibit Floor or send an email to sales_na@ baicells.com. m Baicells Releases LTE Turbo “Our team developed an API integration with QuickBooks Online and has plans to follow right behind with QuickBooks Desktop.”