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at your service: Xaas

of integrations to contact center appli-

cations, such as workforce manage-

ment, business analytics, quality man-

agement and speech analytics, will

be highly valued. Having the skills in

house to perform custom integrations

to often times “homegrown” applica-

tions also is an advantage. Achieving

these valuable outcomes requires that

the solution providers have the neces-

sary integration skills to not only initi-

ate the initial integration, but cloud

customers want solution providers

that will ensure the integrations are

forward compatible when the cloud

release changes or the platform

is upgraded.

3. Simplified, fully managed ser-


Oftentimes, a key driver to

the cloud is business’s desire to

streamline the number of vendors

it deals with for its contact center

solution. Even a smaller contact

center engages with a lot of ven-

dors, such as the communications

provider, the internet service pro-

vider, the server vendor, third-party

operating software vendors and

the contact center software vendor

to name a few. When something’s

not working properly, it can eat up

a lot of the customer’s time trying

to pinpoint whether the problem

is internal (e.g., server, firewall) or

external (e.g., communications pro-

vider, internet service provider or

software vendor).

Service providers that want to

distinguish themselves as CCaaS

solution providers must offer fully

managed offerings where they

become the one number to call for

all questions and concerns; tech-

nical problems; training; moves,

adds, and changes; billing; and

reporting – offering total manage-

ment of the CCaaS solution.

All the aforementioned ser-

vices begin with a contract, which

lays out the terms of the service

and responsibilities for the ser-

vice provider and customer. Simi-

lar to the services being provided,

the contract should simplify the

customer’s life. It should be about

two pages and use clear language

— not a 15-page, front and back,

obfuscated manifesto requiring a

team of lawyers to interpret, edit

and argue over.

Enterprises are under a lot of pres-

sure to distinguish themselves by pro-

viding a superior customer experience.

Providers that deliver CCaaS solutions,

along with the value-added services

described, can make this goal a real-

ity for their customers and at the same

time distinguish themselves as trusted

service providers that are instrumental

in their customers’ businesses.


Jacki Tessmer is vice president of

cloud and service provider strategy for

Enghouse Interactive, a global devel-

oper of contact center and customer

interaction software and services.


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