14 2022 VISIONARY SPOTLIGHT AWARDS | CHANNELV ISION Telesystem Telesystem’s Managed Wi-Fi solution offers customers and guests the fast, open Wi-Fi access they expect – along with the private wireless access that companies need to run their business securely and efficiently. Telesystem designs, configures, installs, monitors and manages the secure wireless network freeing businesses from the burden and cost of setting up and managing a wireless network on their own. Advanced Analytics give businesses access to see who connects, when they connect and how they navigate through their environment. Service Provider Technology SERVICE PROVIDER TECHNOLOGY Analytics, AI and Machine Learning Commio Commio offers thinQ Voice to hundreds of SaaS platforms, enterprises, and providers. Launched in September 2021, Commio delivers secure, industry-first voice solutions. thinQ Voice makes it easy to see beyond the API to control every aspect of voice calling. Back Office and OSS Innovation Intraway Intraway’s Symphonica, is a no-code, cloud-native, telco-grade orchestration and service activation platform for the automation of the entire services lifecycle across multiple networks and technology domains. Symphonica allows you to integrate your BSS to any network access technology with a few clicks, and easily design custom automated provisioning workflows with no coding required. Symphonica is a multi-tenant, software-as-as-service (SaaS) offering that runs on AWS cloud. Sage Management Sage Management’s InFuse application helps carriers and commercial clients conduct cost reconciliation efforts and correlate disparate circuit data to maintain accurate inventories. Isolated to its carrier engagements, Sage offers a blockchain carrier-to-carrier order exchange module to improve mean time to review and better contain costs. InFuse empowers the collaboration between Sage’s auditing and design teams and their carrier or commercial counterparts. Content/ Media Delivery and Enablement BullsEye Telecom BullsEye provides engaging marketing collateral for multiple levels throughout the channel. Each piece of collateral features specific content and language designed to resonate with and be relevant to the intended reader whether they are a partner, a trusted advisor or a client. All the collateral is on BullsEye’s website. The BullsEye Marcom team also creates communication materials to help individual partners and trusted advisors continue to build their businesses. Emerging Markets Deployment DC Blox DC BLOX has built four data centers since 2017, with additional facilities in various stages of deployment. DC BLOX focuses on smaller, growing cities across the Southeastern United States to provide physical and network infrastructure to underserved markets that previously had not had access to state-of-the-art, secure, and reliable infrastructure without traveling to the major metropolitan areas. Zenlayer Zenlayer is a leader for edge computing in emerging markets reaching more than 85 percent of the world’s internet population. Its private backbone network spans six continents, has more than 270 edge PoPs, exceeds 37 Tbps connectivity and has more than 2,300 peers. Green Communications Deployment BullsEye Telecom BullsEye implemented a paperless way for clients to receive notifications, access billing statements and monitor their account online. The intuitive and user-friendly portal called My BullsEye Account (MBA) gives subscribers the ability to check their latest bill online, review past invoices, run usage reports, view traffic and trends and more.