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Frontier Has Enough

Fiber, Says CEO

With its business-focused services

division up and rolling, combined with

the recent flurry of acquisitions of late,

many surmised that Frontier would be

enhancing its fiber network by acquir-

ing other assets. Frontier, however,

has the the necessary fiber assets in

place to serve enterprises, said CEO

Dan McCarthy, and does not need to

purchase additional fiber to reach its

business service revenue goals.

“We feel good about the fact

that we have 4.5 million households

that we can serve with fiber, and all

the fiber that is in the network that

enables a lot of the commercial op-

portunities that Ken Arndt’s team are

going after,” McCarthy told investors

during the telco’s second quarter

call. “We’re not really looking to do

anything at this point.”

The company plans to focus its

network capital spending on expand-

ing Ethernet and VoIP capacity to

support commercial and wholesale

carrier opportunities. It plans to lever-

age a mix of its direct and indirect

sales channels.

Frontier currently sits in the 11th

spot on Vertical Systems Group’s lat-

est on-net fiber Leaderboard and is

part of a group of retail and wholesale

fiber providers that have 10,000 or

more on-net fiber-lit commercial build-

ings in the U.S.

CCMI Acquires



CMI, a business unit of Simplify Compliance,

has acquired NEF’s FiberLocator, an online fiber

mapping database.

This is the second acquisition by Sim-

plify Compliance since Leeds Equity

Partners, LLC invested to form the com-

pany in December 2016.

The FiberLocator telecommunica-

tions and colocation database houses

detailed maps and information on

hundreds of facilities-based carriers,

thousands of data centers and hun-

dreds of thousands of on-net build-

ings, said the company. CCMI says it

will be retaining the FiberLocator staff,

bringing their years of expertise to

the growing CCMI team.

FiberLocator will partner with NEF in

the future to provide optimal coverage

for customers.

“NEF and FiberLocator will con-

tinue to have a relationship follow-

ing the acquisition.  We feel that the

new partnership will allow FiberLo-

cator to grow with additional data

and features,” said Mike Murphy,



Required Fiber Infrastructure Investment

Source: Deloitte Consulting

Major Investment Needed in Deep

Fiber, Says Deloitte

In order to meet the coming needs of wireless densification, increased

broadband competition and expanded coverage in rural and underserved

areas, as much as $130 to $150 billion of fiber investment must be made

in the U.S. during the next five to seven years, according to analysts at

Deloitte Consulting LLP. The research firm expects the investment to derive

from a variety of sources including traditional communications service provid-

ers, financial investors and public-private partnerships.

Millions of people who have

gigabit broadband access

in the U.S., or 17% of the

population, according to

new counts by test and

measurement vendor Viavi.

That’s the highest number

of people in any country in

the world.





July - August, 2017